Dog ate weed. ADVICE!

Discussion in 'Pets & Animals' started by Lit Up, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    ...So, this is not technically Lit Up, but I have a question all the same.

    I was over at a friends house.. I didn't know he had a half eighth of weed stashed on the floor,.. I forehand mentioned that she likes to eat weed. We've never really smoked her out but she has a nose for it.

    I saw her licking something under the coffee table and mentioned it to him but didn't really think anything of it. Until I got home, and received a text saying that his fucking weed was gone.
    Anyway she ended up eating it! She's wobbly, very lethargic and has already puked. .. Passed out as we speak though still responsive to noises.

    She's a 5 month old Shiba Inu...15 lbs?
    Will she be okay?
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  2. norkali

    norkali Registered

    She should be okay. Watch her, have water available, and you're going to basically stay up with her all night while she is like that until she comes back around. As soon/if she becomes unresponsive (which she probably won't) bring her to an emergency vet, do you have one in your area?

    Put some water on your finger, she if she wants any; she probably couldn't get water on her own. Just comfort her, hold her, etc.
  3. zeitgeist

    zeitgeist Registered+

    This happened to my palmeranian. We took him to the vet instantly just to not take any chances. The dog may be okay, but i wouldnt take the chances. The bill will be high but a living dog is worth every penny. Especially a puppy
  4. norkali

    norkali Registered

    /\ What is the vet going to do? I had it happen also, and the dog was fine after I hung out with her for a couple of hours. Trust me, I was SO close to taking my dog to the vet as well, but had to stop and think, "What is the vet going to do?" Watch her. That's what they will do, and charge you up the ass for it; not to mention chew your ass out for being a moron.

    I never thought that I would slip-up and let my dog get a hold of any pot, but all it took was a second. I felt SO bad! What if that had been my KID, ya know?! :eek: Be careful people!
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  5. seattlesmoke247

    seattlesmoke247 Registered+

    Hope your dog is okay!
  6. paleshadoe

    paleshadoe Registered+

    this happened to me before, my lil chihuaha ate a quarter of weed i had all broken up on a I watched him throughout the night, he basically slept and looked like one stoned he was very lethargic, i just put him next to me, and checked on him alot. he was fine the next day.
  7. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Long ago.......

    A friend's pup, Prairie Dog (20 pound mutt) ate dang near an ounce of quite good Columbian. She fell down the stairs, puked green, and slept for a day. She was "normal" the next day. (Dang, Steve was MAD!)

    Way back in the 1800s, a dude injected a dog with massive doses of cannabis extract. The dog slept for days- woke up hungry as could be! No bad side effects once the drug wore off.

    The only fatality that I can find among dogs was when some kid's dog pigged out on "firecrackers"- and I think that very well may have been due to choking from gobbling the peanut butter, not the pot!

    Aside from that one exception, all the dogs I have read about recovered within a few days- with or without a vet. So mainly, keep an eye on "baby" (no stairs), keep food and water near by, and give lots of sympathy.

    Granny :hippy:
  8. Stoner Shadow Wolf

    Stoner Shadow Wolf Registered+

    LOL ROFL Your dog is stoned. the only bad news is your friend lost their stash. from the dog's point of view, it is all good news LOL
  9. zeitgeist

    zeitgeist Registered+

    Okay. my dog ate something else then. He started foaming at the mouth and throwing up. Must have been something else.
    I wasnt sure if MJ was fatal to dogs. This is good to know
  10. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    If you eat weed do you get high....NO

    The canibinoids/THC has to be activated by heat.

    If you cant get high from eating weed directly out of a baggie (which you cant) the dog wont get high either......but you did lose our weed.....might get it back in a day in your yard
  11. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    did the dog eat the plastic baggy 2? if so ur gonna want to make sure she poops it out.
  12. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

  13. AbrandnewL

    AbrandnewL Registered+

    ^^ haha classic:joint1:
  14. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Granny, have you tried working at a veterinarian and treated dogs with cannabis toxicity?

