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    I have a lab mix that my wife and I adopted from the SPCA. He was badly abused at his last home, we could count his ribs he was that starved, and 3 years later he still pees on the floor sometimes when I reach to quickly to pet him or he sees me with a broom sweeping the floor. However he also was born without cartilage in his back hips causing him pain 24/7. He is prescribed a liquid narcotic of some kind to ease the pain and It does work but we cant give it to him too often because its hard on his organs from what the vet told us. I have a friend who makes some great Rick Simpson oil and I am very curious if that may be helpful to him. Thanks for any input, I see that people give it to dogs with cancer and my friend that makes it actually gave it to his dog the last bit of his life before they had to put him down after getting hit by a car but I wanted to check with some other knowledged people before trying. Thanks again

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