Does this look like good bud? Like an 1/8?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by DvJeff, Feb 8, 2010.



  1. Good bud and 1/8 worth

  2. Good bud, not 1/8

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  3. 1/8 but not good bud

  4. Not good bud, and not 1/8

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  1. DvJeff

    DvJeff Registered+

    I bought an eighth today for $50, I live in florida, and an 8th usually goes for about that, for krip (we call most good weed krip for some reason lol) anyways... does this look like 1: Good, dank weed? 2: an eighth of an ounce? Worth the 50 in florida?

    thanks! [: (i dont have a scale) been smoking for a year or two, and never really got curious till now.

    I attached 5 pictures i took of it, one of it out of the bag, one kinda close up, with the flash on and off, and one in the bag.

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  2. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    yeah, that looks about right....depending on density it is pretty easy to eyeball a bag. But if you are worried about getting ripped can get a small scale for like $15. But I would say you got a fair deal. $50 is pretty standard in Cali....and that bud looks pretty decent. Lots of orange hairs and I see some nice crystals....enjoy, man! :jointsmile:
  3. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    MMMMM... that looks tasty.

    It looks like an eighth to me. If it's off its most likely a scale calibration problem than a sketchy deal, if thats what you're worried about

    That looks an awful lot like the Space Queen (aka Green Crack)(aka Dream Queen) I got recently, and I get that for 60 an 8th.

    Looks like you got yourself a good deal, sir :thumbsup:
  4. weedmaster

    weedmaster Registered+

    welcome to mate:jointsmile:looks like some good herb, enjoy:thumbsup:
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  5. missJambi

    missJambi Registered+

    look like nice sweet bud but ive gotten more in my $50 1/8's...not too far off tho.
  6. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    looks good and about the right weight. it's not great tho, too leafy imo. But i'd buy it and smoke it.
  7. thebongweed420

    thebongweed420 Registered

    i wish we could have nice nuggets like that in maine :HakkoRoor:
  8. dexter68

    dexter68 Registered

    Main reason i started growing.getting 2 the point to where u have to re-weigh b4 u pay.Too much commercial pot out that has the appearance of being Thunder From Downunder when in reality it aint worth a quarter.
  9. pentigram

    pentigram Registered+

    it looks good to me. Hell, I'd smoke it
  10. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    It's hard to tell over the interwebs, but it definitely appears to be something that resembles marijuana. This much I know. More I cannot say.
  11. dexter68

    dexter68 Registered

    Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Tennessean.
  12. dean0000

    dean0000 Registered+

    Yeah it looks about an 1/8, looks like decent shit too. Nothing special but will get you high as pie.
  13. djsik1983

    djsik1983 Registered


    looks good to me bro:jointsmile:
  14. oliver07

    oliver07 Registered

    Ohhhh yea

    Thats looks awesome and right on :Rasta:

    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    I would say "yes" on all counts.:thumbsup:
  16. dickdeoreo

    dickdeoreo Registered

  17. helpam8

    helpam8 Registered

  18. Eons

    Eons Registered+

    a yo, first of bro krip bud came from kreeper bud, kreeper bud is a type of strain the literly creeeeeps up on u. i should know homes been puffin for 20years, i have lived everywhere including beachside a1a daytona on north halifax valusia county.
  19. Michael Oliver

    Michael Oliver Registered+

    Could be called "dank" on West Coast DvJeff! Looks like excellent growth, someone worked hard on this crop and you're enjoying someone Else's "work" at a great discount.;
    Therefore be thankful for what you can get, or learn to grow it yourself
  20. Stacks62

    Stacks62 Registered+

    Looks good, but not great. We get some Bombay in Cali though. Looks like an eighth. Enjoy.

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