Does QUick fix 4.0 work??

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by scnick429, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. scnick429

    scnick429 Registered

    does that stuff really work?? quickfix 4.0??? how would i hide it?? this is my 1st time takin a drug test and i need some help!
  2. jeffman

    jeffman Registered+

    Yes...... In Your shorts..... Follow the directions with it. There are many post in here about using QF.
  3. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    I hope so, mine should arrive tomorrow. But after everything I've read, I'd have to say yes, it works - that is - until the pee police find a test to test for synthetic urine, lol...

    FakeBoobsRule, and Killer weed and a few others will be able to tell you more - they are truly the experts on the testing thingie. I got lucky and haven't been tested for the accident I had this past Firiday! WOOT!

    Good luck if u r up against one!

    It is stressfull as hell...
  4. r0k

    r0k Registered+

    Yeah you gotta heat it up, make sure to do that. Nobody really pisses cold.
  5. scnick429

    scnick429 Registered

    thanks! so im not wasting my money buyin it?? i smoke ALOT i ahve a week to try and drink water and that strip drink from gnc so my best bet is to buy the quickfix?? what is the website?

  6. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    The drinks are useless. The key is they all say to drink water. I ordered mine from
  7. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    Read all the sticky notes above your post. They are PRICELESS.
  8. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    To safely pass a drug test synthetic is the only 100% way to go.Read the directions and practice with it. You can heat it up numerous times.
    I've used it.It depends on whether I KNOW I'm clean or not.If I KNOW I'm clean I'll use my own piss if I'm not sure I use quickfix.I get hit with randoms(or supposedly randoms) a lot.But I tend to be pretty vocal about the drug war.
  9. scnick429

    scnick429 Registered

    thanks so much!!!! should i keep it in the bottle it comes? and how much do i use??? i know this is kind of a irl question but can they test you when your on ur period?
  10. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    Yes, you keep it in the bottle it comes in, or you can use it in the Whizzinator, or the Urinator. A quick Google of those will give you an idea, and you can also go to You Tube and search the QF 4.0 and it'll give you a step by step instructions.

    Myself, QF 4.0 is the only way to go.

    Hey Killer, you think they'll ever find a test to test for QF? I've wonderered that....
  11. scnick429

    scnick429 Registered

    thanks im nervous... im trying to get a job at cvs in the pharmacy so im not sure how they test and tomorrow is the day i find out when i have to go
  12. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    ROFLMAO.... sorry, but the PHARMACY? That is SO cool. Just get the QuickFix, and if there is no one in the bathroom with you, you are good to go. Just remember to CROTCH (put the QF in your crotch, and NOT your pocket) the Quick Fix, 'cause most tests I've taken make you empty your pockets and then pull em inside out, so as to show there is nothing else there. Your sock may work as well.

    If the DO stay with you to observe, you may want to get The Whizzinator, or The Urinator. Just Google 'em, and you'll see what I mean. Both should work like a charm!

    Oh, and I have been informed that it against the law if a woman observes a man, or a man observes a woman, according to the United States department of Health and Human Services. So don't let them pull that bullshit on you like they did me! DEMAND someone of the same gender.

    You'll be ok, just don't sweat it.

    Here's something to maybe help you chill - my funny story. I haven't smoked weed inover 25 years. Been looking for some for two months,,and finally scored this past Thursday - did three bowls then. Had an accident on friday, on the job, and was scared poopless I'd be tested. But they waited too long, and now I'm CLEAN, LOL...

    So just think of how I felt. Not smoking for 25 years, getting some weed, and then not being able to smoke it for a week, LOL.

    I just pulled it out everyday and smelled of it, LOL...

    Hey, if i didn't have bad luck....and you know the rest of the story, LOL!

