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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by hottrageous, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Weezard

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    That's a good bet.

    Too large a dose will increase anorexia.
    Since there is no obvious mass, large doses are not advised.
    It will only add to his problems.
    Small doses increase appetite, large doses can get them too nauseated.

    I would cut the oil dosage way down.
    A 4mm., (BB size), sphere is quite strong for a dog of that size.
    I'd cut it to about half of that.
    When they are weak from hunger they can only tolerate very low dosage.

    However, a very low dose of good RSO should get him eating again.
    Once he has his strength back you should still keep the dosage low.

    I'd drop the Prednisone by 5mg, per day for 2 weeks, then stop.

    And find a better vet.
    This one has already written your dog off.
    Once they think it's hopeless, they stop actually thinking about it.

    I have no personal experience with DCM, but after reading up on it , I doubt that RSO will be effective.
    But, in small doses, it won't hurt.

    Best of luck, and keep us posted,
  2. Guinness420

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    Thanks Weezard! I did take a photo before I started to apply the oil, my dog does not like photos so it will be hard to get the same angle twice but I will sure try. The color of the area has changed due to the color of the RSO, it appears to look a little better though so that's promising. I am going to keep applying to the surface, I think I will shoot for once a day on the topical application. That's great results for your friend, I hope its all gone before his surgery.
  3. Blue77

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    I'll cut his oil dose immediately! I didn't know it could exacerbate anorexia by increasing it until reading this forum last night. For the last couple days I've been giving him about 2 long grains of rice size of oil.
    The vets I have seen think he most likely has Intestinal lymphoma, and that the enlarged heart could be a systemic infection from that (DCM could only be difinitively diagnosed with an echo cardiogram, but since it won't change the outcome, they advised me to just give him the meds in case and save myself the money). He's no longer on the DCM meds, just the prednisone.
    My vet has tried everything he can at this point, and we live in the middle of nowhere, and his resources are limited, so ways he can help us going forward are down to the final option. Other vets in the area have told me not much better news. He presents much worse whenever being seen by a vet because he hates going and having more tests done. When he is outside he's much more himself. We have loads of snow and he likes being outside with his ball.
    My friend who gave me the oil, suffers from severe Crohn's disease, which is why I first tried the oil with Blue thinking it might help with inflammation if it was Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    Do you know of anyone having success treating IBD with the oil? I'm trying the use the GAPS diet to get liquid into him, and maybe have a small chance of helping the protein loss in his bowels.
    Does the oil show any success with intestinal lymphoma?
    The prednisone tablets I have are 50mgs. how would you recommend I taper 5mg/day? Do I cut the pills into 10 pieces? My vet said to just go down by 25mg the last time, could his condition be worse due to tapering too quickly?
    I'm sorry for the length of my posts, I just dont know if we have much time left, and the only nutrition I get into him is forced in with a syringe in his mouth. I can't give up on my best friend until he lets me know it's time.
  4. Guinness420

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    Sorry to hear the struggles your lab is going through Blue77. My dog has thrown up from too much oil, it can certainly be why your dog was throwing up in the middle of the night. I would take the advice of weezard, he knows his stuff.
  5. Weezard

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    Mahalo guys, but I don't advise.
    I am not qualified to do so.
    Just stating what I would do in a given situation.
    Not an expert at anything, and have no "papers".

    Trying to figure this out myself by experimenting and sharing what I observe.
    That's why I ask people to document their progress.
    There are some very intelligent, and well educated people on these forums.
    If we share/post enough data, we can work this out together, yah?

  6. Weezard

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    Too fast a taper can and does prompt psychotic breaks in humans.

    That's one of the reasons I question the judgement of your vet.
    He should have given you some 20's 10s and 5's so you could do this with more caution.
    If all you have is 50's, I'd cut them into quarters and give him one less every 2 or 3 days.
    But that's just me.
    A dog that ill needs no added stress, IMO.

    Not personally, but I have read a few claims. Makes sense, the oil does slow peristalsis.

    This I do not know, it's a rare condition, so have not found any info, yet.
    Meh, now I know where to look. :) I'm off to do some reading.

  7. Guinness420

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    Hey Weezard,

    What do you think about applying the RSO to an infected area? Near my dogs nose it appears to have an infected area, just noticed a small amount of puss come out of there today and it smells pretty bad.
  8. Weezard

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    There are better, and much less expensive, antibiotics for dogs.
    I'd use Dermalone. It's Neomycin and Triamcinalone.
  9. JaimeP781

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    Hello, looking for some first time recommendations here. My 8 year old pitbull mix (100LB) has developed a Mast Cell Tumor under his top lip!

