Does smoking weed help you loose weight?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Tmar.aLL.DaYmar, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Tmar.aLL.DaYmar

    Tmar.aLL.DaYmar Registered+

    ive heard alot of people say this, but they dont really have anything to back it up. i know alot about nutrition, and i work out pretty frequently, so i would be interested to know if this is true.

    because ive been having to avoid smoking so that i dont benge on junk food :/
  2. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Well, the pot has to settle, somewhere, to stay in your body. I, guess, maybe the cannabinoid receptors get inflated and we have an extra layer of THC on our skin.
  3. Crispyfried

    Crispyfried Registered+

    Smoke instead of eat and you'll lose weight.
  4. sevkex

    sevkex Registered+

    to me I eat a shitload when I get high but most of the time when I'm not high i wont feel like eating or i get full 100x as fast as I do when I'm high
  5. Smpthy4TheDevil

    Smpthy4TheDevil Registered+

    i've heard that smoking speeds your metabolism temporarily. so if you ate the same while stoned as you would while sober, theoretically you would lose weight. but you have to consider that pot gives people the munchies.
  6. trishia06

    trishia06 Registered

    Personally, I think food tastes a lot better after a smoke. I mean, I hate Andy Capp's hot fries, but for some reason, after a smoke, it's like they're the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. And grilled cheese... I'm not sure that I lose weight, but I'll bet it's like tobacco smoking. If you're hands and mouth are busy smoking, then you're not stuffing your face at that moment. If you can beat the munchies, then maybe... Usually huge weight lose is associated with damaging drugs like meth and cocaine (I have yet to be damaged by mj :D )
  7. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    Fine except for the munchies.
  8. Tmar.aLL.DaYmar

    Tmar.aLL.DaYmar Registered+

    ok well then it wont help me. sometimes i smoke up because of the munchies. and alot of the time, if im eating something tasty i think "man this would taste fucking great if i were stoned".

    I am a slave to my munchies :/. i eat till i get sick.
  9. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    It sucks. I work out all the time, but when it comes to munchies, I eat totally unhealthy, I like salty and sweet things when I'm smacked. When I'm sober, I eat like a vegan.

    The trick is to try to eat healthy when you are smacked. Smoking bud speeds up your metabolism rate, especially if you toke a lot.
  10. chillsmoke

    chillsmoke Registered+

    i have 2 normal weights that i have-- during football season when i dont smoke i gain weight so im around 230- then after that when i smoke for the rest of the year im around 215-210--- i eat more when im smoking but exercize more during football season so i would definately say it makes u lose weight
  11. Hollandica

    Hollandica Registered+

    I lost weight. I'm rarely on a scale but noticed my tummy got smaller :p I look like an athlete now, but I have the stamina of a sardine or something. I smoke all of my weed and at that time I must also say I didn't quite go eat fast food as much as just drop by the gas station and buy me some great Bubblicious bubblegum (the best).
  12. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    Just to go ahead and clear up all of the myths right now, there is NO scientific evidence yet available to us that smoking speeds up the metabolism.

    Endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors are abundant in the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that plays a pivotal role in appetite regulation. In 1992 researchers identified the first endocannabinoid and named it anandamide, from the Sanskrit ananda, meaning inner bliss. In other words, when you smoke pot, you're replicating (albeit with much greater intensity) an effect the body produces naturally for itself.

    The cool thing is, scientists USED to think that cannabis caused low blood sugar which triggered the munchies. Since they're linking it to the appetite part of our brains, they're making BIG strides in producing products that could possibly have the opposite effect, ie; Munchie Killer.
  13. icebelowfreeze

    icebelowfreeze Registered+

    yeah u can lose wieght smoking, but not just from smoking..... I Can smoke a blunt and instead of getting McDonalds or Little Debbie Snacks from the Gas station, i can eat Fruit or Cereal or something healthier and it actually tastes alot better, i feel like fruit helps the lazy aftersmoke feeling aswell, maybe fruit counter acts with other fruit / veg (weed)? just my .02 cents
  14. thecurious1

    thecurious1 Registered+

    I lost 70lbs AFTER I started smoking. Now, obviously you have to change your habbits as well. Eating better, drinking water instead of pop, and being more active will make a huge difference.

    Does it really help you lose weight? I have no clue.

    All I know is I lost weight after I began using marijuana back in college.
    But again, my habits changed too.

    Personally I believe your mentality has more to do with it than anything.
    If you BELIEVE it will help you lose weight, it probally will.
    If you BELIEVE it will make you fat, it probally will.

    The mind is more powerfull than most people can imagine.
  15. UIowaHawk17

    UIowaHawk17 Registered+

    I've noticed this as well. When I don't eat and I smoke, I lose wait.

    I've lost 10 pounds here at college, and I'm back to my normal high school weight which is perfect for me.
  16. cjh3387

    cjh3387 Registered+

    I don't understand how you can replace eating with smoking. Smoking more would just make me even more hungry. Or am I wrong about that?
  17. Kush Over

    Kush Over Registered+

    ...Uh. I don't think I need to comment on this.
  18. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    it depends if your determined or lazy. becasue i just got high and did over 300 sit ups and all sorts of weights and push ups.
  19. thecurious1

    thecurious1 Registered+

    Seriously, why is it so hard for people to believe that mind of matter really exists?

    I mean, there have been many reported cases of people doing amazing things thought to be impossible.

    One would think it would be impossible for a 140lb man to stick his arm staight out and have several people sit/pull on it without ever moving their arm....yet people indeed can DO this.

    One would think it would be impossible for a human to bend solid steel....yet people can indeed DO this.

    I could go on but fact is, our minds play a heavy roll in our bodies function.

    So why is it really hard to believe that if someone REALLY believed they are losing weight, then they will?

    I feel sorry for anyone who believes we are incapable of doing amazing and unthinkable things with our minds. Specially considering the thought that we only use a approx. 10% of our brain.

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