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Discussion in 'Legal' started by sk8er34, May 27, 2008.

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    can a dog detect marijuana smell, if u have it wrapped up tightly and sealed in an airtight glass jar?

    also, if i have a possesion and parephenilia charge record, is that automatic probable cause for a cop to search my vehicle even tho it was over a year ago?
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    If it was truly air tight, and completely sterile on the outside of the jar (after you put it in), I really doubt a dog would be able to smell it. But how certain are you of the air tight seal, probably not much. If even a micro-hole were present, the dog would able to smell it.

    As for probable cause. The probable case is only valid if its probable at that moment in time of being pulled over (like smelling smoke, or seeing something in the ashtray).

    Otherwise they cannot assume anything because of a prior conviction. Far as the law assumes, you are innocent, and a reformed citizen, and they legally cant overstep their assumptions.

    In fact if you are pulled over, the only thing you have to provide is ID and insurance papers, otherwise you dont have to answer a single thing. If they ask to search your car, you simply say no! If they threaten to bring in dogs, you say nothing, because it requires a search warrant, and no judge will sign the warrant on the basis of you saying no to a search.

    And if they dont accept the no answer from you and continue to search your car, all you do is keep your mouth shut, say nothing, and when its over, you call a lawyer. In the end if they do find something and charge you, the case will be thrown out immediately, because it falls under illegal search and seizure.

    You may ask, well how do I prove it? Its my word against theirs, simple, its all caught on their dashboard camera.

    Know the laws, and the limits, because if they notice you know too much they will leave you alone because it will only make them go through a lot of paper work and headaches (which is something they want to avoid).
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    The humane society will get on your case bigtime, if you wrap a dog up tightly and seal it in an airtight jar.
  4. jsn9333

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    This should answer your question.

    Breston (police dog pictured in the link below) uncovered a shipment of marijuana in heat-sealed Mylar bags, inside plastic-lined crates sealed with foam sealant, inside a closed storage garage.

    Howstuffworks "How Police Dogs Work"

    A dog's sense of smell is like 1000x greater then ours. There have been dogs that have smelled marijuana through a gas tank and gasoline and many layers of hard core plastic wrap and tape. If you let the weed sit in one spot long enough, the odor will permeate through any liquid, metal, glass, or material. Watch the video "never get busted again" and you'll see records of this by a former police dog trainer.

    Odor permeates anything... but it does so over time. If you put tuna fish in a fresh ziplock bag (and make sure to use rubber gloves so you don't get *any* residue on the outside of the bag when sealing it) you will not smell it through the bag right away. But after a half hour or so you would be able to smell it through the bag. Odor permeates practically all materials over time.

    The best thing to do if you want to drive with marijuana is to get rubber gloves and layer the weed in several layers of plastic, using the gloves to touch the bud and your uncontaminated hands to touch everything else (the bag seals, etc.). Then take the wrapped bud and put it in a thick nalgene bottle sealed as tight as you possibly can. I would think that would keep a dog from smelling it for a little bit... but not for long.

    As far as your legal question, I would say prior convictions alone don't result in probable cause for a search. Legal disclaimer follows: I'm not a lawyer, just a law student providing the best legal information I have, one friend to another. I am in no way attempting to give you legal advice. ;-) In all seriousness, I wouldn't be surprised if a cop thought he had probable cause because of prior convictions. But you could fight that in court pretty easily, I would think.
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    no matter how much you wrapped it up and slathered it in peanut butter and coffee grounds and gasoline and compressed it into the center of a golf ball with twenty stink bombs poured over it all, the dog would still smell it.

    This is because to package anything, you have to initially touch it. When you touch the weed to package it up, on your finished smell-proof package, there will still be some weed-smelling residue on the surface.
  6. dragonrider

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    I wrapped it in plastic wrap, put that in a vacuum sealer, stuck that in a mason jar, packed that in cayenne pepper, put that in a box stuffed full of baking soda and activated charcoal, then sprayed the whole thing down with Febreeze, and I coud still smell that dog.
  7. cornish_dope

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    You will never be able to stop a dog smelling your grass jsn9333 is absolutely right, The only way you can get away with it is if you put your dope in food, this could mean baking it or it could mean placing it in food container.

    I remember i was once driving had a quater kept in a sanwhich wrapped in cellophane (i am always really paranoid about getting caught with weed) anyway the pig takes his dog round the car it instantly picks up on the sandwich cop says do you mind if i put your shopping in my car so the dog isn't distracted i agreed and the cop unknowingly gave me back my weed:).

    Also if you bake it offer the policeman one. LMAO :thumbsup:
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    ive got a trained drug sniffer!! english springer spaniel!! used him around soho in london on the nightclubbers!! trust me bro if theres weed near by, the dog will find it!! ive tried everything to try and hide it from him but he always find it!!! :smokin:
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    just to affirm what everyone is sayin...i am a dog trainer, I do schutzund, narcotic and explosive....learning cadaver....but quick answer, you arent gonna fool a dogs nose....we put the tubes o drugs in a 22' budget truck...FULL of shit, clothes, food.....hide it, wrap it...blah blah.....yup, they still find it....

    LOL....dragon rider, I couldnt fit my pit in the sandwich bag...heh
  10. cornish_dope

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    It depends on the copper really but dogs are drawn to food and that's why it makes it the best hiding place.

    The simple answer is leave your drugs at home (just drop/snort/smoke before you go out).
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    It is rare i am able to laugh out loud at m computer screen. For this last time i thank you Dragonrider. That is absolutely hilarious and i love dogs.
    I was told that dogs cannot smell through leather...and also that if you are driving and have any other animal handy...bring will distract the dog.
  12. cornish_dope

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