Does Medi-Cal work with cannabis?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by Kottonmouth_Dude, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Kottonmouth_Dude

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    because i have medi cal and i really want a club card.
    yes i have conditions read my other threads if u really want to know.
    i just need an answer does medi cal work with cannabis?
  2. the image reaper

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    NO, 'Medi-Cal' will not participate in any medical marijuana situations ... they won't turn you in for asking, or anything, but they won't touch that one ... my Physicians Assistant says 90% of her patients are Prop.215 users, agrees it is helpful for some people, but explains the state of California (and our hospitals) won't get involved ... too much liability at risk :jointsmile:
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  4. justastoner

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    you gotta be kidding

  5. painretreat

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    lol! The taxpapers voted and let us have it, we are grateful for that. But, taxpapers will never pay for pot! Start a grow! Lost here for you to learn. It isn't instant gratification, but it is better than nothing! Good luck and hope the prices go down, for all of us! :jointsmile:
  6. SFGurrilla

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    Thats funny man. Good luck with it.
  7. d4twamp

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    I'd like to be the one to shoot that commercial. Your tax dollars at work, A public service announcement, with a guy coming out of a pharmacy or dispensary in tow of a fat sack of stinky Diesel holding up his MEDI-CAL card saying "Thank you California now I get my meds for free" as he dangles a fat :baggy: in front of the camera.. CUT! .... THAT'S A WRAP....LET'S GET A PRINT ON THAT sorry a little director humor...

    D :S5:
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    MediCann discounts for MediCal

    MediCal card-holders get a discount to $95 on their medical cannabis evaluation with MediCann. Just bring your MediCal card to your appointment.

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