    Vet is talking surgery but before that, they want to shrink it with chemo I'd prefer not to use chemo and would like to know if anyone has seen rapid shrinkage using cannabis oils on MST or if it takes longer because it's a natural compound. Important to note - I'm not just looking to make him comfortable, I want to kill the cells or at least shrink it too. Thanks in advance!
  10. Weezard

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    I have seen rapid, (2 weeks), shrinkage of mammary tumors with ingested oil.
    I would measure out an oral dosage and smear it, gently, on the site ASAP.
    That gets it on him and in him. And sooner is better, mast cell growths go stage 4 at the drop of a hat.

    The RSO, unlike the chemo, does no harm. It will not interfere with any other conventional approach.
    I can not assure you that it will help, I have no personal experience with MCTs.
    But I can assure you that it will not damage your dog and may very well promote remission.

    Post results here and help other folks save their dogs.

    Wee 'zard
  11. Isodiol

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    You might try CBD oil. Your dog will not feel any high but still receive the medicinal benefits. As far as dosage that is hard to say.
  12. Weezard

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    Are you absolutely sure of that?
    If so, why?
  13. Isodiol

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    There is no %100 proof either way. So no way to be absolutely sure.
  14. Paul Rienguette

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    My bulldog staff mix has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. He is 6yrs old and usually weighs about 61 lbs or so when in his prime. He now weighs about 53-54 lbs. His calcium levels are dangerously high so we started him on predosone as chemotherapy does not seemed to be a reasonable option at this point. I am very interested in trying RSO to help him. Dosages and administration are concerning me. I just want to help my boy. We live in Ontario Canada and any help or information on availability and education would be great.
  15. Weezard

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    Administration is easy.
    And a ~ 50 pound dog should be started on about 1/4th what we'd start a 200 pound patient on.

    If you draw the oil into a 5 or 10 CC syringe, it's a simple procedure to paint a dot ~4mm. in diameter on a treat.
    It soaks right into a milk bone dog biscuit.
    I use Chicken jerky treats, twice a day after meals.

    So, any Canadians reading this?
    The dog is in Ontario.
    This gentleman needs hints on how to obtain RSO in Canada.
    I have no clue.
    Can any of you point him in the right direction?

  16. Gary Trentham

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    Hello Weezard and this whole excellent group,

    Have been reading this since Nov 2016 when we found out our 7 year old 55 pound female boarder collie Lilah had a Cystic menigioma with edema behind her left eye. She had been having seizures about once a month since May 2017. She was on phenobarbital twice a day, and that was controlling the seizures, until it didn't. After she had 4 in a day and then was blind for some time afterwards, we got her an MRI and the cyst was found.

    After a little reading here and other places, I started her on Rick Simpson Oil within about 1 week. For the past month she has been on 1/15th of a gram 3 times a day. The amazing people at Colorado State were able to remove 1/2 of the cyst on Dec 7th. She is now still on the phenobarbital, and also Keppra, both twice a day. She goes for her 3 month MRI check-up in mid-March. We're hoping the surgery gets her another year instead of the 1 month she was given when cyst was found.

    My question is, does she need to just stay on the oil 3 times a day forever, or did I read that after a few months of daily, she should go to just a few times a week? We are fine if she stays on it forever, but we are certainly keeping her on it until we get the new MRI. Hopefully the cyst has shrunk or at least stayed the same. When you have the chance, I would love your opinion on this questions from Weezard and anyone else that has experience.

    Thank you All so much! Hope all of your pets are doing well.
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  17. Weezard

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    Good question. Wish I knew.
    Since I don't know, I intend to err on the side of caution.
    There are still some cysts in my dog's lymph nodes that are very slow to shrink.
    When they are completely gone, I'll drop her to a maintenance dose of abou5 5 -10 mg. per day for an 80 pound hound.
    Not enough for her to feel it, but hopefully, enough to forestall recurrence.
    Should my PSA levels ever drop to 0, I'll do the same for myself.
    If not, I'll be medicating for my duration. :)

  18. Gary Trentham

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    Makes some sense to me. Like I said, we are happy to just keep her on it permanently until the cyst is completely gone. (Hopefully that will be the outcome.) After that, will figure some amount to keep her on, preventative and such.

    Thank you for the quick reply. Happy to factor in any other opinions too. Really appreciate all the help, and the great work being done here.
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  19. tangentweed

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    Hello and welcome Gary.
    While my wife and I are dog people and have two rescues that are getting up there in years, we have not had the misfortune of having one of them face what your Lilah has faced. She's beautiful.

    All I would like to say is I think you've done great by her by providing this type of treatment, and glad that she is responding.

    Keep up the good work

    From one dog lover to another.
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  20. Gary Trentham

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    Thank you for the kind thoughts. What is amazing is that she is pretty much the dog she always has been. She loves to play with toys, run around, get lots of petting, eat snacks, take naps, etc. She is back to one seizure a month, and she is not as "sharp" mentally some times, but she is pretty much the same wonderful dog she's always been. FYI she rally likes her oil treats :)
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