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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by hottrageous, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    I have been reading a lot about Rick Simpson oil. Would it work with tumors in dogs?
  2. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

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  3. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    That's encouraging. How much would you give & how would the dogs react by in jesting mj?
  4. Esteban1

    Esteban1 Registered+

    Don't know much a Rick Simpson oil (only what I've read) but weezard will surely clue you in on the positive effects. I do know that cannabis gave my cat an extra 2 years of life when the vet told me to take him home to die! Peace

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  5. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    What kind of tumor?
    What size dog?
    And how old?
    Does it have any other problems?

    The more information you provide the better the quality of advice you will receive.

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  6. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    My friends dog is a Jack Russell. He's fat, probably around 25 lbs. He has tumors. Don't know what kind. He's 11-12. No other problems.
    Esteban: how did you treat your cat if you didn't use the oil?
    I have many dog/cat/horse owner friends that need to know that this may work to help save their animals.
  7. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    "probably around 25 lbs. He has tumors. Don't know what kind. He's 11-12. No other problems."

    OK, that's what we needed.
    Jacks tend to live fast and die too young but lets give this one a few more years of lovin'.

    A 150 - 200 pound adult human can tolerate 1 gram of good oil per day.
    So, just scale it down.
    Start with just a dab and increase it to 1/8th, (125mg.) per day.

    Not all buds are equal, and not all extractions have the same concentration, so not all oil is equal.

    If the dog fall over or appears distressed, back off a little, then increase more gradually.
    Medicine does not have to be unpleasant to be effective.
    If he's just a little wobbly when walking, but bright eyed and responsive, you've got it just right.

    If the tumors have breached the skin, apply the oil directly as well as orally.
    This is a case where you can allow him to lick the lesion, because that activity is healing, and self-limiting.
    Mast cell tumors respond quite rapidly, I have no experience with other types.

    If his tumors are benign, results are usually less dramatic, but still obvious.

    Here's where you can do a solid for dog lovers everywhere.
    Start taking pictures, lots of pictures.
    Lay a dime, or a quarter next to each visible mass for size comparison.
    Then post the sequence of photos here, and elsewhere.
    You can tell people about this all day, but, when they see the actual tumor shrinkage, it gets their full attention.

    Aloha, and good luck little dog.

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  8. Esteban1

    Esteban1 Registered+

    Medicated him using vaporizer. This will help the animal with appetite as well as anxiety. You may administer directly using the "whip" or indirectly by vaping & exhaling in the animals general direction. Peace

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  9. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Can't be beat for anxiety.
    However, tumors require a much higher blood level than one can obtain by vaping.

    I had a stoner cat that lived 21 years.
    She begged, no demanded, her share whenever I brought out the rolling tray.
    Would grab my hand and yank it if I tried to twist one up without paying the cat tax.
    Gave her a bud and we were allowed to proceed.

    This amused my dealer so, that he started bringing her little pro-bono bags of weed.
    There's always some cosmetically challenged shake by the end of a run, so he'd bag and tag with her name on it.
    My cat loved dat guy.
    Then my grower friend brought her a pound of sugar leaf trim.
    A very happy cat indeed!

    I suggest that you offer that dog raw, or butter-fried buds first.
    Could save a lot of hassle, making oil.

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  10. tlranger

    tlranger Registered+

    My pup is a worker around the trim room, keeps the floor picked up. Just yesterday a bag with three oz disappeared from trim table here, later found the dogs laying in yard bag between the three of them. Like a darn chec and chog movie.
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  11. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    Thank you, thank you. You are indeed a Weezard. If I can help this Jack Russell i will be so happy. He is a wonderful dog.
    Your cat story was a riot.
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  12. dananeal

    dananeal Registered

    Through several studies it has been found that Rick Simpson is medically active in the healing powers of Cancer. It is also been seen that the oil rejuvenates vital organs and treated people feel younger after getting treatment.
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  13. Esteban1

    Esteban1 Registered+

    Some Cannabis studies have been shown to Prevent Cancer! Unrelated but should check out some of the ongoing studies being performed in Israel. Peace

  14. Gizzy

    Gizzy Registered

    My Pomeranian was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He weighs 5 pounds and were told that all they could do for him was to put him on prednisone. Do you think the oil can help him and what dose would you recommend? Have you heard of tumors shrinking with this oil? I am desperate and willing to try anything to help him.
  15. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Avoid the Prednisone if you can, it is symptomatic treatment only, and will compromise the dog's immune system by shutting down production of white blood cells.
    If there are no seizures from swelling pass on the prednisone .

    Yes, I do think the oil could help.
    It does shrink tumors and hinder metastasis.
    My dear friend has been taking it for a year and a half for a brain tumor where avg. survival is 6 months.
    It has slowed my prostate cancer enough to give me 7 healthy years so far and I can expect another 12 at the present rate of growth.

    As for dosage.
    It's best to err on the side of caution.
    Over medicating is just as un-fun for a dog as it is for a human.

    (The dog does not have the comfort of knowing why it feels that way and that it's temporary.)

    So, A 200 pound male has to work his way up to a gram per day.
    Your pup weighs 1/40th as much.
    I'd start with 4 or 5 mg. every 8 hours and slowly increase it to 9 or 10 mg.

    How to measure?
    Well, you could take a gram of RSO and mix it with ~80 grams of butter.
    Then start with one gram of butter in 3 divided doses per day and work your way up to 2 grams as the dog tolerates it.
    So, 2 grams of oil should provide a full course of treatment for such a wee beastie.

    I'm not a doctor, not even a veterinarian.
    I'm just some guy on the internet, but I do believe that RSO will help your pup.
    Bottom line?
    It won't do any damage.
    That, is a fact!
    Please keep us posted on the progress

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  16. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    I feel for you. Please listen to Weezard. What can it hurt? I've read that it takes around 3 months to show a difference in tumor growth. Please put him on the oil & retest (I'm assuming an x-ray showed the tumor) in 3 months. Please, please keep us posted as this information may help other animal lovers.
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  17. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    Thanks for your input Weezard. Vets, like doctors don't know everything, nor are a lot of them open to suggestions. A few times I have cured my own dogs/horses with an off the wall treatment that my vet thought was ridiculous, but it worked, so the hell with them.
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  18. Gizzy

    Gizzy Registered

    Thank you! I'm going to stop the prednisone and try this. I hope it helps him and will keep you posted. Have you heard back from the guy with the Jack Russell?
  19. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Be very careful with the Prednisone.
    It must be tapered down over time.
    If you just stop cold, it could trigger psychosis.

    It's the best thing that medicine has for swelling, inflammation and autoimmune reactions.
    But it is serious medication and can do damage if misapplied.
    Follow the directions for tapering off the Prednisone while you taper up the oil.

    We would really like to hear from the Jack Russel owners.
    It has been long enough to show some tumor shrinkage.

  20. hottrageous

    hottrageous Registered+

    Yes, you need to wean the dog off prednisone. Decrease every day. There are major problems if you don't. I know from experience.
    Regarding the Jack Russell. The vet has not determined that his tumors are cancer. If he were my dog, he would be getting the oil now, but I can't force the owner. I don't think she has done anything yet. How dumb.
    My first crop will be ready to chop down shortly. The first thing I'm going to do is make myself some oil. That's how much I believe in it. I don't have any problems except minor aches & pains, but I don't want any either. Hopefully the oil will help.

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