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    Yes, though not as aggressively as we used to.

    I do not.
    RSO obviates any need for it and my girls are not arthritic.

    Rimadyl is a non-steroidal pain relief/anti-inflammatory.
    Akin to Tylenol.
    It has the same caveats.
    It's usually prescribed for joint pain.

    The only danger is attributing any internal bleeding and/or vomiting it can cause to the RSO.

    It is not a steroid so you can stop giving using when you start the oil to avoid any confusion.
    The oil will do a better job as an anti-inflammatory anyway.

    After a week or two of RSO, if he still shows signs of joint pain, you can give Rimadyl along with the oil.
    I really doubt that you'll need to.
    But, if so, I'd cut the previous dosage of the Rimadyl in half.

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    Thanks Weezard. I was thinking the RSO would take care of the anti-inflammatory needs for the pooch. I noticed that it took about 4 hours from the time I did the morning RSO dose for my dog to want to eat. I think I will back off just a little bit and hold for a few days before going up.
    Thanks again Weezard for the help and taking the time to respond to my questions., you're the man!!!!
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    Hey Weezard.
    So my vet just emailed me that the biopsy results for the mass in my dogs muzzle came back as evidence of chronic inflammation. She went on to say that the results didn't fit with his clinical presentation. Given his history with cancer the last year and a half I find myself agreeing with her.
    Has anyone on this thread ever had experience with biopsy results being wrong? I don't want to jump to any conclusions but maybe hear from someone who has experienced this.
    I am going to continue with the RSO for my dog since he has had several cancer tumors in the last year and a half. Also, the results that we had with the tincture oils and his lung tumors was incredible!!
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    Had you given oil before the biopsy, it would not be surprising.
    It's what I would expect. :)

    On biopsies.

    A false positive is rare, a false negative is not
    A biopsy can be a false negative if there is a cancer that the biopsy simply missed when the sample was taken.
    I agree with you on the RSO, but keep the dosage low and see if the inflammation subsides.
    Considering his history, a maintenance dose is a good idea.

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    Thanks WEEZARD , The vet gave her a antibiotic for a sinus infection for 10 days can i still give her the oils ? i have up to now it seems ok don't want to really stop as she has been on the oils 4 weeks now and she is defo improved with her movements she has a little arthritis which is not as noticeable she is running around great just hope the nose mucus clears up .the first 3 days on the antibiotics and no mucus at all 4th day its back a little and 5 th day a little less they are for 10 days so hoping it clears after the course really do not like giving antibiotics as i know they lower the immune system not good for her with having the nasal cancer but vet said i had no choice with the nasal infection I TRIED TO CLEAR IT MYSELF BUT AFTER A WEEK I TOOK HER VET AS IT WAS GETTING WORSE ooops sorry for the capitals im not shouting thank you to every on and especially Weezard happy holidays to you all .
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    Best to you too Lou lou; :)

    Actually it's steroids that suppress the immune system.

    The danger with antibiotics is acquired resistance.
    Of a few million bacteria, if only a dozen or so survive, it can create major problems in the future.
    Those few survivors will pass on their resistance to that antibiotic to their offspring.
    That entire colony can then create what is called a "super bug" strain.
    It's the downside to evolution. :(

    I would continue with the oil just for the arthritis, but at a reduced dosage.
    Seems it takes very little for pain relief and prevention.

    Alpo ha to da pup.
    And Aloha to you.
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    Hey Weezard,
    I have a CBD only tincture, what do you think about giving some of this to my dog at the same time as the RSO? What I was thinking was that it would provide 2 benefits. First, it could provide a counteraction to the psychoactive effect of the RSO and second, it wont hurt to have some more CDB in the system. Let me know what you think.

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    " :D

  9. Guinness420

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    Sounds good, thanks again Weez.
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    Happy Holidays Weezard!
    I was wondering what you think of the strain of flower used to make the RSO? I have read that using and Indica is the best. Unfortunately if have no idea of the strain I used to make the RSO. What if it was a cross between Indica and Sativa or if it was a Sativa dominate? I'm wondering if the strain makes a difference in the healing effects.
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    So am I. :)
    Seriously, almost every strain we can obtain today, is a hybrid.
    I will have 5 or 6 different strains represented by the time I have enough trim to make a batch of oil.
    I do see that over purifying/filtering can reduce the medical effectiveness.
    The main difference between and Indica-ish and a Sativa-esque is the direction of the inebriation.
    I try to use Sativa leaners for morning dosage, and Indica "thumpers" for night oil.

