Does the Certo method work? (Urgent)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by T bag, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I know this has been discussed on here before but i need fresh answers. i was told by a man claiming to be a forensic scientist who said certo along with asperin and vitamin b12 will gaurentee a pass on a urine test for pot. i havnt smoked in 24 hours, my test is tomorrow at 6 pm. do you think this method will work and why:

    take 1 certo with bottle og gatorade 2 hrs prior to test with 2 asprin and 2 b12, drink bottle of water

    1 hour before test repeat process. by now you'll have to piss bad. pee 3 times, drinking 8 oz of water after each piss and go to your test. give them a sample mid-stream and you should be fine.
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    Here I did your job for you this time.Next try the search. This is from the master of all that he surveys FBR.He does his momework.

    That is one of the most insane things I have ever read here.

    Have you had any classes in biology and if you did were you paying attention in them?

    Why would you think THC is stored in your stomach? Let me repeat that. Why would you think THC is stored in your stomach? Why would you think Certo creates a barrier in your stomach? Why would you think things go from your stomach straight into your urine? Think about what you just wrote and honestly tell me if any of that makes sense. Certo doesn't coat anything, not your stomach, not your blood vessels, not your kidneys, not your bladder, nothing. To think things enter your body and go through it untouched shows how horrible this explanation is on how you passed. Furthermore, to try to tell people this explanation is even worse because their freedom, jobs, or child may depend on passing a drug test.

    I have done my research on Certo though and this is what I have found. Those that have passed usually are also diluting at the same time they take the certo. Many will mix it into a bottle of gatorade then fill the bottle with water and drink it down, which ends up being about the fluid amount used in dilution. Certo can also have a slight diuretic effect. Finally, certo contains fruit pectin, which is a form of soluble fiber. I have called the makers of certo, which I think is Kraft, and asked them how much soluble fiber is in a box of certo. All they can tell me is that it has soluble fiber in the form of pectin but they don't know how much (at least the operators for the 800 number didn't have access to that info). In fact, I think the product code is this: 4300029320. See, on the box it says less than 1 gram per serving but there are 64 servings in a box. So that could be anywhere from nearly 0 to almost 64 grams. Why is soluble fiber important. Your body eliminates most THC metabolites through renal and hepatic elimination (BenDover, that would be your kidneys and liver). Hepatic elimination results in THC metabolites excreted through your feces. Soluble fiber can help prevent these metabolites from being reabsorbed from your feces back into your body. Next, soluble fiber removes bile from your intestine. Your body must then replace the bile so your body pulls cholesterol from the blood to make bile. This process can help make more THC metabolites available for elimination by the liver and less metabolites available for elimination by the kidneys thus less in the urine.

    So, most people who pass using certo are passing because they are diluting and adding fiber to the dilution process.

    I would like for Kraft to tell me exactly how much fiber is in a box of certo but until then, I continue to recommend Metamucil because that is a good source of soluble fiber and I know how much fiber is in it per serving.

    Still, better yet, forget smoking while on probation and substitute for your employment tests.

    With your low post count and a post filled with incorrect info on human physiology, I hope people will understand the saying "consider the source" and not depend on your method to pass. Ballons, barriers, not touching your stomach walls, what a load of shit.

    Naming this thread pass every time when you post such poor information on how the human body works is completely irresponsible.
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    Fresh or not, the answer remains the same:

    Certo is a myth! It plays no role in testing negative for THC!

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    I like the WIZZENATOR 3000! or ...URINE LUCK. thats the name urine luck
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    Err, do you mean ...the Quick Fix?

    By this, do you mean the Quick Fix? The Quick Fix and the Urineluck are two entirely different products manufactured by Spectrum Labs. The QF is the synthetic urine while the UL is a drop-in additive used to spike a dirty urine sample. The QF will work on any drug test and is not detectable when stored properly. The UL additive will not work on instant-type screens and is often detected when the lab runs a specimen integrity check on the sample.

