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    I am so glad you are okay Weeze. I was concerned.

    I've had a rough week. This is a post for people to hopefully learn from. Almost put Myah down on the night of the 29th. I thought I would just wait and see how she was in the morning. Fortunately she was a bit improved and I took her to the vet. Vet said she just had a bad day. It wasn't time. Since then she has had little to no appetite even on appetite stimulants. Panting hard and sleeping non-stop and exhausted even walking to the corner and back. She looked like a dog ready to be done with this world.

    I took her out to camp for what I figured would be one last night, 2 nights ago. I had forgotten the oil so she didn't get a night or early morning dose. She had a bit of an appetite on the way home yesterday and ate a few bites without any appetite meds. I also had a sudden epiphany. I had lowered her back down to the 1/2 grain of rice size oil the night of the 30th. As I thought back I realized she had been out of it basically since I had upped the oil to that dose. So last night and today I went back down to just a 1/4 grain. Today she is pretty much the dog she was 10 days ago. She has eaten and still wants to eat anything that is in my hand again and has energy and is wanting to go back out for walks and looks like a healthy dog. So lesson for all you pot newbies out there like me. It could very well be too much oil in a situation like mine.

    The mass under her neck still drains constantly. I keep it open. There is still the hard mass underneath that spot that is the met cancer, but even though it hasn't decreased in size, it also hasn't increased. I have her off every pill she was on with the exception of the meloxicam. So I almost lost my dog due to my ignorance and not thinking about the amount of oil she was getting. I now have hopes that she will be with me a bit longer rather than planning what day I was going to have to put her down. I just elated that I have more time than I thought. My vet still keeps wondering how she is doing so well. I firmly believe the oil is giving me more time with her. Just so very glad I figured out that I was giving her too high a dose. Like Weeze says, "more than enough is too much".

    I wish you all the best of the luck Soconina -- I 'll keep your puppy in my thoughts. Early detection and treatment will give you more time with your furbaby. Glad you are getting the surgery and good luck! Keep up with the oil. I know it can't cure my dog cause she already had mets in the lymph node but I firmly believe it is giving me longer time with her.

    Have a good evening!
    Kandy, Myah, River, Zen
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    My big, old, Mon Grel is still doing well. :)

    You may be very pleasantly surprised about that.
    Jessie's Mammary tumors were mets.
    Nothing cures ageing. But RSO can, and does, trigger remission in mets.

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    What a beauty you have there! I see lab in that face don't I? I'm a sucker for lab/lab mix/lab look-a-likes lol. My very first dog when I was a kid oh so many lifetimes ago was a black lab, Lady. She gave me the addiction for labs my entire life. Lady lived until 13. My last, Leuca, she lived til 18 1/2. Myah is still so young compared to those two and she has been on grain free, raw, cooked, natural kibble and the care has been much more involved, which is why I am so frustrated about this cancer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though! (Even though there is grey peeking through, Jessie sure looks like one healthy, happy puppy!)

    I love that you have a hot tub that doubles as your plant stand LMAO. That is priceless! I hope to get to Hawaii within this next year. I was raised there many moon ago, my dad was in the service. I've never been ack since we left oh some odd 40 years ago. It is on my bucket list. And with Myah this year, I've decided that I'm not putting anything off anymore.

    In closing, Myah is doing much better again, but the appetite still isn't all thtt great. Well she seems to have one, just won't eat much of anything. Chicken is a no go, as is hamburger, steak or roast. Either cooked or raw. She will eat pizza and hot dogs right now, is about it. Dry and wet canned are also nothing she wants anything to do with. No eggs, blueberries (Used to be one of her fav treats) or any of her other treats. I'm struggling to find something halfway healthy she will eat. On the bonus side, she ate 2/3rds of a medium pizza yesterday. I got as healthy as I could considering it was pizza. I'm not sure what to do about this. I know how important good food is, but I also know somehting is better than nothing. Do you have any thoughts that might help me with this? I'm not thinking it is cancer issue that is making her not want to eat most things, as she pigs out on the few things she will eat. She has Never been a picky, finicky eater. And always gotten spoiled treats so I know it isn't just something new and she is finicky. My only thought is when she threw up is was chicken/burger/fruit/veggie homemade mixture and she remembers that?

    You may be very pleasantly surprised about that. -- I sure hope you are right about that !

    Soconina - Have you had the surgery yet? If so, how did it go? Keeping you in my thoughts!

