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    I lost my boy Blue a week back to lymphoma, so sorry you are experiencing this.
    If you have a dispensary anywhere near you, take in a prescription for anything that he has been perscribed, or a letter of diagnosis. They will give your dog a medical card and then you can buy the CBD oil and THC oil for him. It's about a $100 per 5ml vile, and they have smaller viles too. The CBD is supposed to cool down the inflammation and help the THC fight the cancer. It will be human grade oil, so start off low with the THC, CBD isn't psychoactive so you can give the full dose that the clerk recommends for your dogs weight
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    So I just received some CBD Honey Tears, 200mg CBD, <1% THC, Green Island Naturals.

    Im still vary nervous on dosage, and drug interactions with Prednisone and Cerenia. Any insight would be great.

    Please anyone?
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    There is no reason to worry about dosage, or interaction with CBD oil containing <1% of THC.
    Does it put cancer in remission? I do not know.

    I have however, personally seen RSO with high THC content rapidly cause remission.
    It does not interfere with Prednisone or Cerenia as far as I know.
    But you do have to be very careful with dosage.

    Giving too much RSO to a dog will make it less medically effective, and can cause anorexia in a dog that desperately needs proper nourishment.
    CBD oil won't hurt, it is relatively innocuous.
    But if it were my dog I would also give it some high THC oil for it's proven medicinal value.


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    Man what a sad thread...

    My boy also has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma too... :(
    I'm due to take delivery of a 30/% THC / 7.5% CBD oil next week and wanted to ask what you think about using the homemade suppository method of dosing
    to bypass the liver so the high can be avoided for him? Do you think the same cancer fighting benefits will be had as ingesting?
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    Suppositories do not "bypass the liver".
    I read the article you got that from and it's mostly nonsense.

    While RSO may, and sometimes may not enter the bloodstream through the rectal wall, once anything enters you blood it is on it's way to your liver.
    Every drop of blood in your body will pass through your liver.
    There, 9-delta THC will be converted to 6-hydroxy THC
    The 9-delta passes freely through the Blood/brain barrier, but so does the 6-hydroxy
    If one experiences less high from rectal insertion, it is because most of the oil is being wasted. It gets passed in da poo.

    The rectal wall is less permeable than the colon wall
    And the colon has difficulty absorbing large blobs of anything.
    It can only absorb very tiny globs.

    Besides processing and de-toxing blood, the liver also produces bile that is stored in the gall bladder. When you consume fat, or oil, the gall bladder squirts some bile as the stomach's contents pass into the small intestine. The bile emulsifies oils.
    That is it allows oils the break up into itty bitty blobs that the large intestine will be able to use efficiently.
    Poking a massive blob into a rectum is just a massive waste of oil.

    Overdo it though, and you will get very wasted!
    Just ask Tommy Chong.
    He has a funny story about that.

    If you have read through the thread, you will have learned that you don't have to "stone" your dog to put it's cancer into remission.
    Very small oral doses can be remarkably effective.
    Save my sweet dog's ass.

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    Thanks for the expansive reply Weeze... much appreciated.. :thumbsup:
    Amazing result with your boy man.. well done :)

    I know nothing about cannabis so am just winging it until i can devour as much info as i can to make more informed decisions.
    The oil i have coming is from a recommended solid source.. and ordered it after watching Rick Simpson's
    interview on Youtube where he says if you can't make your own oil then go for at least a 20-30% TCH content.
    I've ordered a 50/50 Indica/sativa strain with 30% TCH and 7.5% CBD. Was the stuff you used to cure your boy similar to this?
    Thanks again for the in depth info..
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    You see my question in my last post about your dogs dose/strain and whether you think what i'm going to be using will be ok Weeze?
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    Yes quite.
    It was a mix from at least 7 different hybrids.
    I have no idea what the CBD:THC ratio is.
    All I can tell with a bio-assay is it's very high in THC.

    I'm not calling my dog "cured".
    But she is still in "remission".

    The most important new information shows that smaller doses are more effective than large ones.
    My 80 pound MonGrel was given <50mg. of strong RSO, twice a day.
    Went from a damn near dead dog, to a frisky pup in a week and the mammary tumors were gone in < 2 months.
    After seeing that, I dropped my dosage from 750mg. to 70mg. and my cancer doubling rate dropped by 2/3rds!
    Previous to that, I had been taking up to 1000mg. per day for >18 months with marginal slowing.

