does weed expire?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by headyboy, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. headyboy

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    ok so a few weekends ago me and my buddies finished off some stuff we've had for about a month and we all got a bad high. we were all paranoid and just crapping ourselves and my buddy's face got bright yellow. our only explanation for this is that it expired. i kept it rolled up in a plastic baggy in my drawer. so does weed expire and if so what are the best ways to preserve it?
  2. stinkyattic

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    You have to use it by one week after the sell-by date imprinted on the baggie.
    Seriously make sure it's in an airtight container, glass is best, that's not too much bigger than you need to fit it all in.
    Keep it in the dark, in a cool place.
    Your experience was probably unrelated to the fact that it was a month old.
  3. Frivolous248

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    Where the hell do you kids get these wacky ideas? Weed doesn't fucking expire. That would make NO sense. First off, its not like you get it from the store, so theres NO way to tell when it was grown and how long the weed has been around. Weed can get MOLDY, but thats completely different. Thats like saying "oh man this waters gone bad" water doesn't go bad, it might get warm, and shit might get in it, but it doesn't fucking go bad.

    I'm sorry, I'm just sick of people thinking up dumb stuff like this. Its common sense man. Maybe you had a bad high cause your a lightweight, don't blame the weed.
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  4. Cassiopiea

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    Lol, dude, water does go off, kinda. It goes all stagnant and starts to taste of metal ( at least to me) But I heard something about it losing its potency over time but going off? lol man U hit that one on the head.
  5. JMRinFLA

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    Never kept any around long enough to find out!
  6. 187

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    probably because something has gotten into it as he jsut stated
  7. budsmoker

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    me either:Rasta:
  8. merlockian

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    a month sounds like to short a time for this to happen but as i remember canabinoids deteriorate over time due to various factors such as heat light and air exposure, as with all living things that have killed been they begin to break down into their seperate elements etc over time. plus i believe some canabinoids deteriorate faster than others so you may well end up with higher cbn levels compared to more favourable canabinoids, hence a paranoid state could be created. i believe i read this from a good source a few years ago, am fairly sure im correct.
  9. redpenguin01

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    Under the right conditions, you can cure it in a jar for up to 2 years.. THC will eventually degrade so it DOES NOT last forever. Light, heat, and air are all factors leading into this.

    If you wanted to store it even longer after that.. then you could freeze it for another 2 years. This will preserve the herbs for quite some time, but it haults the curing process all-together.
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  10. S.P.Q.R.

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    No your weed didn't go bad... the only way weed goes "bad" is if it gets moldy. If your weed was in a baggie for over a month (which wasn't airtight) it may have lost some potency, but that's about it. About your "bad high" it was just you guys freaking out.
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  11. NightProwler

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    some(if not most) weed that you buy in mid-summer is like 9 or 10 months old, from last season.
  12. Frivolous248

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    Longest I've had a bag was like 3 months, and it was perfectly fine. Thats how long I had it though, no clue how long it was since the weed was freshly picked.
  13. Masta Mynd

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    No it doesnt expire, but it can mold.
  14. BabyFacedAbortion

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  15. Funyons

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    yeah i heard once it gets mold on it, it can be really bad for you
  16. Frivolous248

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    Sounds like they were all lightweights and go TOO high. I've never had a 'bad high' really, cause I can tolerate it. But I know one of my friends has gotten more high than he would have liked to be on 2 occasions.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure thats exactly what happened. Sounds like your buddy "whitey'd" too, or came close. So yeah, your weed didn't "expire" (as if it could) you and your buddies are just light weights.
  17. SAcaveman

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    Lol Me and some friends smoked weed I'd had for about 4 months.. it had a white layer on top of it. Like a powder..nonetheless it worked like hell..
  18. the image reaper

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    you're very lucky it wasn't mold, you'd still be sick ... NEVER smoke pot that may have contracted mold, it will seriously mess you up ...

    and, yes, the THC breaks down over time ... sunlight & heat increase the rate of degradation ... best kept in a glass jar, but be sure it's dry, so it doesn't mold ... open the jar periodically, to let gases escape, and check for mold ... I have a poor sense of smell, but I'm told it smells ammonia-like, when moldy ... I dunno ... good luck :smokin:
  19. AssassinDJ

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    :S2: I've been curing some OG Kush in a jar for 2 years now, simply because it was the best weed i've ever grown, and it hasnt gone stale, "bad", spoiled, moldy, or anything.. :jointsmile:

    Although my old roommate once gave me 4 ozs of freshly cut top nugs that had "budrot" as he calls it.. thats the ONLY time ive ever thrown out weed of any sizeable quantity.. :(

    My advice, NEVER try smoking weed thats gone moldy.. even touching the stuff can cause you health problems... I didnt try smoking any of it, but just the appearance and the smell was enough to freak me out.. The buds looked normal on the outside, but when you break into them, its all brown and squishy inside and smelt of ammonia, cinnamon, and death... :wtf:
  20. MPLSweedman

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    properly sealed, weed should last for a lonnng time

    ive smoked buds that were vacuum sealed for probably 6 months chillin in a freezer, they were still moist when we broke the seal

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