Does salve get you high?

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by jeffsgal, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. jeffsgal

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    That's probably a dumb question and has been asked and answered here, but I can't find an answer to it. I need to know because I have some serious muscle pain. I have read that cannabis salves and lotions help a lot, but if I use it for that, I don't want to be high.

  2. DrWalter

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    some people say it does get you high, not really sure how it can without ingesting especially seeing how it is made with 1-2 leafs not bud. If you are worried about it go buy Hemp lotion or salve it is great stuff :thumbsup: and can be found everywhere
  3. Graywolf

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    None of skunk pharm test patients get high from a topical, but one of the regular monthly patients claims that she does, albeit a soft body high.

    She is also an uber sensitive patient, whom cannot take a standard dose sublingually, without discobbobulation.

    Most testers do not remotely feel a body high, but just notice that the pain has gone away. That is how it affects me personally.
  4. jeffsgal

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    Thanks both! I'll try your suggestions. I've tried some of the CBD rich meds but they didn't help much, but then I'm a newbie and haven't had a choice of meds to try until recently.

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