Does weed mess with your eyes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 8l4z3d, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. 8l4z3d

    8l4z3d Registered

    ive been smoking for like 3 years ad my eyes recentley have felt weird i dont know how to describe it.... anyone know?
  2. DontPassOnGrass

    DontPassOnGrass Registered+

    i heard smwhrere (maybe this site or not, i dnt kno where i heard it) that smokin weed somehow increases the pressure in your eyes, which causes the reddness. or somethig like that. research it.
    my 2 cents
  3. Captin

    Captin Registered+

    Yes smoking cannibis does mess with your eyes, it will make you go blind if you smoke it alot
  4. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    ^ don't post controversial shit without a link or two. cause or else ur putting blind propaganda up there (really no pun was intended).

    Marijuana helps relieve pain and stress in the eyes for Glaucoma patients. I have never heard or read of marijuana making anyone blind. sounds like bullshit to me.
  5. Buck268

    Buck268 Registered+

    I notice when I got the herb in my system my night vision is much keener...

    And the reason your eyes get red is because herb reduces the pressure on your eyes (not sure on anything more specific than that) which it why it has madicinal uses in glocoma situatuations.
  6. ilovelife

    ilovelife Registered+

    i like wats its done with my eyes, weed has maked me looked alot older and more mature b/c its made my eyes baggy and now i officially have the "stoner look"
  7. s2headhunter

    s2headhunter Registered+

    yeah whoever the fuck said the thing about going blind dont pay attentoin to that ...i have researched about weed ALOT and have NEVER EVER heard anything of such...
  8. 8l4z3d

    8l4z3d Registered may just be all in my head
  9. 8l4z3d

    8l4z3d Registered

    cuz when im not high i dont really notice it
  10. Captin

    Captin Registered+

    I smoked pot a couple years ago and now I'm blind because of it, let that be a warning to all who want to smoke pot
  11. Belleza

    Belleza Registered

    yeah haven't u seen Half Baked????
  12. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    yeah...... ok......

    so how are u reading this post dude. is someone reading it to u. sorry if i am offending u. but I'm actually pretty curious about how u would read this. I have some doubt in what ur saying.
  13. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Someone has been snorting some freon.
  14. Captin

    Captin Registered+

    alright, you got me, I didn't go blind but my eyes did get red, close enough though :p
  15. Mexicanhomeboy

    Mexicanhomeboy Registered+

    well, from wat ive seen, weed can fuck with yur eyes a little, i notice it more on my mega pothead friends, especially my dealer, they get the random popping eyes, or they got really big eyes, also know this one chick whos got a lazy eye, didnt notice it until we started smoking all the time, so i think to some people it might have a reaction, so far not with me
  16. XTC

    XTC Registered+

    Back when I first started smoking, My eyes kinda hurt. Is that the feeling you're getting like a Dull ache in your eye? Well when I smoke now it doesnt happen. I wouldnt worry about it
  17. DontPassOnGrass

    DontPassOnGrass Registered+

    i was watchin this episode of cops(love that show) and a guy had a joint behind his ear and didnt remember, but anyway, the cop did a feild drug test where he asked the guy with the joint to stare at the cop's finger while the cop put it closer and closer to the guy's nose(to make him go crosseyed), well the guy went crosseyed and the cop said " well, if you were inder the influence of marijuana, you dont go crosseyed easily". now i kno the cop ddnt make that shit up so i tried it the next time i got really blazed(amazingly i remembered to try it) and it was a little difficult but i could do it. i can make myself go crosseyed easy as shit when im sober.
    take it 4 what its worth
  18. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    man some kid at my school is like a strange nerd and tells me to stare at his finger. and then he starts moving both fingers and he thinks I'm weird cause I have my eyes follow both of them.
  19. 8l4z3d

    8l4z3d Registered

    LoL i cant do that shit
  20. Get P.O.D.

    Get P.O.D. Registered+

    you guys know why your eyes feel wierd? its because your high, your whole fucking body feels wierd, and you ask why? its because your high.

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