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    My best guess is yes.
    Based on my personal experience.

    As for dosage, it depends on potency. The 90% THC should be OK at 1/4 grain of rice.
    2X per day with meals. If she eats well, slowly increase that dosage until you see signs of intoxication, or loss of appetite, Then back it off just a smidge.
    Hold that dosage for a week or two.
    The CBD oil is less critical and even very high dosage will cause no grief.

    I have no personal experience with squamous cell mets in the lymph. It is rare.
    But THC oil has worked for lymphoma and for squamous cell on the skin, so this is a good bet.

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    Thank you so much for your quick reply. I haven't eaten or barely taken a normal breath in the last 4 days. You have given me a wee bit of hope. I thank you so very much. Avatar is Myah last night after her treats. :) Update: I've got an appointment tomorrow at a internist/cancer vet out of town. I'm going solely for another opinion and to get a MRI done so I / we can find out what is causing this and if there is any other surgery that can be done. I will start her on her RSO tonight with dinner and follow your suggestions> If you don't mind, I would like to keep posting info as we go along.

    Love and good vibes to you.
    Kandy, Myah and River
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    Yes, please do.

    I can see the love in that dog's eyes. :)

    With mets to the lymph system, surgery is of limited use.
    An MRI, though expensive, will show tumor shrinkage, with pictures before and after the RSO dosage.

    I think you are on the right track here.
    We will know in a week or so.

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    Greetings Weezard,

    I hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying life. I've been spending the last 2 days at cancer vet out of town and just got home. I am writing to update the info I have gotten and to ask a couple more questions. After speaking with doc, she stated that even with Myah's cancer having metastasized the squamous cell cancer is still treatable. She also stated that if it could be removed with good margins, it would increase her time with me by several months to a couple years. She has had excellent success with tumors that can be excised. With that information I decided to go ahead and do several tests. We started with xrays and blood work as she told me if it was in her lungs or other organs there would be no reason to go further with the very expensive tests. So I chose to have them done. I had xrays of lungs,chest and blood work done. The xrays are clear with no abnormalities and the blood work is also normal with exception of a slight elevation of ALP at 185. The cPL snap is also normal. We then proceeded with anesthesia and they looked closely at her nose, ears, throat, tonsils, aretynoids and the rest of the inside of the mouth. There were no masses so they proceeded with the CT scan. I should have the results of that today or first part of next week. She was still optimistic that it could still be in soft tissue of the jaw as there are no abnormalities in her jawline. So I am just waiting now.

    The vet also wants her to stay on the meloxicam or switch to piroxicam which would be easier on her liver, she said both have had some limited success with SCC and slowing it down.

    Next, I have still been giving her the RSO as we spoke about, although I did miss last night due to being too tired to drive home and we got a motel. Now to the couple questions I still have about that. She slept a lot prior to the RSO. And she still wakes up pretty bright and perky. She likes her walks still. Wrestles with River lightly still for 15 - 20 mins a day 2-3 times. and she did great on the road trips. But when she is done, she is down and laying. However, I have noticed that she seems even more tired since the RSO, doesn't wag the tail much, slower to respond and overall, seems to be less "her" daily. I am assuming that is normal and something we want? Also, you said increase until she loses appetite or until I see signs of intoxication. I am unsure what those signs would be. Red eyes? :confused: Seriously, what am I looking for with her in this regard?

    I am loading a pic of the size of dot I am giving her. It was a wee bit smaller but I went to that much today. About half hour after giving her the dose this morning she was panting and her sides were heaving for about 15 minutes then went back to normal. (She has always been a panter, but this was way more intensified). Too much of the oil?

    I am still tentatively planning on taking my girls on our trip this next week for the 6 days. Vet said she expects results of CT scan to be next week, but they could come in as early as today. So I am debating on whether to stay and get results and see if surgery is an option or to do the week trip. She also said that surgery could be scheduled for the following Monday if I do go on. A few days wouldn't be a game changer to a huge degree. I, however, am still trying to decide if it is better to give this RSO oil a week to get in her system. But how am I to know it is working? Any further thoughts or suggestions?

    I also want to say what a fantastic service you are providing. I know you give your personal time to try and help those of us that are hurting and confused and scared. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a beacon of light to turn to and ask for advice.

    (RE:Image -- That dot looks larger to me in that image, but it is 2/16ths by 2/16ths. Do you think this oil is too dark, and if so, what is wrong with it? I looked at other pics of RSO and it doesn't seem that dark. I've found someone who is going to test it for me for potency today at some point as well).