    You may recall that I have been treating my MonGrel with RSO.
    Finally remembered to get the "before" pics from the wife's phone.
    Dunno what I'd do without her.
    I was too freaked out to be organized so she took some snaps for the vet.
    She had 4 of these;

    IMG_1345_(800_x_600).jpg IMG_1340_(800_x_600).jpg IMG_1343_(800_x_600).jpg

    Did not clean them up so what you see is what she got.
    The "after" pics just show normal 6x puppy porn. :)

    And we have begun treating a squamous cell skin cancer on a friend with topical application.

    jj 12 18 16.jpg

    Well, crap!
    Says the after pic is too large.
    Lemme go shrink it down and try again.

    JJ12 22 16.jpg

    Ah, dat mo' betta.

    He says the itching has stopped and it's no longer painful to touch,
    Has an appointment with a surgeon in mid-January,
    Looks like this will be gone by then. :)


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    Looks like the spot on your dog on that last photo is about to fall off, how long have you been applying the oil to those spots? I sure hope your friends skin cancer reacts just as well as your dogs spot to the oil, keep us posted on how it goes.

    I have noticed that my dog is not going number 2 very often since we started the RSO, is this normal or should I be concerned? Currently I have not seen him go in 3 days and I am getting worried.
  13. Weezard

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    Not a "spot".
    Four, large, mammary tumors.
    And not topical application.
    She gets the RSO orally, on a chicken strip, twice a day.

    It took 3 weeks to shrink the mammary tumors.
    The large, abdominal tumor took 5 weeks.
    She still has one enlarged nipple, but it is shrinking rapidly.

    The squamous cell cancer on the human patient is a topical application.
    And he is also putting DMSO on it.
    It has only been 10 days and I like what I'm seeing so far.

    As for canine constipation, I have no indication.
    RSO has never affected me that way, and my pup poops OK. :D

    If you think about it, the oil probably suppresses peristalsis.
    So the digestive process takes longer.
    More time to absorb water through the intestinal wall
    That makes for dryer tootsie rolls.

    Try dropping an ice cube in the water dish.
    It gets them to drink more water.


  14. Guinness420

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    Man that is great results with the RSO! I am hoping for the same with my pups tumor. Tomorrow will be the 14th day he has been on the RSO. I don't see any indication that the tumor has grown any, it appears to be the same size. I am happy it hasn't gotten any larger and holding out hope that it will shrink over the next couple weeks.
    Murphy's law, as soon as I sent that message earlier today I took Guinness out and he did a #2. He has been eating only salmon, ham, chicken, and some red meat that I have been giving him. He has no interest in his dog food but a plenty good appetite for meat, I figure if he wants to eat what I am having then he should go for it, better than no appetite.
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    Happy New Year Weezard!

    I was wanting to apply some topical oil for my dog like what you have been doing. Currently all I have is the RSO that I have made, is this what I put on the spots or do I need to make some cannabutter? If I need to make some butter can I transform some of my RSO into butter?
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    No butter needed I just use the toothpick that I plug the syringe with to apply RSO directly to the site.
  17. Guinness420

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    How often should I apply the RSO to the surface site? I'm wondering how much of it is absorbed and combined with the RSO he is ingesting that it could be too much. The reason I ask is I had given him his normal dose on a piece of salmon and then applied some to the site this weekend and it appeared that he had too much. I want to continue to apply to the site but don't want to give him too much. Any experience you have had with this would be great.

  18. Guinness420

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    I wanted to add the size of the area I am applying to as this will most likely come into play with that amount of RSO that is being applied. The area is on the top and side of my dogs snoot and stretched down to his nose and the front of his mouth. This comes out to be about an area that is an inch and a half circle. It takes a good amount of oil to cover the area.
    Also, since I was having trouble applying the straight RSO to my dog I went ahead and mixed it with a small amount of MCT oil to thin it out some, seemed to help quite a bit.
  19. Weezard

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    You are correct. The oil is readily absorbed through mucus membranes.
    And MCT is a good choice for the carrier.

    I would measure out the oral dose, then divide it between topical and oral.
    Probably easiest to goop him well, then feed him the rest.
    What he does not lick off, he will absorb.

    If the RSO is right, you should be seeing some progress by now.
    Are you documenting with pictures?
    That's not just for the rest of us. It's for you.
    Where there is love, there is subjectivity.