    Have a good day!
    Kandy, Myah, River and Zen

    (Pic at dog beach in San Diego 2 weeks ago right after I got Zen)

    dog family.jpg

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    Such beautiful dogs you guys have! It's a good thing you realized it was the oil that was making her "sick". What is it that she likes about pizza? Maybe try to put that on top of some healthy food. I hope her appetite gets back.
    My dog is scheduled Wednesday for spleen and liver sample to see if the cancer spread. While at the vet, doing the sonogram, she had a mast cell that was not visible before pop as big as a cherry, and then it disappeared .
    I can feel the tumor from her leg coming back, it s very small, but it's there.
    The vets at the university for cancer told me they do the surgery if it's grade I or grade II. For grade III, they don't do the surgery because it will metastasize. They also said that if she has grade I or grade II, we have 90% chances that she will be cured only by surgery. I told them about the oil and turmeric and started laughing... But I will continue with the oil, and after the surgery (hopefully there will be one) I will give her curcumin extract, mushroom complex (reishi, cordyceps, king trumpet, shiitake, turkey tail, himematsutake, maitake, and lion's mane) plus vitamin D3, and artemisinin. Something has to work! She is not losing weight but the new tumors worry me. She is happy and playful. The odd thing is that my other dog keeps sniffing her tumors intensely so I think he knows she has cancer.
    Best wishes,
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    I never believed on till i used it, cannabis oil they say but the wonders it does is really incredible even pet have to benefit what humans benefit, wow. It's a great joy to administer this medicine to my dog who was suffering from Carcinoma, I went back to the same vet who told me Lilla got only 2months to live on Friday to run some test on her, to be hold she told me Lilla got no Carcinoma again. cannabis oil is really a cure everyone should try and i bet you, you will smile at the end. Also thanks to for helping me out on the cannabis oil production. I believe now that cannabis cures pet's cancer and stable their health.

    I urge you now to find away to get this medication and treat your pet, there is no need for chemo is just a waste of time and waste of money. search for some delightful as cannabis oil and stay happy.
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    Started my 15 year old PWD on RSO oil she has a brain and /or cervical tumor and a breast mass. Divided a half a grain size into 1/4 and have her that as a starting dose.its about the size of the tip of a toothpick She weighs 35-38 pounds. It was making her sleep at first and I doubled it after 2 weeks and she having what looks like hallucinations. She looks parinoid and biting at things trying to get away from something. I haven't read anything from Rick saying this was going to happen to the dogs . I thought they would just sleep.
    I will go back to my Original dose. Any thoughts?
    Also she had a spot form on her side that looked like a Bea sting about 3-4 inches red and hard like inflammation then after one night it opened and puss and serous fluid poured out. I brought her to the vet and he said could possibly be a tumor that lysed. But there was no tumor that I knew of there. Have anyone experienced this?? Could something have lysed and needed to drain out. This was on her side under her last rib. It was very painful for her. This is why I gave her more RSO but it only made her hallucinate unfortunately.
    Would CBD added to RSO help more with pain?
    Poor girl.. just want to help her. Suggestions?
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    That would be wise. Might even cut it a bit more.
    They really don't need to get wasted to get well.
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    Thanks for your reply Weezard Any tips to get a smaller dose than what's on the tip of a toothpick. It's impossible to cut due its tar like consistency. I tried on foil cutting it in half with a razor but then the 1/4 gets smeared and absorbed into the toothpick too. So I've been pushing up a dot on the TB syringe and grabbing the dot with the tip of the toothpick. I cut it back to this last night and still had 2 -10 min episodes of what looks like hallucinations and parinoid behavior. So sad to see her like this. This morning I gave her just CBD oil 12mg dose and she's sleeping now. She's was still in pain from this wound that opened two days ago.
    Need help dosing her for tonight and ideas? Someone needs to come up with a measuring device for this consistency that measures small doses . Is one out there?
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  10. AllieGirl

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    When you say cannabis oil do you mean RSO? Or CBD oil? So happy to hear your great results for your dog❤️
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    Dilution to the rescue.

    I know that this is a long thread, but if you skim through it, you will find ways of adjusting dosage.

    The remedy for thick oil is heat.
    My oil gets too thick for even a large syringe.
    I use very hot water to turn it liquid.

    Once liquid it can be mixed with butter, coconut oil, ethanol, olive oil, lecithin,etc.
    Mix it 10:1 and it gets easy to divide into precise dosage.
    That and it stays liquid at room temperature.

    Details are in this thread.
    Be warned that my early posts on dosage were incorrect.
    I did not know any better at the time.

