Does XXtra Clean work?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by wanabsurfin247, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. wanabsurfin247

    wanabsurfin247 Registered

    I took a urine test 4 days aftr smokin but have only smoked twice in the past three weeks. I took xxtra clean 3 hours before the test. This is for my dream job. Has anyone had success from using xxtra clean? Im sweatin this shit and am losing sleep over it.
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  2. Babba Booey

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    XXtra clane didnt work for my younger cousin

    My cousins test came back " dilluted"

    I went to a head shop and bought her the XXtra clean drink for women shes like 5 foot and 105 tops and she called me like 10 min ago and said her employers called and said her test was dilluted. She only smoked a couple bowls of lambs bread and took her test 7 days sober, and she only puffed a few fridays when she came over shes has now been 18 days clean and has to retake the test, you guys think she will be fine ???
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  3. wanabsurfin247

    wanabsurfin247 Registered

    my buddy runs the head shop were i got the drink. He said to take the drink 2-3 hours before the test and only refill the drink with water once. She prob drank a shit load of water and the reason it was diluted was it was too water based.....supposively a common thing to happen from what i here
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  4. Babba Booey

    Babba Booey Registered


    You think she will be fine now .. SHe only smoked a couple of bowls 18 days ago , the reason I ask is because it's high potent dank, she smoked a couple of fridays before that she only smoked weed at my house so she would smoke about a joints worth of dank every 7 days for like 1 month now she has been clean for 18 days and is only like 5 foot and 105 lbs.. ?? what do you think I would hate for her to get caught ..
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  5. wanabsurfin247

    wanabsurfin247 Registered

    keep drinkin water until that day and take another detox product just to be takes like a month for a social smoker to get it out completely. Those drinks are expensive but worth it
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  6. DoctorCubensis

    DoctorCubensis Registered

    Yes. She didnt smoke much so 18 days should be enough time.
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  7. AngryA

    AngryA Registered

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  8. wanabsurfin247

    wanabsurfin247 Registered

    worked for me, 4 days of not smokin
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  9. bigsmoker101

    bigsmoker101 Registered

    I dont care what anyone tells you however, i will tell u my PERSONAL experien ce. I have used that spacific manuacturers products for over 8 years and they work fine. I take a fedral UA and pass every time. I follow manufaturers directions to a T every time.

    I have read up that tested is spacific gravity is checked and if it is not within range your test will come back as "negative dilluted" and you will have to test again. I recomend skiping the dope for 24-48 hours prior to the test.. DONT drink a shit load of water. Just drink as u normaly do and then take the product 1-2 hours prior to the test, refil the bottle once and drink it. U will be fine. :pimp:
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  10. weedaman

    weedaman Registered

    Why even care...

    Why would you even wanna spend 30+ bucks if you can have the same result for basically free... there's an excellent post on this forum on how to dilute so that it's (probably, hopefully) not detectable.
    I got a home testing kit including adulterate test, the dilution post works.

    By the way, tried XXtra /clean before. Followed TO THE T. Didn't work for me. Again, TO THE T, so don't you guys bother telling me I didn't know how to read the directions and/or didn't do it right...

    Either way, I had a test today, substituted though, cuz I didn't want to risk having a "diluted" result, and potentially miss out on 75k a year... buys a lotta weed ;-)
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  11. suzieque

    suzieque Registered+

    I would be interested in hearing the ingredients in XXtra Clean. Anybody?
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  12. burn1downbritt

    burn1downbritt Registered

    Ingredients of XXtra Clean

    I just bought XXtra clean and these are the active ingredients:
    Nettle: which acts as a diuretic to help release toxins from the body
    Ginseng: which is traditionally used to boost the immune and cardiovascular system
    Gluconolactone: which helps eliminate toxins from the body by supporting liver function
    Dandelion: supports healthy liver and gallbladder function
    Milk Thistle: restores healthy liver function and minimizes toxin damage
    Hawthorne Berry: supports the heart and cardiovascular system
    Uva Ursi: promotes kidney and urinary health
    Mullein Leaf: supporst the respiratory system and lungs
    Stevia: powerful herb used by herbalists
    Fruit Fiber: effective in binding toxins and helping to eliminate them through the digestive tract

    The box has a disclaimer saying that they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration so i guess take that with a grain of salt....
    I have no idea how this is gonna work but i hope it does!! wish me luck!:Rasta:
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  13. suzieque

    suzieque Registered+

    hmmm interesting!

    i thought for sure it would have B2 and creatine... in addition to all those herbs/stuff.
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  14. poloplaya189

    poloplaya189 Registered

    I don't know what that other person wrote but it does have creatine.
    It has:
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D

    I just wanted to post on here. I have a drug test tomorrow and I haven't smoked for 20 days. Before that I was a daily user and I just wanted to post my results and ask a couple questions first.