    Just chill, you'll be fine!
  13. scnick429

    scnick429 Registered

    thanks!!!!! my friend took the test at the same place she said no one went in with her the just put tape on the handle of the toilet and the sink and the paper towels so you couldnt use them. are the whizzanator and urinator for men?? and that sucks not smoking for 25 yrs then being able to again. i just really want this job and my dad is so proud of me and im a daddys girl so i cant be like i failed my drug test
  14. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    I doubt it.If they did find a way to test it Spectrum Labs would shortly find a way around it.And they guarantee to replace the old stuff with new if a change is made.Won't find a better guarantee than that.I don't hear much about some of the other synthetic urine out there.Don't know if they might be as good.
  15. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    Oops, sorry hon, the Whizzinator is a fake penis for men, but the Urinator can be used by male or female. It is just a tube with a cork in it, connected to a bag which holds the urine. Just pull out the tube, pull out the cork, and happy peeing, LOL.

    And they'll tell you NOT to flush the toilet or wash your hands when finished.

    LOL, I KNOW what you mean about "Daddy's little girl." My daughter has made me SO proud. All the way through her life. She doesn't smoke, but if she did, it'd be cool. As long as she didn't do hard drugs, it'd be fine. That is why I didn't smoke for 25 years - I raised SIX great children. Four are serving proudly in the United States Army and earning their college credits there, one has just graduated college and is a flight attendant (My little princess, Daddy's Girl), and the other has a masters in Marine Biology and works down south in Florida. They have ALL made me so proud.

    Ok, ok, I'll get off my Proud Daddy soapbox now, LOL.

    Just don't be nervous, walk in like you own the place, be real nice, you know yes ma'am and no ma'am, and it'll be okie dokie. Pour that fake pee in their little cup, and walk away knowing you just pulled one over on the Pee Police. Not to mention you made your daddy the proudest papa on earth!

    God bless ya, kiddo! Good karma coming your way!
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  16. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    Oh, and be SURE to follow the directions on the Quick Fix to the "T". The instructions will be very explicit and easy to understand!

    Good luck! You'll do fine!
  17. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    Yea, Killer, I have seen some of the dehydrated stuff - makes me kinda leery mixing it with water, LOL. May work, who knows? But you are right, the Quick Fix is the way to go. Those detox drinks are useless, as was the Castor Oil (4 ounces I drank Saturday) which almost killed me, LOL... But you know, I lost 15 pounds of sheet - my wife always told me I was full of it, LOL... I may just do that once a month for auld ang syne (sic).

    Maybe I should have said "Hear Steve Whine" instead of auld ang syne (sic), LOL...

    I even am still using a 7 day detox liquid I bought last week - talk about overkill.
  18. scnick429

    scnick429 Registered

    thanks so much for all of your advice!!!! now im not stress.... i just think its weird that u pour it into the cup and they dont know that it isnt real pee. and why dont they want u to wash your hands or flush the toilet???
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  19. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    They don't want you to "contaminate" the "specimen" for one thing, and then if you try to flush or wash, they could say that you tried to "alter" your specimen.

    I washed my hands BEFORE they let me go into the toilet, and was told not to flush or turn on the water. The Pee Police are afraid you'll alter your speciment by adding water, or something. i forget why they don't want you to flush...Old Timers Disease...He, he, he....or could it be short term memory loss from all the THC, LOL?
  20. glen5084

    glen5084 Registered

    used it 2 times

    It works like a charm Spectrum Labs is the way to go I have used it 2 times . Says to Nuke it for 10 seconds but I nuke it for for 15-20 it gets up to about 116 and starts to drop after a few minutes. i have done many tests on the temp and time issue . Hot Hands work very good with it just use rubber band with it make sure hot hands are not on the Therm strip side and use a knee wrap place on inner thigh and your good to go. 2nd time used had hot hands on it and got a 96 1st time didn't use hot hands and got a 91 ph was fine on both drops got to watch the icup change colors and the little old lady was nice enuff to show me how the test worked on the piss lmao yes it does work hands down best out there for swabs use biotene

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