Does Whizzinator/Urinator heat accurately and consistently?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by needapass, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I just got a job offer on short-notice and am afraid I wont have time to get clean. I will probably be meeting with the head of the company for a quasi-interview (its not really an interview because I already have the job) and im paranoid they are going to test me right then and there. Its a big office and I would think they do the testing off-site but I am still sketched out and now trying to figure out the best way to protect myself. My plan is to try and get clean but I want a plan-b and maybe even a plan-c in case I dont have enough time. (i work in a small industry where failing the UA at this place might hinder me from jobs elsewhere)

    I bought quickfix and the urine luck additive figuring I would use the quickfix if I have a scheduled lab test but carry the urine luck additive in my pocket during the interview just in case. If they popped it on me, I dont think I would have time to heat the quickfix and I would be afraid to rig something up in my pants beforehand because I dont know how long I will be sitting in the interview or what else I might have to do as part of the orientation. Now im reading that the additives dont work much of the time and im thinking I would like to be prepared with the sub at all times.

    Here is my main question/concern: Heating. I worry about being able to rig something up that will give me a BIG window of time to take the UA and still keep the temp right. I am considering getting a urinator b/c it has the computer chip to keep the temp stable but havnt found anything on these boards saying that the temp is reliable and it is expensive as hell!. I am nervous about just putting a bottle in tighty-whities because I will have to sit through the whole interview with it and everything and keep the temp stable.

    Any advice would very helpful and I would be grateful for suggestions

    p.s. Can anyone think of any excuses for delaying the whole thing until I could have a better chance of being clean?
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    The Quick fix is easy to keep to body temp. The heating pads can last for up to 5 hours, or you can even put it up against your leg or thigh if you feel uncomfy with it elsewhere. If its up against your skin, its gonna keep your body temp.
    As far as the Urine Luck, thats for every day users. You HAVE to be an everyday user. Ive had friends that have smoked on the way to the test then use the Urine Luck within a few hours later and it actually worked. :Rasta:
    I still say your best bet would be the fix ....most of us here have used it.
    As far as delaying the test, i would just go ahead with it. I always thought it looks more suspicious delaying the test. If you do the interview, i think you should take the test.
    Hope this helps
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    That's interesting. I am definatley an everyday user but plan to have quit for at least a week by the time the I have to take the test. I read somewhere, probably on here, that urine luck just breaks apart the metabolites in your fat cells and that while expensives tests will not recognize the broken up molecules as a positive test, cheap ones often still will.
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    Yeah Quickfix is your best bet. Go to a dollar store and pickup a couple extra chemical hand warmers in case it takes longer than expected. Practice with the QF. Its pretty easy to keep the temp within 90 to 100 degrees. You can always stall for a couple hours by saying you're not ready to pee yet. You can double check to make sure the temp is right and then go take your test.
  5. FakeBoobsRule

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    If you're talking about Urine Luck Additive, you're pretty far off about it. You do realize you add it to your urine and you don't drink it so how it has any interaction with your fat cells makes no sense. It is probably a strong oxidizing agent that detroys THC metabolites and it is best used on tests sent off to a lab and not an instant test because the transit time gives it more time to work. It may work on an instant test but it works better on lab tests. I don't know the success rate because if I was going to sneak something in, might as well be a sub. I don't know how it isn't detected either. One of these days it will be and they will change formulas I guess. They stay atop QF as it is now on its 4th version.

    The goal of practicing subbing is to learn to secure it to your body comfortably so you don't have to walk like something is up your ass while maintaining proper temp, not to slow temperature loss down for 30 minutes to an hour. Your body gives off plenty off heat and you should be able to keep your sample at proper temperature easily. If not, add the heating pad.

    Practice, practice, practice. You have QF so it's easy since the temp strip is right on the bottle.

    The whizzinator works great but it really is just a $150 holder or bottle because if they look at you (which they won't for pre-employment) it's not fooling anyone. You can learn to hold the sample on your body without spending the money if you don't want to.

    Carrying Urine Luck additive in your pocket isn't the greatest idea either because what if they make you empty your pockets before testing which they can. I imagine you might think you can move it from your pocket to somewhere more covert but why not just sub?
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    Hey FBR :), it seems like needapass was referring to the quote below that I've made a long while back, and apparently the info got garbled during the comprehension process...