    We hear what we want to hear, and see what we want to see, when we are not scaring ourselves. :)
    The pictures can make you more objective in your assessment of progress.
    They also help you get second opinions.
    Take the pics at regular intervals with the same camera, from the same distance.
    It's good to include a size reference as well. I use a toothpick.
    If I size the pictures using the toothpick, I can then measure the lesion with some accuracy.

    Just got a new pic from my squamous cell patient.

    Copy of 1 9 17jj.jpg

    It has flattened ans is no longer painful.
    Hoping it is done by his surgery date.

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    I'm in desperate need of advice for my best buddy, a 5.5 year Labrador named Blue, and twice now vets have given us the weekend to see if he will bounce back. Here's our story (sorry for the length, but I'm truly desperate):
    About 3 months ago my Blue starting eating considerably less food. I was gone for much of that month working, while Blue was at home with my mother and 2 toddler twins. It was loud and stressful in our house, as we were just buying our first home and preparing to move. He started having looser stool, occasional vommiting of grass (which hes done his whole life), and what my mom described as becoming 'extremely picky, possibly because the twins were getting so much attention.' The extent to how little he was eating was not communicated to me, but I finally took him to the vet on Nov22. The vet initially thought it was a liver problem or lymphoma, but blood tests only showed very low protein levels- protein losing entropathy. Our vet put Blue on a hydrolysed protein diet now thinking that he either had a bad case of IBD or intestinal lymphoma (91 pounds). Getting Blue to eat was incredibly difficult unless he was given 'human food' as well. So the vet prescribed us Metranidozole (for the inflammation and diarrhea) and a super high dose of Prednisone (50mg every 12 hours) to spur an appetite. Blue was only given a week of prednisone, while he was on it he ate great, but immediately stopped the day after it finished. He didn't eat for 5 days, became massively dehydrated, and I brought him back to the vet. He intravenously gave Blue 2 liters of saline (82 pounds) and we left that night to see a specialist in Calgary. The specialist did an ultrasound to find massive thickening of his intestinal wall, a little fluid on one kidney, then sent him for an X-ray of the chest to see if it was lymphoma if it had spread to the lungs. The X-ray showed an enlarged heart and prominent pulmonary vein-suspected dilated cardio myopathy DCM, but no cancer. We couldn't send him for scopes to confirm lymphoma because of low proteins, the prednisone masking effects, and his inability to be under anesthetic. The vet said he probably didn't have more than a couple days and to go home and ready ourselves for the end. We were sent home with more prednisone (now 75mg once a day) and pimobendin for the suspected DCM. Still had diarrhea so my vet said to put him back on metranidozole, but expressed his concern with the pimobendin as Blue had never shown signs of DCM before. I had procured some Oil from a friend before leaving for Calgary, and started giving oral dabs that night. The next couple weeks I fed him what I could get into him (egg whites, chicken and turkey and bone broth) plus pills all day long (which he detests) and the oil (slowly building up to bigger doses 3 times a day).
    Around Jan 1 Blue stopped eating again. I took him back to the vet and was told his proteins are lower again and now he's severely anemic (78pounds). The vet said to stop all meds and take him home to say goodbye for the weekend. I didn't think it was a good idea to stop prednisone all together because of complications, which my vet said the science behind that may not be valid anymore, but I didn't want my Blue to not eat again.
    I've takin him down to 50mg prednisone (about 1 month since starting), and up to .15 of a ml oil. We are just past the 3 week mark using oil, but Blue is not in good shape. I'm feeding him bone broth, water, and for the last week juiced cannabis 3 times a day. Blue still goes to the bathroom himself outside, and shows interest in his favorite ball, but obviously has barely any energy. Since I don't know definitely what's going on inside him and the vets keep saying to give him up, I'm trying any last ditch resort I can. I'm going to make my own oil this in the next couple days. He's only 5.5 years old, and my only sanity in my crazy mommy world. I've accepted that if he starts to mess himself and can no longer walk I have to let him go, but I keep thinking the Oil medicine needs more time to work. After watching the Rick Simpson videos he said when someone is really sick get as much oil into them as possible, so I've been increasing his oil. For the last 2 days I've been using a syringe to inject fluids into his mouth, he has no interest in food. He's very sleepy, I think due to the oil. 2 nights ago He threw up 5 times through the night, (just fluid).
    Am I giving him too much oil?
    Could any of these things be effecting appetite?
    How should I taper the prednisone after being on such a high dose for a month?
    How much oil should I work up to? Does anyone think there is any hope? He's wasting away, and I know we aren't going to continue past this week, or if he can't stand or go to the bathroom himself. But I can't give up on him until it's over. Please any help or advice is appreciated.

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