    Hope that helps some
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    Very nice BT, I couldn't have said it any better..:smokin:..:stoned:
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    I havent heard it done that way, but just got back from a drug test and I passed. I woke up this morning and smoked. Then at about 2 I drank ONE packet of Certo mixed into a glass of water. It tastes really sweet but has NO flavor so this was not a plesant experiance. After that I drank about a half a gallon of water and peed 3 times between drinking the Certo and taking my test. I passed and I got the job. I know for sure that if I had just drank the water that this would have a different ending, I dont know why Certo works. But it seems to. But dont drink 2 packets of it, its rough enough on your stomach!
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    And what makes you think that there would be a different ending, especially since you dont know why Certo works? :rolleyes:
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    Youre merely assuming that Certo was the reason for you passing. An assumption based on others trying to keep an ancient, debunked internet myth alive. :rolleyes:
    It obviously hasnt occurred to you that the copius amounts of water you drank (which in effect, diluted the THCA concentration in your urine to where the sample registered below the cutoff thresholds of the drug screen) was the actual hero.
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    Nonsense, you DON'T know this for sure so hush. Stop perpetuating this myth.
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    I read a post about a whole debate where they insisted water was the only factor but some chick (i think) used only 16 oz of water ( far from the usual amount used in the dilution technique) and pectin and she passed. Its somewhere in the forum i know yall insist theres no scientific proof but for whatever reason it worked with only 16 oz of water
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    There is no proof that she wouldn't have passed drinking only 8 or drinking no oz of water. It's anecdotal. Knowing physiology and what pectin doesn't do (like coat the bladder, filter anything, mask anything) will always trump these random stories.
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    so if it's possible to just drink alot of water and pass a test what was the point in starting an internet myth about certo in the first place?

    doesn't make much sense to me. Even if it's just the fiber in CERTO that helps it's still CERTO that helped pass the test, along with drinking water etc.
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    Just because you don't understand how something came to be doesn't give it any credence. Again, certo/pectin does nothing to help you pass a drug test.
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    Gee..that question has been directed towards the Pectin pushers many many times..:rolleyes:
    My guess is that they have nothing else to do with their time.

    As pointed out in FBRs post, the amount of soluble fiber in a box of pectin is not known. Therefore, you cannot correctly conclude whether the fiber content in Pectin played a role in passing the test or not.
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    Does for me EVERY TIME. I even drank less water and did not eat anything greasy and still passed
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  17. Burnt Toast

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    Again, youre merely assuming that the Certo was the reason for you passing. Just because B happened doesnt mean A caused it.
    If you painted your toenails purple and passed the test, would you logically conclude that painting your toenails purple will cause a person to pass a U/A? :rolleyes:
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    It's a huge logical fallacy to assume that correlation proves causation. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc. Anecdotal stories are evidence of nothing and science will always trump these urban myths.

    Again, Certo did nothing to help you pass any drug test you or anyone else has ever taken. I honestly don't know why people go to such great lengths to keep this myth alive.
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    dude let everyone know how your test goes! the best way for us to find out answers to our questions is by sharing our successes and failures! hope the test goes well!!
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    Certo to pass urine test

    I used Certo brand fruit pectin and Niacin to clean out my ex for probation tests. It worked every time. You double the amount recommended on the bottle of Niacin and use 1 package of certo per 8 oz glass of water at least 2 hours before the test and another package 1 hour before the test.
    Thank God we weren't scientists trying to figure out why or why not..

    Also...the average person is supposed to drink six 8 oz glasses of water daily.
    Hardly anyone does. If you did drink that much water and cut out the things that make you dehydrated like soda and caffeine it'd be easier to clean out quicker. Pot is a fat soluble drug so it stores in your liver.
    If you're dedicated to the six 8 oz's of water put about 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in one of the glasses. It'll help. Make sure you mix it very well before drinking it.
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