Does Marlboro have Marijuana Factories?

Discussion in 'Activism' started by MidnightToker54, May 6, 2006.

  1. MidnightToker54

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    I heard many years ago that Phillip Morris/Marlboro already had factories set up to process marijuana and they're just waiting for it to become legal.

    Do you think this is truth or just urban legend? If it's for real, where are these factories?

    It seems like a likely scenario to me, they would just have to modify a tobacco plant to mechanically deseed and sift the weed, and they would definitely make a lot of money from it. Hopefully they don't add dangerous addictive chemicals to the weed! :(
  2. sevkex

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    I believe they have all of the brand names for strains and whatever they put on the packaging copyrighted so when it does go into production they wont have to wait, I've heard some company has built dispensers for packs of joints with all the names like blueberry, etc on them too. I doubt they can legally have factories though

    FLORIDA MON Registered+


    When I lived in North Carolina (circa '81) the tobacco growers were the best weed growers in the state.:stoned:

    They would actually grow the tobacco on the perimeter and the MJ in the interior. Killer sinsemilla with much more bang per square foot.

    These guys sold their tobacco to the major tobacco companies even though they were independents.

    If MJ is ever legalized then these guys would be the logical choice for regulated growing and the tobacco companies will be their mouth pieces.

    "Big tobacco" would not have to make any major adjustments to switch to growing & distributing MJ.
  4. graph

    graph Registered+

    You people are cool. Don't you know the tobacco industries rule the senate? If their agenda was to legalize it, it would already be done.
  5. sevkex

    sevkex Registered+

    yea graph is prolly right but I still dont see how cannabis would affect the tobacco industry. People will still smoke cigs and likely buy joints from the same company that makes their cigs...but hey americas all about greed right?
  6. jonny

    jonny Registered+

    IF it is the case, they shud change their menthols to white packing, so that when legalised you could go ask for a pack of "20 marlboro Greens please" hehe, that'd be cool,
    although frankly I wouldn't trust any tobacco company to grow my weed.
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  7. hutch b tokin

    hutch b tokin Registered+

    Why wouldnt they just wait until it was legalized, then build the factories?:confused:
  8. jonny

    jonny Registered+

    So they can be the first company.

    IF they are ready before the other companies then only marlboro weed would be available at first, so everyone would buy it..

    Once they get people onto their brand, their hope is that they would stay smokin the marlboro shite.

    I want legalisation to be able to grow my own, not buy it.
  9. Don Don

    Don Don Registered+

    If thats true than marajuana will be legalized before we know it,hopefully.
  10. miley

    miley Registered+

    I've been saying every year for the last 5 years that it will be legalized this year and it still hasnt happened man. Theres just to many right wing rednecks in america that believe that weed is just as bad as oxys, coke, etc.... Its actually sad because i've seen alcoholics switch from booze to dope and it turned there lives around.
  11. qdavid

    qdavid Registered

    I read some testimony given by the head of the department at University of Mississippi that has the only legal contract to grow weed for the government. He said the weed is then made into cigarettes in N.C. but the buds gum up the rolling machines so they generally use just the leaves to roll the cigarettes, which sort of screws up the validity of all their studies or anything connected to government weed.
  12. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    Wait what ciggs are these, cause I want some!
  13. sd6515

    sd6515 Registered+

    Exactly what I was going to say when I opened this thread
  14. Oh My High

    Oh My High Registered+

    Logically, we can infer the story is probably a false rumor. It makes no business sense to invest in equipment, factories, and flounder the consequent employee wages in setting up the equipment and factories if marijuana is no closer to legalization (on the federal level) than it was when it was banned. I find the argument of "so they can be the first company" to be fallacious because since Marlboro is such a large corporation they could afford to invest and set-up the equipment within a relative heartbeat of legalization, perhaps within months of being signed into law. For any small companies to beat them to the proverbial punch would be trivial, Goliath beats David.
  15. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    That is my all time favorite mary jane myth :D

    I'm not saying tobacco growers don't also grow dope, just NOT in the same paddock LOL. It's just so impractical.

    I lived and worked on tobacco farms in this area during the mid 1980's. Harvesting tobacco

    I suppose if you got the picking crew to work naked and scraped the resin off them at day's end, you could make some wicked nicotine laced charas. :hippy:

    Tobacco drying and curing is done on the farm, can't see that cannas would handled differently. So not really a problem for the same factories to process, apart from the risk of contamination of regular ciggies with traces of cannabis.
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  16. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    I would not use any marijuana that was grown by a tobacco company unless it was verified that they did not use radioactive polonium in their soil, which is how most of them grow tobacco cheaply.
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  17. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    Well they don't actually go and add polonium to the soil intentionally, any crop grown with a fertilizer derived from calcium phosphate ore is susceptible to polonium contamination. :hippy:
  18. Frickr

    Frickr Registered+

    well even if these tobbacco co.s had facilities set up, and it became legal tomorrow, i still wouldnt buy from them. unless if they had a certified organic brand.
  19. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Thanks. I looked it up and found that there is little to support the theory that polonium causes cancer in many tobacco smokers.

    Don't you think that there may be something to it, though, since lung cancer became a problem for smokers after those fertilizers were introduced to the tobacco fields? People smoked for hundreds of years before that, and you don't hear much about lung cancer in those times.

    Here's some info, but I can't verify their scientific accuracy, and neither can they in most cases:

  20. Frickr

    Frickr Registered+

    before 1900 medicine was more of a guessing game then anything. they didnt know what caused alot of these things. despite the fact that there is more "doccumented" cases of cancer doesnt mean that people have only started getting cancer from smoking, or anything else for the matter, since the early part of the centry. for all we know there could be as many cases of cancer deaths before 1900 as there is today. also you have to look at the population explosion that has happened since 1900. oc course there is going to be more cases of cancer a year with mroe people. its already been proven and establishd that cancer is mainly a genetic thing. some people can smoke for their whole life and not have problems with it. while there may be evidence that supports that ciggerettes cause cancer, there also is alot of other things that cause it also. take a look there is radioactive minerals in the soil all around us. it happens naturally. :twocents:

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