does weed expire?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by headyboy, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. glassman15

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    i had weed at the bottom of my stash box and i never put the old stuff on top, so when i went to smoke the old stuff, it wasnt nearly as good as when it was new. there could be other reasons for this but the box isnt airtight so thats what im thinking.
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    WOW. Your just so wrong on so many levels. Don't get all mad at this kid because he has the right idea. Listen to Stinky, because, at least Stinky knows shit from apple butter, much less than i can say about you. Yes, pot does in fact, expire. Light, Heat, Moisture, and other factors destroy the trichomes, where thc is stored, thus lessening the potency. So find out what your talking about before you attempt to one up somebody on the internet. You sir, are a douchebag.
  3. NotSoTwiggy

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    I've wondered the same thing - if weed goes stale. Let me tell you, I have samples of weed that are very old - I have kept them in tiny little zip-top type craft bags. I have never tried any of them to see if they are still any good, so that's why I am looking on here about it. I was just going to give it all to someone, and am not sure if it's really any good to smoke - I got stuff that goes back to you really think it's any good? I'm seriously thinking of chucking it all in the garbage, since I have stuff from 2007 and 2009. I'm f**cked up, I admit, keeping samples from the stuff I bought, dont ask me why I do it though, I have no clue...
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    Twiggy while it can lose a lil potency over time,it doesnt per say "expire" plastice isnt the best storage device thou,as it can absorb some thc. I highly recommend mason jars. over exposure to light,heat and also mold is the real enemy. You should be fine.just inspect it and try it out,I still have some stuff from last year and its perfectly fine.:jointsmile:
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  5. downhearted

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    Stale weed can give you a mad headache, but it usually doesn't make you higher or give you a different high - it usually, if anything, gives you barely a high at all.

    Never keep your weed in a plastic baggy dude. It'll dry out in a day and the plastic fucks with the crystals. Not only that but you can always smell it on you.

    Keep it in a glass mason jar or metal airtight tin, like the others said!
  6. memarky

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    sounds like you inhaled some kind of fungus you smoked, that would make some people ill.
  7. bob1961

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    after I run mine through my grinder it goes into an old washed chicken or beef broth glass jar, then goes on top shelf of a cabinet in the holds just bout an OZ of nice ready to roll ground smoke....I buy by the OZ that lasts me 3 to 4 months....bout the mold yes if it gets wet/damp it will mold/rot....I have also found a bag of weed I most likely forgot where I put it when I lost it :wtf: had to be at least a year old without really losing much smoking affects....
  8. Heidicat

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    I have cured weed I a glass jar in my freezer that is 3 yrs old ,, nothing wrong with it. BUT it was properly cured before going into final jar. Jmho
  9. Over the hill

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    I put mine in a canning jar, make sure buds are dryied out and put in a dark area your good to go. I got some that I grew 6 years ago. Still good as ever. Just check on them once on awhile because if they still have a lot of moisture they might start molding on you.
  10. tonythetiger420

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    Actuallt water does goe bad if left out too long bacteria grows in water after a period of time. Google it
  11. castrola

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    nevertheless, watch out for molds once weed is left unused for longer periods.

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