Does Smoking Weed Stop You Dreaming?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by SketchyTom, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. SketchyTom

    SketchyTom Registered+

    This Might be a silly question but i havnt had a dream in agez untill i went a week without smoking

    i told my m8s about this and came to the conclusion its because of smoking weed regulaly

    just wandering whats your thoughts
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  2. mattisnotonfire

    mattisnotonfire Registered+

    I don't mean to sound like a c**t but...

    It's actually a common misconception that some people don't dream. We ALL dream. It's just that we forget about it the minute we wake up because it's just our subconscious.

    I only remember REALLY vivid dreams. :stoned:
  3. SketchyTom

    SketchyTom Registered+

    lol i guess that answers my question

    cheers m8:thumbsup:
  4. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    It's true. Though scientists haven't figured out the reason for dreaming, if you don't dream you die. There was this video I saw a while back about this guy who couldn't physically experience REM sleep, which is where the most vivid dreams occur, and eventually he was hospitalized and died within a few months. I suppose it would seem like we don't dream when we smoke pot because it messes with our memories. I mean it's hard enough just to remember a dream sober but to remember a dream after a night of smoking....well that's just madness!
  5. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    here is my take:

    I had the same exact question and condition. however I took a psychology class and figured it in there

    u have REM sleep and Non-rem sleep. most of the remembered dreams occur in Non-rem sleep. REM sleep is mostly where body really relaxes and rapid eye movements occur

    i know science has not reached a conclusion on this yet, but my theory is that when u smoke weed, the chemicals in your system either turn your entire sleep into REM (normally 20-25% of sleep time is REM) or u do go through cycles, but the effect on short term memory makes it almost impossible for us to remember any of the dreams, while they have been taking place.

    I have quite a different feeling all over my body when i wake up after a smoking before sleep
    than sober

    and i think whats needed to affect the brain n body in such a way is in the bloodstream and body even without immediate smoking before sleep if the person is a regular smoker, it only takes a tiny amount which can circulate/be stored for a while in the body

    just what I think, its merely a hypothesis that must be proven
  6. theforthdrive

    theforthdrive Registered+

    I have experienced the same phenomenon. I have gone months without dreaming. But It seems to come and go. Yesterday was baking day, needless to say I sampled a few too many and passed out early. yet, I had the craziest dream. Very exotic and specific! which is strange because all my dreams are always mundane. But I chalked it up to my excitement of my harvest coming down tonight. It seems if the dream is powerful enough you'll remember!
  7. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    speaking of dreaming has anyone of yall "smoked and gotten high" IN your dreams.

    Since i massively cut down my smoking, I had a couple of these dreams with a totally clean body... it was just awesome.

    was thinking if its possible for a person to actually focus and meditate to have that kind of dream, there really aint no need for smoking anymore, u can smoke n get high purely on your thoughts :D in the dreams!

    like just anytime u wanna smoke, sit down and meditate/yoga for a little while, n bam!
  8. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    i haven't had a memorable dream in a while. I'm an everyday smoker so that could explain it. I've been sober for almost a week now and still no dreams.

    About a year ago i would have recurring dreams that i would run into a specific person that i had been avoiding for some time and he seemed to haunt my dreams.

    So while i miss my nightly adventures...i'm glad i'm not being haunted anymore.

    take it from there...
  9. SketchyTom

    SketchyTom Registered+

    Thanks for all the imput

    good to know i aint broken with my non dreamy sleepy times lol
  10. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    My dreams are more vivid and memorible if I havent smoked weed for awhile.....I vape everyday, I still dream but its not memorible or vivid
  11. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    Haha. theres actually an ad in the back of high times that says

    "stopped dreaming? Stop smoking or send me money..."

    something close to that. it doesn't say what he's selling...just send him money.

  12. weedmaster

    weedmaster Registered+

    i haven't had a vivid dream for ages and they are very rare, i smoke 24/7 and been smoking 25yrs my short term memory is very poor i think thats why i don't remember my dreams unless they are very intense,i can remember my last vivid dream, i was getting chased by a ghost, my shouting woke the mrs up who in the morning asked me what i was dreaming about, if she hadn't had asked as soon as i woke up i might not have rememberd it.
    can't ever remember dreaming of getting high, that would be one dream i would like to remember:jointsmile:
  13. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was working in an office and Bob Saget was my manager. We pounded orange flavoured Grey Goose and hit on his secretary. I can't make that shit up.
  14. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    As several pointed out above, you dream whether you remember your dreams in the morning or not. Personally, I rarely remember my dreams unless my routine or schedule is disrupted. If I take a nap during the day, I usually remember what I was dreaming when I wake. If I have to get up much earlier than usual, I usually remember my dreams. But I don't wake up most mornings with any clear memory of what I dreamed the night before.

    I would imagine that your sleep may be slightly disrupted/changed - most likely you would notice things returning to normal if you continued to abstain for longer. Or maybe not. It could make for an interesting experiment.

    You might also try smoking as normal, and setting an alarm in the middle of the night to interrupt your sleep. It would be interesting to see if you have a clear memory of what you were dreaming just before your sleep is interrupted as opposed to be woken after a full night's sleep.
  15. SketchyTom

    SketchyTom Registered+

    That There is some Smart Stuff and i will try out

    i aint going to buy anyfin untill friday because i think the sober times will do me some good

    i will fill you in when i try it
  16. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    Hah I had a dream where I sat down for breakfast and my mom just put a glass of LSD and a piece of toast in front of me, I remember a feeling of falling into the glass, first time I had a psychedelic dream
  17. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    LOL. just seen this post man and its a topic me and afew fellow smokers have had. i dont dream or dont remember any dreams when im smoking (everyday) . but i remember going without any weed for afew days and the dreams were flowing. strange that is!!
  18. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    Very interesting.... it could be as simple as sleeping more soundly when smoking. I wonder what the effect MJ might have on PTSD related sleep issues?
  19. AbrandnewL

    AbrandnewL Registered+

    Yeah, I think its a matter of that after you smoke you are burnt out, and you are more tired so you are in a deeper, more relaxed state of sleep..So, the burnt out sleeper experiences more REM sleep..

    Just my two cents..:jointsmile:
  20. zeitgeist

    zeitgeist Registered+

    Damn i just had this same convo also. crazy

    But yeah like ^ said you are probably more relaxed or something and just dont remember them.
    I dont know if I like remembering my dreams anyways. They are pretty freaky and I rarely enjoy them

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