    That posits that present information may not be completely accurate.
    True! No "gospel" here.
    We are just figuring this out together.
    Any feedback from your personal experience will help.

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    Yes it will help ease the pain and kill the tumor cell, is the best treatment you got
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    Yes RSO
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    How many ml or cc's is in one small bead of RSO undiluted ? .01-.02? But I usually quarter that... trying to figure out what to start her on for the diluted dose. I did use more olive oil. Made it 50:1. Only because she allows me to give her the CBD oil by squirting in her mouth. Hoping this will be the same. So I just need to know how much this small bead is and I can go from there...

    Also when making an olive oil tincture I'm only doing this to start low and build the dose according to what she can tolerate right?
    I read that Rick says for humans to use it straight. But for lower doses this is necessary for smaller Dogs, right?
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    Ok check my method plz, see what you think.
    From what I can tell I have already given her
    0.3cc of oil in a two week period twice a day. So basically she got dosed 28 times in two weeks. (Morning and night)

    0.3cc decided by 28= .01cc each dose
    I know this dose it high for her....

    New concentration is 50:1. Olive oil ticture

    Using a little ratio and proportion
    I came up with .5cc with the new concentration is equal to what I was already giving her each dose.

    I'll start with .25 cc- .3cc 's tonight. And see how she fairs. Thanks for the sounding board and here's hoping it helps someone else too!!
    Let me know if this sounds right?
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    Not really. Dogs do not "build tolerance" they way that people do.
    It's not about what the dog can tolerate, it's about the proper dosage. The exact amount in mg. per kg. that provides the most effective result.
    And that amount appears to be just below the amount that shows obvious side effects in dogs.

    And, if you go back and watch the original "Run from the cure" video, you will note the dosage size taken by human patients. It is very small. Rick Simpson never recommended "60 grams as fast as you can". That is an internet thing
    His patients were taking a "goop", (roughly 2 rice grains), and it worked.
    Building tolerance so you can take several times the most effective amount is a very bad idea. It's counterproductive.

    I know this from personal experience.
    I did just that for two years, and the high dosage had very little effect on my cancer's growth. Was just slowing it down.
    When I dropped the dosage back down to the "grain of rice range," it actually put me into remission for the first time in 10 years.
    Once again, more than enough is too much.

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  18. Soconina

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    I finally have some good news. After the liver and spleen needle aspiration with ultrasound, the vet said the cancer didn't spread. The surgery will be in 2-3 weeks.
    I give her 3 times a day a third of a grain of rice, which seems the perfect dose for her, since she doesn't get high. When we gave her a half a grain of rice she threw up in the night and was sleepy all day.
    We went 2 weeks in a row to the vet and they did aspiration needle on the tumors 2 times. The vet said one of the tumors does not show any mast cell tumors anymore ( compared to the first week). I will start again with other supplements after the surgery and for now just rso and good diet.
    Weezard, did you look into wormwood? I have high hopes for it in general.
    Kandy, how is your dog doing?
    Best wishes,
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    Wow this is great info. Thank you so much. I didn't know this about dogs!! I have a new plan of action. I'll let you know how it goes. What is the dose per kg for dogs. Or do I watch for signs of being high? I don't want that right? Just sleepy?
    well ... here's an undate. Gave her on .15cc of the 50:1 tincture and still seeing some parinoid behavior. Decided to give her CBD oil because I read somewhere that it helps the psychoactive aspects of the THC delta 9. Gave her 7 mg of CBD and 3-4 min later she was sleeping and no signs of parinoid behavior or shivering. I repeated this when I see it happening again about 5-6 hours later. and worked like a charm again. Tonight lowering the dose again to .1cc.
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    Hi again,
    Feeling a little discouraged. I took a break from giving Allie anymore RSO for over a 24 hour period. She has been so high and at risk to hurt herself. After I felt sure it was all out of her system. As a last ditch effort to attempt to do no harm, I lower the dose to .02 cc of the 50:1 concentration. From my calculations this is only 0.4mg. The RSO THC content 86.45% 2.16% CBD and 2.92% CBN from Budgenius strain report. I'm watching her now shivering and parinoid. I don't understand how I heard all these reports of dogs taking 50mg and up...

    I called the people I bought this from and told her the situation and she said all the dogs they've helped used higher doses by suppositories... and they don't get High. I know you say lower doses and bell curve Wheeze, but where do I go from here. ? Anybody have any suggestions?? I've gone thru a whole lot of CBD oil to attempt keeping her calm through this and it been her only saving grace.
    So grateful for you wheeze and the blog. Thanks!

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