Does weed stunt your growth ?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by kyle, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    Hey dudes. I'm 14 and like 6'2" and I'm wondering if weed stunts your growth. If anyone says yes, please provide some evidence. And if anyone says no please suppost it with evidence. Thanks.
  2. slipnslide087

    slipnslide087 Registered+

    yes it does. you can do your own research. it doesnt have to do with how tall you are dude. physical development prolonging puberty and slowing it down. shit like that man. if used at young ages
  3. Not Enough Herb

    Not Enough Herb Registered+

    dam really?

    slip not saying that ur wrong but i friends brother started smoking weed and doing all sorts of other drugs at 13 and hes over 6 feet tall...maybe it depends on the person who knows....all i can say is im sparking a bowl

  4. slipnslide087

    slipnslide087 Registered+

    well it CAN. doesnt mean it happens to everyone. diff people react to everything in diff ways.
  5. slipnslide087

    slipnslide087 Registered+

    i mena i started doin drugs and shit at 12 and im 6 foot 1 ish.
  6. crystal clear pepsi

    crystal clear pepsi Registered+


    when i started smokin weed i was 16 and 5'11'' :) :)

    ive smoked weed ever since ... im 21 now and I am 34cm tall :eek: :eek:

  7. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    Yeah. Their are many sources that say it does'nt and many that says it does. I need more opinions.
  8. hoodedclum

    hoodedclum Registered+


    I started puffing when i was 13, im now 18 and 6 ft1

    definetly didnt stunt my growth.
  9. Kramerica

    Kramerica Registered+

    I dont know for sure, but it is widely believed that at least 75% of NBA Players are regular tokers.
    Is that tall enough for ye? :)
  10. az666

    az666 Registered+

    i dont know bout weed but tobacco almost positive but as slip said it will affect different people people reacting differently to weed and shrooms n other shit...
  11. Frost.

    Frost. Registered+

    I have never heard of weed stunting your growth.

    And I don't see how it could.

    I sure hope it doesn't.
  12. Syrus

    Syrus Registered+

    It will be linked to the tobacco in the j's.

    On a side note ive never seen a very tall stoner :D
  13. RIP ODB

    RIP ODB Registered+

    Yeah it's true, if you smoke pot heavily at a young age it stunts your puberty and growth I think, the weed affects your developmental part of the brain.

    I have friends who started smoking at a young age and they still look like they're 13, even though they're like 20, 21 years old. It's funny, they try to grow facial hair to compensate and it looks like chin pubes, because the weed slows down the facial hair scene as well.

    I started smoking constantly at age 18, and I haven't changed a bit since then.

    So yeah if you start smoking at a young age, you're gonna look young when you're older.
  14. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    Well I'm 14 and 6'2" like I said, I think I'm taller now but anyway. I shave like once or twice a week so yeah. The only possibility of it stunting your growth on the net is that it can mess with you frontal lobe which controls puberty and growth and development. But I matured earlier than most people but yeah.
  15. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    The only sources portraying that marijuana actually stunts growth is the AADAC programs and shit. 80% of statistics are B-S including this one. Statistics can be manipulated to show whatever the person who is making it wants it to show. The goverment comes up with half this stuff anyway to discourage drug use among minors. But from the information sheets on drugs that are not arguing for eaither side, the only drug proven to stunt growth is alchohol binge drinking at a young age and steroids. They both can cause certain testosterones to stop being 'manufactured' within the brain and CAN slow puberty and not enable someone to reach their maximum height.
  16. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    Psst. I'm high.
  17. tagnamestek

    tagnamestek Registered+ high too :D
  18. chattersjb

    chattersjb Registered

    I'm 6' 7" 42yrs and been smokin since I was 16! man if weed interfears with development of ANY kind I would be supprised. I can grow a beard! lol, I don't look 16 still(about 120 at the moment) and my brain is still in good condition(take it out and polish it every saturday!) lol

  19. SashaOxOxMarie

    SashaOxOxMarie Registered+

    haha I started smokeing when I was 11 or 12 or so I don't remember.. and haha I am like 5'1... yes I am very short lol
  20. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    I don't think it does. But I want some more inputs. :D

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