    Then please don't tell everyone it's fine.

    Marijuana is a CNS depressent. It slows heart rate, blood pressure, body temp and breathing. How much does your pet weigh vs you?

    Anyone bother to read that litle tidbit that HIGH TIMES who wrote an extremely good article on cannabis toxicity in animals which can ideed be fatal if enough is eaten and the animal isn't medically treated. If not google it....then come back and tell me just how harmless it is.

    The other thing to try is the STANDARD medical treatment for cannabis toxicity in the Merck Veterinary Manuel that we as vet hospitals routinely follow for animals as symptoms can include an animal becoming hypothermic (body temp drops) bradycardic (heart rate too low) and simply stop breathing or go into a coma. Also quite easy to Google.

    I've been an emergency veterinary technician for 10 years so everyone else here is full of it. I've seen it hurt AND kill animals. The rest of your keep your traps shut about shit you don't know about.
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  15. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    I'm now reporting this post so it will be nuked soon. Oh and did I mention that it can also cause seizures....which can be deadly all by themselves if not treated?
  16. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Found a "rough" lethal dose for dogs....

    First off, Vape, you are wrong. Humans and dogs CAN get high from eating cannabis raw. In humans it is not very efficient, but you can get a buzz. Dogs do get stoned when they eat pot- read the article. And what a human can eat, chocolate, for an example, can kill a dog, and I've watched dogs happily eat and digest things that no sane human would even think of eating!

    This is the first news article I've seen that gives a "rough" toxic dose for dogs. 6 grams per pound- this means a small, 25 pound dog would have to eat over 5 ounces for a fatal dose. (6 grams X 25 lbs = 150 grams. 28.3 grams per ounce goes into 150 grams = 5.3 ounces) Not too likely of a scenario! I sure don't leave that much just lying around where a pet could get it (especially since I prefer big dogs). The "sick" dose is a lot smaller, though. I find it rather reassuring that if "Fido" noshes down on a bud or two, a big mess on the rug is about what to expect.

    News : Dogs dig into drugs in Montara : Half Moon Bay Review, California

    Dogs dig into drugs in Montara

    Three cases of marijuana ingestion reported in recent weeks

    By Greg Thomas [ ]
    Published/Last Modified on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008 - 02:44:31 pm PDT

    A few snoopy dogs in Montara have turned up in veterinary hospitals after getting into marijuana plants in Rancho Corral de Tierra.

    In the past three weeks, three cases of dogs ingesting toxic marijuana leaves have been reported at local veterinarian clinics.

    The first incident occurred on Sept. 24. Immediately after Montaran Laura Hansen returned home from work she found Ben, one of her two border collies, stumbling and unable to walk a straight line to greet her.

    “I was frightened,” Hansen said. “I thought he was poisoned, so I rushed him to the vet.”

    She took Ben to Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital in Pacifica, where he was X-rayed and given fluids intravenously. The X-ray showed a bud of marijuana in the dog’s stomach and a technician noted it as the source of the poison, recommending that Hansen take Ben to a specialist in San Francisco. Hansen drove Ben to San Francisco Veterinary Specialist that night and doctors ran more diagnostics, including a urine test.

    Meanwhile, Hansen returned to the location at the park where she’d walked Ben earlier that day and discovered three pot plants discarded beneath a pine tree near the path. She scooped them up and brought them to the vet for evaluation.

    “I didn’t know it was marijuana,” Hansen said. “I had no idea. But he tested positive for marijuana.

    “When I found out Ben was just stoned, it was kind of funny,” she said. “The vet up there said he sees three dogs a week that get into their owners’ stash.”

    Araba Oglesby, an intern at San Francisco Veterinary Specialist, said she’s never treated a “marijuana dog” personally, but that they frequently find their way to the clinic.

    “We get them more often in San Francisco than on the Peninsula,” Oglesby said. “We probably see about 10 to 15 cases in a year, more in the summer than the fall or winter.”

