Does sweating release the THC

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by zihowie, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. zihowie

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    I know that exercising releases the thc into the bloodstream. But, my hands and feet constantly sweat all the time, so i was concerned if this would have an affect on the thc in my blood. I know im probably just worrying myself over this which doesnt help, but getting an answer will.

    Tommorow is test day and ill be 3.5 days clean using some heavy dilution as i dont want to attend a treatment center. Ive seen loads of success on here, so from that i draw confidence and hopefully ill be able to share some with all of you tommorow. Later
  2. killerweed420

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    Sweating by itself doesn't get rid of thc. Exercise burns off the fat which contains the thc. Sweating is just a way for the body to get rid of excess heat.
  3. Stigma420247

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    sweat is a way that the body cools itself BUT it also releases toxins...i am not sure if it will get rid of thc...but thc IS a toxin... i wish we had some educated people on this site that could answer these questions correctly for us :)

    if i was u i would ask a pharmacist or just call your local clinic and ask...they would at least be able to give u accurate info :/
  4. curtisleemc

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    Lets say i was a heavy smoker and then i quit for a month (or however long it takes to get clean). If i start working out, will that release the thc in my system again even tho i havent chiefed in along time?.....might be off topic but ive always wondered about that.
  5. Stigma420247

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    if u havent smoked for a month id say u are in the clear....unless u are extremely overweight
  6. Burnt Toast

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    See post #31 in this thread

    And what makes you think so? Even individuals in those fields are sorely lacking the knowlege of THC and how THC is processed in the body. :rolleyes:
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  7. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    BT so if a DOCTOR doesnt have accurate info how would u expect some random stoner to have it????

    no info is better than BAD info...
  8. Burnt Toast

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    So you think that everybody that posts here is, or has to be, a "random stoner" ? :rolleyes:

    Your position has no logical basis at all. A person doesnt have to be a "stoner" to come on this site to lend a helping hand.
  9. killerweed420

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    Yes it does release the thc, which is what you want when trying to get clean. Just make sure you stop exercising 2 or 3 days before a UA. This is where a high fiber diet with metamucil helps too. About 70% of the metabolites move through the bowel and can be absorbed into the body if not evacuated.
  10. Stigma420247

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    BT u are on a weed site saying that people here arent stoners...and i have no logic?!?! hahahahahah whatever man...keep givin out bullshit info that u have NO proof of what so ever and ill stick to FACTS...i am here for ACCURATE information...not assumptions that random uneducated people are making on the subject...

    im just tryin to make sure people get quality answers...not tryin to pick a fight...
  11. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    edit: actually...thats not fair of me to say u have no proof...i do apologize for that... all im sayin is that if u have proof of this info POST it.. ...hell for all i know u ARE right...i just require a little more proof before i risk my freedom using the information that u are providing.. call me

    once not tryin to make enemies...just lookin for accurate info...
  12. Burnt Toast

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    Exactly where in my quote (in which you posted) do I state this? You do realize that twisting others statements in such a manner constitutes "trolling", and will not be tolerated.

    The subject of THC metabolites and sweating has been discussed lots of times throughout the drug testing forum. You have already been advised in a similar thread (by a forum mod, for one) to make use of the Search feature.
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  13. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    "So you think that everybody that posts here is, or has to be, a "random stoner" ?

    Your position has no logical basis at all."

    i think its PERFECTLY LOGICAL for there to be "random stoners" on a site called CANNABIS.COM...

    "Exactly where in my quote (in which you posted) do I state this? You do realize that twisting others statements in such a manner constitutes "trolling", and will not be tolerated."

    get over yourself.... u where trying to act as if there is a majority of people that arent "random stoners" that post here... where is the logic in that????? i am willing to bet that 9 out of 10 people (if not more) that post on this site are "random stoners" so what the hell are u talking about?

    u are saying that even doctors lack the information needed to answer these questions...but YOU dont lack the info...hrmmmm ill me the info...

    i mean what kind of experimenting have YOU done...what experience do YOU have with the dilution method???? what experience do YOU have with ANY method besides substituting???? i mean any half-wit can walk in and drop warm fake pee in a cup when not being supervised...

    quit piggy backin on OTHERS replies...that nose of yers is gonna get brown kissin all that ass :)
  14. FakeBoobsRule

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    Stigma, you need to read the rules. You can't call people ass kissers or flame or attack them. Here is your warning.

    Next, you really are twisting around BurntToast's words. This is what he said:

    It's hard to find people who know what the hell they are talking about (you know this by your own admission) when it comes to drug test because there usually isn't a class offered call How to beat drug tests 101. Just because someone is a pharmacist or nurse or doctor or lab tech or any of a number of other health care fields doesn't mean they are going to know. They either have specialized training such as a MRO or they take an interest in drug testing for one reason or another.

    Some of these people don't use marijuana and still post and offer help when it comes to drug testing. Some do use marijuana. Using marijuana isn't a requirement to post here posting here and sometimes good advice can come from those who don't. Just because you have training or education in a health care doesn't mean you are going to know how to beat a test.
  15. frequentj

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    i know this is an old thread, but I was a daily ,multiple times smoker for years. Got into some trouble and got two years supervised probation. Took me 9 weeks to tet negative. Then I abstained for about a year, but broke down and smoked a little here and there since the 'ranom' tests were always in the middle of the third month/ I smoked quite a bit for two months (q of high-grade) and it took me 45 days to test clea. I got lucku with that one, but in the last month I have smoked probably a q total and have one month to test clean. Will keep you posted. 5'5" female, about 150 lbs, average metabolism.

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