    Once again, my dog has taught me something that I should have known all along. :)

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    Wow..i did'nt twig that you have cancer too... :(
    Did you go through the chemo route first?
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    "Did you go through the chemo route first?"

    Oh hell no!

    I'm surprised that it was even offered.
    (By the Proc. doc., not by an oncologist.
    They know better.)

    Chemo theory is based of rapid cell growth.
    Prostate cancer cells grow slower than most "normal" cells.

    Radiation needs a target, and is useful for palliative treatment when it spreads to the bone.

    Same with hormone deprivation.
    Suppressing testosterone can temporarily slow it down, but I'm over 70
    The testosterone ship has sailed. :)

    So, RSO was actually my only viable option.

    And no look so sad, we got this handled. :)

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    "And no look so sad, we got this handled. :) " :thumbsup:
    I believe you do my man i believe you do... :doublethumbs:

    I feel more confident about saving my boy now..
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    btw what diet did you both follow?
  13. Weezard

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    No dietary changes.

    Humans and canines are omnivores.
    I will say that I do not drink colas or caffeinated sodas.
    For main course, I'm a prime rib, filet, shellfish, kine guy.
    And, got a yard full of fruit so what's to change?

    mango mondo.jpg
    Well, I did switch Jessie to a senior dog kibble.
    She loves some Costco broiled chicken with it.
    And her treats with the oil are the Kirkland chicken jerky strips.

    If I'd have to give up bacon, what's the point of living longer? :D
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    My dog (black lab) has a mouth tumor -- we had it removed about 5 weeks ago and it came back rapidly. They are going to do another surgery, but today I am starting her on RSO. I honestly don't know why I didn't start her on it sooner, my daughter (now 21) had lymphoma and it worked wonders.... cancer clear..... she continues to take and now our dog will take it. The dog is otherwise perfect -- except for the lump in her mouth (which is soon to be removed) is the only indication anything is wrong. So I've started to document her journey and from what I read on this thread I am hoping to see results soon. :) We make our own RSO is there anything specific I should be concerned about it. Thanks!
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    Off the top of my head, I'd say be the dog's crash test dummy for each new batch of oil.
    The potency can vary depending on several variables.
    And purge the solvent as well as you can.
    Dog seem to like the taste of clean oil, but they can smell very small traces of solvent and will give you the "stink eye"
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    Did a search for dogs and cancer. came up dry.
    I'm guessing the search engine treats "&" and "and" differently.
    So, Bump!
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    Update with excellent news!

    Late last year, I treated my dog for stage-4 cancer.
    With amazing success!
    Because she did not tolerate more than a very small dose, I learned the less is more.
    Dropped my dosage to a small fraction of what I had been taking.
    Promised to get back to y'all with the results.
    Well, here I am.
    And y'all are stuck with me. :)

    For the first time in 9 years my PSA readings dropped!
    When I first lowered my dosage, it was in the middle of a test period, but the growth slowed by 66%.
    The growth rate only went from 11.0 to 11.8 ng/ml. in 6 months. That was enough to give me another 20 years survival.

    So, I was nervous about the next test, yah? Said screw medicare, I have real insurance, (Kaiser), now so I don't have to wait 6 months for the next test.

    Got the results!
    I was expecting a >12.6.
    I got an email from my new doctor saying that my PSA was 9.4! :)
    He noted that that was higher than normal. (High normal is 4.5 for people who still have a Prostate gland).
    I sent him a reply with my history, and a line graph relating RSO dosage to PSA growth speed over time.
    Can't wait to get his reaction.

    A small disclaimer here;

    This is a new lab and they may use a different assay method.
    That will yield different numbers, but that should only be a fraction of a nano-gram difference.
    I will know for sure in about 6 more months on my second test from this lab.

    Oh, and my dog is happy as a clam too. :D

    Aloha, be well,

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  20. Weezard

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    Seemed too good to be true, so I did some research.

    My old lab used the Beckman assay.
    The new lab adheres to the W.H.O. standard.
    The difference between the 2 is quite high, ~22%.
    Doing the math. I had a 25% drop!

    So it's only a 3% drop in real numbers.
    The key word being "drop".
    This is the first reversal in 9 years so I'm pretty stoked!

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