Does Quick Fix Work?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by enjoytrees, Feb 2, 2010.

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    My question is this: do Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine work? SWIM has the option between purchasing either two... what's the difference anyway (besides five dollars :p)

    SWIM's plan is this: SWIM will head over to the local head shop tomorrow and buy two units of whatever synthetic urine SWIM is advised on in this thread. SWIM will also purchase a home test (or two) and practice the "routine". Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated by SWIM.

    PS -- it's for a job interview, and SWIM's not even 100% they'll want to DT him AT ALL! But SWIM wants to be prepared for even the most outlandish of events: that they pop a cup down on the table the second SWIM walks through the door (if that's even possible). SWIM would never forgive himself if a stupid DT prevented him from getting this job: he's wanted this job for practically his entire life. HELP
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    Ok first off you can stop talking in the third person, its really annoying. Second, yes Quick Fix works everytime if you get the temperature correct(between 90-100 degrees). The difference between the regular and the plus is 1oz. Plus contains 3oz while the regular bottle only contains 2oz. Most UA's only require 60fl which the regular bottle will cover, but sometimes collectors will ask for more. It's totally up to you on how much you want to buy, but the 2oz bottle is usually more than efficient.
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    I second that....
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    What's wrong with the forum? I see tons of posts dealing with this subject.

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