Does Weed need to be heat activated to be eaten?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Franklin Benedict, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Franklin Benedict

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    I've heard that weed needs to be heat activated in one way or another to get a proper high when eaten. I've also heard that it just needs to be absored in a fatty substance such as butter or milk.

    Would putting normal weed (not cooked, heated, or anything) in my cereal work, since it could be absored by the milk? Or is it best to heat activate it and cook it with butter or something?

    Franklin Benedict.
  2. Mole2k4

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    I think, personally, eating weed with cereal would just be ick :|
  3. DrGonzo

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    a personal dream of mine is the day when I can wake up, take a box out of the cupboard, and just pour myself a big bowl of weed. I would eat it with a spoon.
  4. bongo

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    WoW. i have school in a few days I have to quit for a little while.
  5. rnf232s

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    I dont think for sure it has to be heaten to activate it cause you can dissolve in alcohols and stuff and still get fucked up on it. I think the reason for cooking is it brings the thc and other cannaboids out into a solution that is easier absorbed by the body. That way you can get more from your bud.
  6. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

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    haha cearal o boy...
  7. boywonder

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    your right

    yes it works better if you heat your ground gange into some butter see the butter absorbes the THC and is stored in the fat. next after you like heated it up in your frying pan . make some soup or somthing with lots of liquid coz water dosent go above 100'c when your boiling it .therfore you wont risk burning off any of that valuble THC. drink up and get fucking high. plus i swear sinse its been heated it like activtes the THC better then if u havent. but boil it coz u dont want to burn all the goodness away. and do the butter thing first!
  8. xxxcasper1125xxx

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    do not over heat it because it wil zap the thc outa it, for example dont nuke it in the microwave
  9. Kid Dynamite

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    heres an amazing plan

    Pot Yoghurts -

    You will need : Some hash
    Cooking Oil (not olive oil)
    A spoon
    Yoghurt (non biological - crunch/fruit corners are best)

    Crumble some of your hash (about 2 spliffs worth) into the spoon. Then pour on enough oil to just cover all of the crumbled hash, but make sure its not swimming in it or you will get the shits l8r on. Once the hash is covered, slowly heat it above a stove or hob, until the mixture turns into a kind of mush that bubbles a bit (WARNING : at this stage it will look a bit like you are preparing heroin, so be careful where you do it) When the mix is ready, just take the spoon and plunge it into the yoghurt. It will hiss and spit a bit, so mix it about in the joghurt. Ready to eat, and it get you fucked up.

  10. teknodppr

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    Hey just had the best idea. What are some things that the fat rises to the top of if left out for a while? The only thing I can think of is gravy. Like for mashed potatoes. If you let a cup of gravy sit in the refrigerator uncovered for a few days, then there will be a layer of fat on the top.
    Suppose you take ground up buds, and added them to the gravy mixture and heated it up on a burner. Then you put the gravy in a bowl and set it in a refrigerator for a few days. Then you could scrape off the fat and have some super potent gravy fat (or whatever you use as the absorber).
    That didnt sound that cool after all.
  11. Bro DZ

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    that sounds sick as hell, but its pretty damn funny and potentially useful!

    maybe if your using a recipe that calls for a little lard you could incorporate the pure THC fat... there has to be a better way though, like just heating it in the cooking oil LoL

    i'm all smoked out right now :D
  12. juanskee

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  13. LeMuR

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    haha, i used to put weed into coffee with tons of sugar...seemed to work fine for me!
    but i mean about 10 spoons of sugar...

    and about done need to use oil for it, personally i think its better without...
    i just crumble up a good 10-15spot into a yoghurt...gets you fucked for a few hours...
  14. lateralus

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    you dont -have- to heat the thc to get high after eatin it (some people just eat nugs and hash)
  15. LeMuR

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    yeah, a friend of mine had a half oz. of papers, no bong...nothing he could use to smoke it...i dont think he even had a lighter...
    so he just ate the a biscuit...
    it fucked up his teeth though...but got him really i'm told
  16. jimiblings

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    I know its an old thread but

    Noone ever answered this question correctly..and the simple answer is NO!! Medical Marijuana dispensaries sell "capsules" which contain pure resin glands...more commonly known as hash. The resin glands DO NOT need to be heated for the cannabinoids to become active. The reason some people believe that THC needs to be heated....and/or cooked into an oil base is because most people use leaves, which have a low concentration of cannabinoids, to cook with. So in order to concentrate the cannabinoids they cook the leaves into butter, oil, alcohol, or an other cannabiniod-soluable substance. If you are using leaves, I recomend this method..or else your gonna have to eat up to an ounce of leaves to aquire any effect. Buds and hash are more potent. Buds are active in doses as little as a gram (potent kind bud) and hash can be active in as little as .1 gram (real potent shit). But, heating cannabinoids doesn't do anything except make them more soluable with oil, alcohol, ect....and of course if you heat them to 362 degrees you can turn them into vapor, which can be inhaled for maximum effect.

    Try this simple method for cooking with leaves:

    Freeze Leaves

    Put frozen leaves in a big bowl

    Add enough cold water so that leaves are completly submerged

    Stir like a mad man (or use an electric mixing device) For a lighter (blond) hash with smaller yeild, stir gently.


    Run greenish/brownish liquid through a set of bubble bags. (For you ghetto folk out there that might not wanna pay for bubble hash bags, try using pantyhose)

    The bottom bag should collect potent resin glands.

    Scoop that shit (yes, it probally looks like glassy poop) from the bottom of the bottom bag and add it to whatever you're eating/drinking.

    Then you can put the remaining mixture in a glass pan then put it out in the sun to evaporate. After the water is completely evaporated, scrape the glass pan with a razor blade for some more potent resin glands.

    You can add this powdery shit to. whatever you want. You can simply put it in a capsule and swallow it. You could press it into hash and sell it (only if you're a caregiver or dispensary employee of course). Or you could smoke it.

    Yeah, its a little bit of work, but, its much easier than trying to get the cannabinoids from a half ounce of leaves to condense into 2 tablespoonds of butter without losing any.

    Yall just got served. Have a nice day.
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  17. irydyum

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    Said the dude that just resurrected a 6 YEAR OLD THREAD!!

    I totally think that may be a record, I wish cannacom had somewhere I could submit you for a Darwin Award. Welcome to the boards anyhow, and if you wanted to share that post, why didn't you just start a new thread?

    Thanks for my 4:20 giggle today:thumbsup:
  18. jimiblings

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    Well, it may be old but its one of the top sites that pop up when you google "heat activated cannabinoids" so obviously people are still gonna see it. Is it against some sort of super secret internet code to post a reply to a thread that was posted in 1974? If so then I apoligize for being such a dumbass. :thumbsup:
  19. irydyum

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    Aaahhh... So you wanted to be the defacto expert on the subject when people googled it. At least that makes sense even if it is a strange motivation.

    I don't believe any codes exist that say you can't post on old threads, but neither are there codes that preclude me from my amusement.

    Good day
  20. 420Buddhist

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    It's an old thread, but given that I'm new to the board and it's active, I'll chime in with my 2 cents. Raw cannabis has a good deal of tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid. THC-COOH it is mostly inactive until the carboxyl group is released.
    One of the more common ways to accomplish this is through binding the molecule to a lipid and causing the release through heat.

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