    Thank you!
    Kandy, Myah and River
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    I suppose uploading the image would help. I can't find an edit button, so here it is. Sorry. dot.jpg
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    You are looking for.

    Sounds like you could cut the dose a little.
    I just got an alert that you have posted again. I'm hoping it's the picture. Lemme check.
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    Hard to judge size from that.
    You said 2/16ths, which is 1/8th.
    That may be a bit much.
    Next time, add a size reference to the picture.
    If you don't have a small ruler, use a coin or a match stick.

    The color looks OK.
    Most oil meant for dispensary sale is over purified for cosmetic reasons.
    It makes for a pretty, golden honey, look.
    But removes some of the medically active terpenes, enzymes and cannabinoids.
    "Dirty" oil is preferred for best results.

    Can't start the oil too soon.
    It does not interfere with anesthetics used for surgery.
    And will make for a more comfortable recovery.
    I'm just tickled to hear that there are clear margins and no other mets so far.

    Um, yes, and no.
    Mets happen.
    That makes time of the essence here.
    Early diagnosis only makes for better outcome when coupled with early treatment, yah?
    Huge degree, small degree?
    If you can not afford to lose a bet, the odds are never favorable.

    Just my 2 cents, but I'd move as fast as possible.


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    Argh! My C drive is failing!
    I do have a full backup and have ordered a new one, but it means I'll be off line for a bit while I do a repair and restore.
    No worries.
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    Weezard -

    I hope you get your system back up straight away :)

    Next time, add a size reference to the picture.
    If you don't have a small ruler, use a coin or a match stick.

    That is a penny next to the dot.

    They haven't done surgery yet, they haven't found the originating tumor. They just have done testing and I am still waiting on the results. They had to be sent out to be read. AND She said IF she could get to it, and if she could get clear margins, the metastasized lymph node wasn't that much of an issue. So far, it hasn't moved to lungs/liver/kidneys/back. However, it also isn't in the easy spots in the mouth, ears, or nose. She is still hoping it is in the soft tissue on her jaw somewhere. No clue where it is yet. But they are not seeing anything anywhere else.

    Myah has been on the oil for 3 days now. She acted fine prior to the oil, but as soon as she comes in from pottying/walk etc, she lays down and is immediately asleep. Since on the RSO, same thing, just doesn't wake as quickly and not quite as coherent. Also could have something to do with 2 days of driving/doc appts/anesthesia. For a month or more she has slept almost the entire day with exceptions of when we do something.

    Also - surgery depends on where it is located. If it is a jaw surgery - she told me 9-15k -- unfortunately there is no way I can come up with that amount of money after the 6K this last month. Which breaks my heart that money may well be the deciding factor. I have put up a 5th wheel for sale - but who knows if that will happen in time. SO - I am hoping the RSO will work. Although, I don't know what hopes I should have for it?

    Here's hoping your 'puter problems are quickly solved.
    Kandy,Myah and River
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    The cancer center just called me, my vet's tech informed me of the results and what the recommendation was. There was no tumors found anywhere in the CT scan. It was totally clear. And no surgery is recommended at this time. Apparently she is also out of the office until next Thursday and will contact me at that time. I have no clue where or what we do from here. So clear lungs, good blood work, good numbers, nothing in the CT scan. I'm baffled.

    I also had someone try the RSO oil today, at about 4x what I am giving Myah. He is approx 200 lbs. He said that it was good. Also that it gave him a bit of a queasy stomach. I just gave Myah her night time dose and went back to a pin head drop like I started with. I will wait until you look at the image again with the penny for contrast. For now, I am depending on the RSO to carry through until I find out what the next step is if there is one.

    Here's to seeing you back online! I hope you have a good weekend.
    Kandy, Myah and River
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    Lol! It looks like a large dot and a spritz on my monitor.

    OK, managed to download and enhance. Can just make out Lincoln, but it does show the size and it looks about right.

    Well, if they can't find the original site, RSO is your best bet.

    I'm in that boat too. Had a biological recurrence, but do not know where.
    No target for surgery/radiation, and chemo is not effective for P.C..
    So RSO is the only reasonable choice for me, and just might be for her.
    Fortunately, I can track progress by measuring the level of Prostate Specific Antigen in my blood.

    The Meloxicam is an NSAID
    The NSAIDs help to prevent mets by lowering inflammation. Metastasis roots easily in inflamed tissue.
    Meloxicam does not list lethargy as a side effect, so the sleeping most likely caused by the oil.
    And the sleeping is to be expected and welcomed. A lot of our healing happens while we sleep.