    Oglesby said the majority of such cases come from the Mission District in San Francisco and that she’s only heard about a few dogs coming to the clinic from the Peninsula. She also speculated as to why a dog might sniff out and scarf down the toxic plant.

    “I think it’s usually dogs that have a history of getting into things in general — usually Labs and golden retrievers or pit bulls —we call them ‘counter surfers,’” she said. “I’m sure there’s a lot more out there than what we see. Sometimes the symptoms are so slight.”

    Oglesby said a dog would need to consume six grams per pound of its total body weight — “quite a bit” — to die from the poison in marijuana. But it doesn’t take much for a dog to get sick from eating pot plants, she said.

    Vinny, a 15-month old Australian shepherd belonging to Montaran Trish McGrath, can probably attest to that.

    Less than a week after the incident with Ben, on Sept. 30, McGrath showed up at Half Moon Bay Veterinary Hospital with Vinny, pupils dilated and struggling to maintain his balance.

    “The first thing (Dr. Laurie McKinney) asked me when I brought him in was, ‘Has he gotten into some pot?’” McGrath said.

    McKinney wasn’t aware of Ben’s encounter with the substance a week earlier but recognized the symptoms and had heard, perhaps coincidentally, about a local woman who took two of her dogs to the North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic in San Mateo the day before for consuming cannabis.

    “I’ve known dogs that have gotten into pot-infused products — brownies,” McKinney said. “I’ve never known or heard of dogs going and ingesting actual plants growing, but apparently that’s what happened in this case.”

    As fate would have it, Hansen and McGrath bumped into one another in the very same park where the incidents had occurred only a few days after McGrath’s dog had recovered. Hansen thought it strange that McGrath’s dog had gotten into marijuana because she’d already removed the plants she’d found. How did Vinny get into pot in the same spot, six days after Hansen had removed the plants? The two women wonder whether there is more marijuana in the area.

    “It’s a mystery,” McGrath said.

    To solve the elusive cannabis caper and put an end to illegal growing or harboring of marijuana plants in the park, not to mention save aggravation for the dogs and owners who wander there, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Lt. Marc Alcantara sent the Narcotics Task Force to sweep the area the first week of October.

    “We found no gardens in the area,” Alcantara said. “We followed up with one of the reporting parties and went with them and checked the area where they usually walk their dogs but found nothing. At this point the investigation is suspended.”

    (Anyone missing 3 plants? ;) )

    Granny :hippy:
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  17. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    Holy POO! What would you tell the Vet when he/she asked?
    My dog ate my illeagle drugs?
    I knwo the vet will ask........ So what would you say?
    And if they pump the stomach they may test it to see what it is?
  18. MrT1987

    MrT1987 Registered

    My dog likes to hang out on the floor while me and my girlfriend smoke and he has eaten the stuff before. He weights about 60 lbs. so he just seems hungry afterward but who wouldn't be. But I would just stay by the dog but not too close they have nightmares sometimes which cause them to bite in their sleep. Good luck.
  19. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Usually pets recover fully from ingesting weed. But you CANNOT leave them alone while they are still affected, for the same reason you would not leave a human who ODd alone. They may slip into a coma or choke on vomit, so don't leave the room. Keep your dog warm and hydrated and be ready to take it to the vet immediately if it stops responding to stimuli. Personally, I'd like to see the dog vomit before deciding not to take it to the vet, because getting undigested/unprocessed weed out of its stomach is going to make the ordeal a LOT shorter.

    Michigan Veterinary Specialists - Marijuana Toxicity

    ^^Here's some info and you should look for more, or call the vet and ask what to do. ^^
    With the exception of Weedy, we are NOT trained veterinary professionals here, and you wouldn't ask the guy at 7-11 how to change your oil, you'd ask the mechanic next door... it's awesome that you respect our advice here, but not all of it is safe, so I think it's best this thread end. Good lcuk.
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