Does Niacin work?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by bettybarbra, May 30, 2006.

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    you guys, i need a quick detox solution for a drug test for a job. my best friend told me to use Niacin, a supplement thas a natural detox for your body. he said his bro has used it alot of times and he is a heavy smoker, everyday...and its worked for him everytime and also for another friend of ours. i only toke out like at the most once a week. does it work>? other people say it doesnt...but my friend has seen it work many times with 2 different people. whats up with that?
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    All Niacin is is vitamin B6 which helps clear out the THc, not its intended purpose, out from the fat cells. It makes your piss yellow also so you cand rink tons of water to dilute your piss and make it yellow again so it doesn't come up as a test they cant use.
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    it clears out only adds weight and color back to a flushed out body. google niacin and drug tests and read for yourself...or take the word of someone who's been thru it.

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