    Myah should build a tolerance to the oil and behave more normally in about 8 or 9 days.

    It sounds like very potent oil. Has your crash test dummy confirmed that yet? :)

    It should comfort you to know that my pup is still going strong thanks to RSO.
    She was near death when we started the oil.
    And my original "doubling rate" says that I died two years ago. :)
    The RSO has slowed, then reversed, that doubling rate.
    I will have another PSA test in September. I'll keep y'all posted.

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    Ships that pass in the night. :)
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    OK. Oil it is then.

    Queasy stomach?
    Hmmm, can you detect any scent of solvent in your RSO?
    When I first started, I felt a little "rocky".
    My early oil was made with Naphtha and it was not well purged.
    When I switched to well purged Isopropyl alcohol as a solvent, the quease hit the breeze.
    A large overdose will cause vomiting no matter how pure the RSO, so I think your dosage adjust was the right move here.

    Do not despair, it annoys the dog. :)

    Seriously, keep a positive attitude.
    Our dogs take their cues on how to feel about a given situation from us.
    And you can not hide your true feelings from a dog, they are empaths, it's their job to know how we feel.
    Hold them, love them, comfort them, but do not feel sorry for them if you can help it.

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    Good to see you up and running again!

    Thank you for the reply. I am so glad the RSO oil is working for you. It's fabulous that your pup is doing so well on the oil, it gives me hope. And I am very sorry to hear yours can't be found. It just leaves things so open-ended. I don't do well without facts:confused:.I still have so many questions for the vet, either mine here in town or the cancer vet. Of course both of them are not around til mid week. BTW, you interact and type well for someone that has been deceased for 2 years.:)

    I've decided I am going to take the girls on the grand adventure and leave in the wee hours and go site seeing/ocean/desert. We will be gone for 6 days. As the (cancer) vet will be out of the hospital until Thursday, I figured it is a good time to go and do the trip. Even if she has another idea for what to look at (keeping my fingers crossed) it wouldn't be until Friday at the earliest that I can get her in and more than likely on Monday next. So we are going to go have fun and try and relax while I am waiting for more news/info.

    As for the oil, I just think it kinda stinks, I don't know what it was done with. I did leave a voice mail with the folks I got it from and asked, hoping they will get back to me soon and let me know.

    Last night and this morning I was back at pin head of oil, about 2/3rd of that tiny dot in the image. She is doing well today. I will try the increase again tomorrow evening when we stop for the first night on the trip. Should I go over the size of the image with the penny or just to that size?

    Took the girls with me to get oil changed and engine checked as we are going to be driving 2k miles. They are ready to go.
    myah car.jpg River car.jpg

    I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.
    Kandy, Myah and River
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    I would not increase it past what you pictured just yet, if at all.
    That seemed to be her limit. No want her car sick on the trip.

    Mahalo for the pictures. I think I'm in love.. :)
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    I'm on the road and Myah is having an extremely hard time in the car. She pants so hard and fast that I'm afraid she is going to have a heart attack. She has never had issues riding before. Could this be from the RSO oil? Once we stop it takes her about 5 minutes and She is back to normal but she gets back in the car and instantly starts panting. She doesn't rest or even put her head down. I'm only able to drive 3 hours told and that is with stopping every half hour. She crashes out in the motel but is eating and drinking fine. I'm thinking of stopping the oil in the mornings for now. Could it be that?

    Hope your day is better than mine.
    Kandy, Myah and River
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    If this is the first time she has reacted this way to traveling, it is probably the oil.

    Your last message said you were thinking of increasing the dosage.
    I'm guessing that the panting changed your mind about that?
    Her body wants to sleep but car rides are exciting. That has to be conflicting for her.
    You might try decreasing the dosage, and see if she calms down.
    Stopping the oil completely is a risky option.
    Cancer never sleeps, yah?

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  20. Khandy

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    I didn't raise the dose, in fact I lowered it. She pants so hard she can't lay her head down, her side's heave even. She is breathing 4x faster than normal I would say. Even petting her doesn't slow it down. I was just thinking of stopping tomorrow morning to see if it helps. I literally can't drive with her this way. She normally loves car rides, the longer the better. I left message for my vet to see if I can give her meclizine. I am pretty sure it is a form of car sickness, maybe brought on by the oil and making her stress.

    Kandy, Myah and River
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