    I just took an At-Home drug test i bought from walmart and passed with a faint line, not too faint, pretty solid but not full. So I still don't know if I should use Xxtra clean, anybody have any thoughts?

    Also I will keep everybody posted on what happens. I thought I had to take the test 2 weeks ago. So i drank about 5 glasses of water for 6 days straight and then stopped. And I have been drinking about a glass of water for the last 3 hours every half hour. What I am going to do, if I use the Xxtra clean that is, is drink the whole bottle, then refill twice, piss about 4 times, do at home test and if all goes according to plan pass! But I'm wondering if I should even bother since I did just pass the At-Home Test anbody have any thoughts?

    .....And then after my test roll two fat blunts
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  15. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Forget the magic potions

    Sure the magic potion makers will brag that their snake oil contains creatine. What they dont tell you (perhaps in an effort to avoid blowing a sale) is that it takes 2-3 days for creatine to metabolize into creatinine. Therefore any creatine-loading on the day of the test is useless.

    All magic detox potions are a big scam to separate the gullible from their cash. When they do "work", its because of the dilution factor thats associated with the potion and not the potion itself. Detox potions do nothing to rid the body of THC, nor do they convert THC into something that cannot be detected, as the makers and peddlers would like everyone to believe.

    You can duplicate the actions of these bogus products for $$$ less by following the guidelines outlined in this thread:
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  16. poloplaya189

    poloplaya189 Registered

    This just masks it. Keeps it from getting into the blood for a few hours
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  17. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Thats nothing but a sales pitch.

    What actually serves as the "mask" is the water in which youre required to refill the bottle with to chase down the potion. By drinking the water youve "masked" by diluting the concentration of THC metabolites in the bladder, so the sample can register below the cutoff limit of the drug screen.

    Often, and at the same time ironic, the instructions on these products advise the user to avoid all exercise prior to consumption...So more or less, the lack of exercise is whats preventing fat cells from burning and releasing THC metabolites into the bloodstream.

    Its all part of the scam created by those seeking to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" at the expense of the fearful and credulous. Cannabis users are victimized enough by the "war on drugs" without these scam artists jumping in the mix.
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  18. poloplaya189

    poloplaya189 Registered

    Oh well either way, I didn't have to take it on Friday, I have to take it tomorrow maybe, so that'll be 26 days for me being clean so I think I'll be ok without doing anything does anybody else? I've drinking alot of water irregularly and I passed three at home phamatech drug tests on Friday of last week, do you guys think I'll be good?

    I used to smoked on a daily basis, but my metabolism is absolutely off the chart and I am skinny as bones. I'm basically 6'1, 165.

    Would it be possible for me to be clean?
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  19. willythecat

    willythecat Registered

    Detoxify Personal Experience

    I have taken it TWICE not smoking 24-48 hours before and has worked for me. And I smoke shit loads, It's was a tough 24-48 hours but well worth it and the $60 bucks! Just follow the directions, drink it and refill with water and drink. :thumbsup:
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  20. bigsmoker101

    bigsmoker101 Registered

    She obviously tested "Dilluted-Negative" It was due to excessive water she consumed prior. If she is only 105 pounds, I would have her drink 1 bottle of the detoxify xxtra clean and only half a bottle of water 1 and a half hours prior to the test. NO heavy water drinking the day of.
    To answer your question: she will need to take another detoxify xxtra clean as I indicated above before she retests to pass.
    I also want to add if she is only 105 pounds she dont have much fat in her body. THC is stored in the fat cells. Dont exercise a few days prior to your test because of this. As I was saying, if she stays clean for a month she would be clean. People that are fat will actually store THC in their fat cells for years.
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