Does using a bong waste weed?`

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JstUseDaBong, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. JstUseDaBong

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    Last night my buddy bought a few grams of some nice bud and we were ripping a bubbler. After awhile my other buddy busted out a bong and we were going to smoke out of it but someone said it wasted weed so we didnt. I dont understand why it would, THC isnt water soluble so the water wouldnt affect it IMO but i was way to stoned to bring the issue up :jointsmile:
  2. TX Girl

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    I can pack the sloppiest bong bowl and take silly hits on purpose and not waste as much smoke as a (single person hitting it) joint so i vote no, bongs arent wasteful
  3. dejayou30

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    I think the whole "water takes THC out of the smoke thing" is a wives tale. If it was true, no one would use bongs. Maybe they meant it wastes weed because you are burning more of the bowl per hit in comparison with a pipe? But I don't believe in water taking any THC out.
  4. LaZ

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    The order from least wasting methods (according to NORML):

    1. Joints
    2. Pipes
    3. Bong/Bubblers (as being the most wasting method, due some THC being lost in the water and sides of the chamber)

    But for me it doesn't matter. It's really low amounts of THC I figure and it's all based on what you feel better smoking. So they all do the job.
  5. Reefer Rogue

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    Okay, do bongs waste weed?


    Have you ever smoked a bong?

    They get you HIGH

    Therefore, whatever thc is 'lost' is SO miniscule it's absurd to imply that bongs are ineffective and wasteful. I don't give a fuck what NORML says, I know what I say, I know what my bong says. Joints waste more then anything. They need more weed to make a joint... The joint is constantly burning, thus you are losing thc. Sideburns... A bong takes less weed so it's not as wasteful as a joint. Perhaps a pipe is more efficient then all, HOWEVER, it's harsh as hell and not worth it, you wouldn't get that much higher from a pipe then a bong. If you smoke 0.3 in a pipe and 0.3 in a bong, it's the same.
  6. jsn9333

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    Here is a study on this topic by NORML:
    MAPS/CaNORML vaporizer and waterpipe studies

    NORML and MAPS procured the services of a high tech lab to measure the tar and THC content in water bong smoke as compared to regularly burning weed. Basically, with water filtration, you have to inhale more tar (plus burn more weed) to get the same amount of THC. Neither THC nor tar is water soluble, but both stick to water. In fact, THC and the sticky cannabinoids it resides in sticks to water even moreso then tar does. This study found bong water filters out 30% more THC then tar. In the end a water bong results in more tar inhaled per unit of THC you get from smoking. I know it is counter-intuitive because we only think of "bad" things sticking in the water, but that is what the study found.

    I personally use a very long pipe (to allow the smoke to cool and make it less harsh) or a long bong with no water. I don't think people who use water bongs are stupid... I say do whatever floats your boat. I find I get higher faster with less weed from a pipe. Plus I like the taste of a pipe better, believe it or not. My secret is to use a nice long pipe and smoke it slow... keep the flame just off the weed so it turns brown and sort of "vaporizes". Then I mix the bowl around and repeat, "vaporizing" more of the weed. I get a bunch of "fresh" hits this way before I actually have to set the weed on fire. And in the end I get blasted. ;-)
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  7. Enemy of Real1ty

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    Joints easily waste the most, Bongs? Only waste I see is if you get to good of a cherry going, and it slowly burns while your holding your hit.
  8. Stemis516

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    well what that study forgot to account for in joints was the fact that they dont stop burning even if your not hitting it, and as long as its burning, thats weed that isnt going into your lungs....joints and blunts easily waste the most
  9. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    I don't think bongs are a "waste" of weed. They have been proven to be "counter productive" apparently, which doesn't mean they are a waste of weed.
    Hit a bong, get you stoned?

    There is the answer... proof is in the pudding.
  10. JstUseDaBong

    JstUseDaBong Registered+

    Well how am i to believe NORML research about bongs being "counter productive" if they missed the obvious that a joint is consistently burning and wasting weed but they say its the most "efficient" way to smoke...
  11. ZAD515

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    All they said was that the smoke from a joint had a lower tar:THC ratio than the smoke from the bongs. It's up to you to decide if you'd rather deal with some side-stream smoke, or a higher tar:THC ratio.

    Personally, I don't think it matters much. I chose joints because if they are well-rolled, the amount lost is minimal, and I don't like having big fat paraphernalia to deal with.
  12. twistpipe109

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    I say we start a "FUCK NORML" petetion haha
    Just kidding. Well, not really..
  13. savagehenry

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    you guys are missing the point. bongs get you high as shit, so you dont lose thc content. bongs do waste weed when you dont have much and are smoking in a group because an otherwise fat bowl out of a pipe that will go around 10-15 times will only go around maybe 6 out of a bong. i like bongs for only me or 2 ppl, or if i have alot of bud. but when im in a group or low on weed, its pipes. they make it stretch. bottom line is 8 hits from a pipe> 2 hits frm a bong. i think thats what the guys meant.
  14. 420_24/7

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  15. 420_24/7

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    you were smoking a bubbler, but you were worried about using a bong...
  16. coledog855

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    Joints hands down waste the most, then blunts, then bongs, then bowls. Bongs and blunts will get you the highest just b/c they will hit the hardest b/c they make the biggest cherries.
  17. igotdakush

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    vapes get u the highest, and they waste the least amount
  18. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Technically eating cannabis will get you the highest, for longest. Then vapes. I really should eat it more.
  19. lildicedan

    lildicedan Registered+

    you dont always have to put water into it, ive done a bong without water and plus, i had a 20 bag and my mate took bits out of it, he took quite a bit out for the Joint and quite a bit out for the Bong, i took half of the bong weed and smoked it and was fucked, my mates smoked all of the joint weed and werent as stoned as i was.
  20. Enemy of Real1ty

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    Different tolerances maybe?, I doubt smoking a J with (more than 2 people I guess?) would get anyone higher than rippin a bong by themselves.

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