    Hope that helps :smokin:
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    I have the whizzinator but you really don't need that unless your going to probation or something. I've never tryed qf but I just got my bottle and will report back on Mon. So far I can't find anyone that as said it does'nt work.
  8. needapass

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    I havnt gotten the quickfix yet but I put some water in an old pill bottle, "crotched it," and did temp checks at 30, 60 and 90 minutes with a digital baby thermomemter and it registered between 96-97 degrees each time, though I was only sitting around the house. Tomorrow when the QF arrives I will try wearing it around for awhile to make sure it stays put and maintains temp. Can cold weather be a problem? I am still a little worried about it spilling in my pants or droping below temp but I think it will be ok.

    Also, I am tempted to get a hand warmer in case for some reason it is not maintaining temp on the day of the test but I would rather not use it if I dont have to because I am afraid it will be TOO hot and then I will have to worry about frantically cooling it down.

    Thanks to all those who posted.
  9. killerweed420

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    Tight undies usually hold in place pretty good. Some people wear 2 pair.Cold weather doesn't effect it much if it stays in contact with your skin. I don't use the squirt cap,I just use the regular cap. I usually keep a couple hand warmers handy. Have never had to use them though. If it gets a little too hot just blow on it when you put it in the cup.
  10. zero0ne

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    FBR, If i had a sample of someone elses stuff, and it was at body temp for say 3 hrs (Thought I was going to get it where I was going, but they scheduled me somewhere else)

    anyway, if i then put it in the freezer and froze it, its still 100% good right?
    (assuming I heat it up to the right temp, ive been getting it at around 97.5 degrees when I practice which is plenty good, and i have a cheap ass thermometer that doesnt beep and works well.)

    But the whole freezing urine doesn't ruin any of the things they test for though right?
    (specific gravity, etc etc)

    First time I've ever substituted so I want to make sure of everything, as I am nervous as hell about possibly being watched. (though its pre-employment so I prolly wont be)

    EDIT: Should I be worried if I'm really close to the 2 oz mark, I mean judging by how filled the container is, id say it has like 1.8 oz (could i add water to top it off before I go?)
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    Drug test for Medical school ..... really scared, help please

    Hey guys,

    Well, I am shitting my pants right now...I was a chronic user of some high THC bud for almost a year (1-2 grams per day). I have been accepted to medical school and they are requiring a 'Urine 10 panel' by the time I start school. It doesn't matter where I get it done at, as long as I have a lab report showing negative for all. They do not mention anything called 'chain of custody,' but I am assuming all labs make sure chain of custody is placed.

    My school starts early August and I have to have the form submitted by then. I stopped using on June 12, 2008 and I am still testing positive!!! (checked by test strips at home). I am 5'6'' and 130lb. I've always heard that it takes no more than 30 days to clear yourself, however, after more research, I guess it can stay for up to 90 days...yikes!! If i had known this before hand I would have stopped a good 100 days before school starting.

    I am honestly freaking out right now, thinking it won't be cleared in time. I ended up placing an order for the whizzinator (money is not a concern when it comes to medical school). I would bribe someone up to $5000 if I could get them to give me a falsified lab report, but I don't want to end up in jail for bribing.

    So, my options right now is to use substitue urine (from a clean friend), however, the temperature becomes an issue. Im not going to take a chance on the detox things since those are hit or miss and I don't have much time left. I know I probably went above and beyond buying the whizzinator, but I don't want to take any chances. I doubt they would actually physically watch me urinate, especially, as long as they are concerned, I am going in on my own accord (no one is requiring it for me). I set up an appointment for quest diagnostics and this other occupational health center, and told them that my dad wants me to get it done, so I am hoping they will be less strict on me.

    At this point, my main concern is temperature

    So my question to you guys is
    1) what temperature range does the lab check for? 98.6 exact? 98-100? etc.
    2) What temp does the whizzinator keep the synthetic urine at? On the site, it says the lcd thermometer reads 2 degrees higher than the actual temp, so should I aim for 100 degrees?
    3) In addition, is there a quick way to check temperature while in the bathroom, or just prior to testing? Are there any tips you guys can give me on temperature? Thank you so much!!

    I am definitely going to miss weed, since I preferred that to drinking, etc.

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