Does this GNC stuff work?????

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by smokieee, May 23, 2007.

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  1. smokieee

    smokieee Registered

    I bought this complete body clensing program from GNC today. It's a two day liquid formula. My drug test is next wednesday and the problem is that this is Memorial Day weeekend, you know what that means cook outs and smoke outs. I'm going to try to restrain myself but I planned on stopping on Sunday and using this GNC stuff along with a lot of H2o and golden seal. The million dollar question is will this work?? Also I heard about mixing a little bit a vinegar with water, one of my friends passed the post office test by doing that. Someone help:bong
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  2. AcousticStoner420

    AcousticStoner420 Registered+

    Hey Smokiee, damn man... i read your thread and I wish I had some better words for you dude. I went to GNC and bought the exact same drink from them that you did. (Two bottles, two day cleansing formula) that nasty f!@#$% green stuff... (yea?!?!) NO! it didnt work man and I was so mad. And i spent 40.00$ on it too. Truth be told by the biggest and the best. You just HAVE to stop smoking bro, its the guaranteed way, and pretty much the only one. Besides substitution that is... I have done that a bunch and that always works...

    Best to u...


    FUCK GNC...
  3. geekedupgirl

    geekedupgirl Registered

    GNC sucks ass. It's just a crazy scheme to turn a profit by dangling an " easy way " to pass in front of a pot-smokers face. PAH!
    Think about it. If it seems too good to be true ( like a 2 day detox for someone who is a DAILY smoker ) ... not probably -- it IS too good to be true.
    No such thing as a free lunch, etc.
    Do yourself a favor. Don't stop smoking. Substitute. I can't stress how much time and stress it saved me. Unless you have a month or more to detox, forget about it. Find a clean donor and let him/her do your business.

    FUCK GNC! I'll second that Acoustic! Good luck. And happy puffing.
  4. easton

    easton Registered+

    u guys didnt use it right

    its suppose to be taken 2-3 hours before the test with tons of water.

    it allows you to dilute your piss sample with no suspicion.

    its loaded with vitamins and creatine and other shit. no matter how much water you drink you will still piss yellow for a few hours.

    i used it and passed prolly 5 tests.
  5. zino11

    zino11 Banned

    it dosent work no product works unless the place doesnt test dillusion and if your a heavy smoker your done. i have never honestly heard any of them products work unless you smoke a bowl a day but maybe thats just my peoples the only thing i know is fake stuff or quit for 30 days or so give or take some
  6. geekedupgirl

    geekedupgirl Registered

    EASTON, you don't know the details of everyone's experience so you have no RIGHT to tell us that we didn't use it right. As a matter of fact, I did take the stuff 2-3 hrs before hand. AND not only that, GNC informed me that there was a 4 hrs. window. And I was loaded with so much water, gatorade and tea not only was I about to vomit, but I gave the Gulf of Mexico a run for its money. I didn't risk it. I waited 2.5 hrs and then tested. And its still came back dirty as fuck.
    So now what is your defense? Not everyTHING works for everyONE, remember that sweetheart. Body chemistry is at work, body mass indexes, fat indexes, metabolism -- it all contributes.
    Think about it ... yeah, we just slurped the shit down without following directions so that .... YAY! we could fail and end up without employment or on probation or whatever. Now we feel better about ourselves?
    No. Think again.
    In my opinion there are just TOO many questions, TOO many inconsistent results when it comes to those detox drinks.
    So, the question is ... are you going to believe the thousands of threads out there that say to stay away from detox drinks? Or the thousands that swear by them?
    The choice is yours.

    P.S. Substitute.
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  7. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Easton I am glag you understand that most "detox" drinks or programs are merely dilution but all those vitamins and the creatine is not going to help hide that you are diluting. I will explain in a minute.

    No, they just don't work on a consistent basis because they are a scam. What evidence or proof do you have that 80% of people don't use the kits right?

    Easton, you seem to know more than most about drug testing but I'm not sure if you understand validity testing. All drug tests (not including instant home tests) will test for specific gravity, pH, and 85% or more of them these days will test for creatinine clearance. SG and creatinine clearance are used to check for dilution or use of non-human urine while pH is used mainly to test for the addition of chemicals that can react with THC metabolites, alter their chemical structure so that they are no longer THC metabolites. Vitamin B2 will cause your urine to turn yellow but this isn't a validity check on its own. As long as you pass the validity tests your urine can clear as bottled water. Also, your urine can be day glow yellow but if you don't pass validity testing then you will fail. Taking a product with creatine shortly before a test is useless. They do not measure creatine, they measure creatinine and it takes your body 48-72 hours to metabolize creatine to creatinine. So you see taking a product with a creatine 5 hours before the test will not raiose creatinine clearance.

    Some detox products will contain fiber and salts such as potassium and sodium. Those salts will raise your SG slightly and fiber can help slightly. But you can get potassium and sodium from sports drinks for a mere fraction of the cost as well as a bottle of Metamucil for a mere fraction of the cost of a detox kit.

    You may have passed 5 times using these kits but you could have saved your $$$ and spent it on weed instead!!!
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  8. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Please excuse the typos and grammer errors in the previous post. Glag instead of glad, raiose instead of raise, using is instead of are, etc, etc, etc.
  9. 215meds

    215meds Registered

    I havent used the drink, but i know thier 7 day capsule formula worked like a charm. I had been smoking everyday for years including a lot of oil and bubblehash in the days before program. So u cant say the mistake is going to gnc. In fact compare ingrediants, that should help. I saved $60 by getting the gnc 7 day formula rather than going to the local head shop for a 7 day capsule. LOTS OF WATER
  10. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Again, there you go. That is why you passed, not the capsules. Drinking lots of water the day of the test is (drum roll please)

  11. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Actually the niacin thread says just the opposite: It doesn't work, it has bad side effects, and can be dangerous. To add to that, it is a myth started by L Ron Hubbard, father of the cult known as Scientology.

    Wow you started off so good then finished so badly!! I was going to give you rep for the beginning part but know I gotta think about it!
  12. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    If you read closely, most people who pass also used dilution. That is what caused them to pass.

    Here is a quote from Higher Logic in that thread:

    He also said that if you take peppermint oil and pass was it the peppermint oil that did it? Not necessarily.

    For any scientific experiment to be conducted properly, you can only have one variable. To show that niacin works, you need to take a large sample size say 500-1000 people, drug test them, then give half of them niacin, half placebo, and retest them and compare the numbers. If there is a statically significant difference in the two groups, then you can begin to make these claims. Believe me, all studies done like this have shwoen that niacin is a myth. THC metabolites are toxins and the rate limiting step is not the size of your blood vessels or whether or not they are dialated or constricted. The rate limiting step is the GFR (glomerular filtration rate) of the kidneys. This whole myth was started by someone with no schooling in how the human body works, L Ron Hubbard.

    Tom Cruise told Brooke Shields that vitamins and exercise would cure her of her depression. His statement was based on this same niacin flush promoted by his cult Scientology. Do you want to trust Tom Cruise to pass your drug test?
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