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    In short;

    "These studies showed that purified CBD gives a bell-shaped dose-response curve. Healing was only observed when CBD was given within a very limited dose range, whereas no beneficial effect was achieved at either lower or higher doses."

    Was my first clue.
    The studies were looking for ways to get around the CBD bell curve when dealing with inflammation. And they did find a way. By using a raw extract from a certain strand containing the other cannabinoids, they were able to use increased dosage for increased relief, from inflammation.

    I was taking very large amounts of RSO and getting less than impressive results for cancer.
    At almost 1 gram per day. The best I could do was slow the progression of a Prostate cancer met just enough to give me a normal lifespan.
    (Now, I'm 75, so the normal life span thing is less comforting than it was, yah?)

    When my dog presented with an aggressive mammary cancer, I tried to increase her dosage as per conventional internet wisdom.
    She was too ill to tolerate it, so I cut it back to the starter dose. of roughly 70 mg. and hoped for the best.

    Saw an amazingly fast remission at that dosage!
    Then I remembered what I had read about the CBD "bell curve".

    After years of a slight slowdown in my PSA rise from 1 gram of RSO per day, and seeing her rapid remission, I cut my dosage way back. Dropped it to 140 mg..

    For the first time in 10 years, my PSA stopped rising and actually started dropping!
    I have cut my dosage in half again to about 70 mg. for this next test period and will see what effect that has in April.
    Then. I'll adjust is for speed of remission.

    By happy accident, I saved my dog from cancer.
    She returned the favor. :)

    Google up "dosage bell curve" and do some reading.
    That wee bit of information saved my ass.

    You may be right about the apoptosis. Been looking into it.
    It did not happen with the mammary tumors though, they just melted away.
    She still has one abnormal nipple, but 4, large tumors are gone.

    Sadly, it's not all good news, the cyst like growths in her armpit have grown a little and the abdominal mass is back, though about 1/2 the size it was when she was very ill.

    She'll be 12 this year.
    Canis Velveetus.JPG
    This time last year she was all but dead.

    Miracles occur daily.
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    Beautiful girl - those eyes!
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    It looks like pure love for her daddy, but don't be fooled.
    That's the look of a cheese-hound, Canis Velveetus. :D
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    Thank you for the approval

    I have a few questions about RSO dosage.

    My dog is 14.5, other than wobbly hips, he's been in good shape. He's 80lbs, 14.5 years old, mutt (Siberian husky, Bernese, etc).

    Recently I found out he has as tumor that is structurally impeding on his heart and trachea, which the vet stated was probably the reason he was having difficulty breathing, coughing frequently, been sick, not wanting to eat without incentive (eggs, broth, etc.), and "mopey." He also has a large tumor is his liver.

    I decided to start giving him RSO in hopes to shrink the tumor, even slightly, to give him some ease. I began with a 1/2 grain-of-rice sized drop three times a day with food (I feed him three times a day).

    After a few days I upped it to a grain of rice three times a day. I'm curious what you think about how much I should build up to. He does not show any negative signs of being affected by the oil. He has, whether coincidental or not, since taking the oil, breathes noticabley easier and quieter, eats his food right away, without incentive, and his energy (bouncing for food, wagging tail, running around) is back.

    Are there negative side effects of the RSO in long term usage? Also for a dog this old?

    I did read part of this thread, but not all 43 pages. If there is somewhere you have discussed a similar situation please refer me.
    Thank you for your time,
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    There does not appear to be.

    "After a few days I upped it to a grain of rice three times a day. I'm curious what you think about how much I should build up to. He does not show any negative signs of being affected by the oil. He has, whether coincidental or not, since taking the oil, breathes noticabley easier and quieter, eats his food right away, without incentive, and his energy (bouncing for food, wagging tail, running around) is back."

    And, as for dosage?
    Does sound a bit high quantity wise.
    But that depends, on potency, so we are looking at side effects to judge dosage.
    Read the last 5 or 6 pages for information on that

    From your description of behavior, and progress, your present dosage sounds close to ideal for that batch of oil.
    If you start a new batch, you may need to make adjustments.

    He's pretty old for a Chow.
    If "his energy is back" you are doing something right, yah?

    Carry on,
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    Thanks for sharing your stories. I found this thread feeling really hopeless but after reading everyone’s experiences I feel more hopeful. My cat Louie is a 3-4 years old rescue and is feline leukemia positive. He had been doing well until last week when he began to be more lethargic, seemed to be in pain when i picked him up (which he loved) and at times would breathe heavily. I took him to the vet last Friday and found out he has a solid mass taking up 1/4 of his lung. They tried to biopsy but couldn’t get the cells and the vet didn’t want to put him through that again when she was pretty sure it’s cancer. His blood work showed anemia which the vet said was likely due to his feline leukemia and the tumor. She prescribed prednosolone to help with his appetite but said there wasn’t really anything we can do. I started reading online and found out about RSO. I’m lucky to know someone who knows someone who could get it from the dispensary and figured we had nothing left to lose. I’ve been giving him 1/4 of a grain of rice twice a day since Sunday and it seems to be helping a little. Both myself and the vet didn’t think he’d last the weekend but it’s thursday and he’s hanging in there. Doesn’t seem to be in pain at all but is still more lethargic.

    I read a lot about use of RSO in dogs but not much in cats so I’m looking for advice and wondering if anyone has treated a cat before? Any ideas around dosing? He’s orobably 9-10 pounds now. Thank you,
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    Sounds like you got the dosage about right.

    Lethargic, could be a side effect of the rso.
    How's the breathing? And appetite?

    I have no information on rso and feline leukemia.
    Up until now that is.
    Mahalo for sharing. you have my full attention.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Finding this thread has given me the most hope ive had in the last few months.

    My 8 year old Pit Bull/Chow mix Hennessy, started having seizures a few months ago.

    We were lucky to have CBD oil (Treatwell 20:1 Cbd) during his first seizer and we noticed the episode stopped almost instantly. Unfortunately later that day he had another seizure while we were waiting for our vet appointment, and then another later that night. Each seizure was controlled by administering the CBD orally.

    The vet prescribed phenobarbital to help control the seizures. As the days went by we noticed a loss in weight, change in behavior and more seizures. We decided to go in for an MRI as all signs pointed to brain tumors. The MRI results confirmed our worst fear, as they found a tumor deep in his brain. Our vet decided to give us Prednisone to help with the swelling.

    Ive read countless articles for CBD treatment for meningioma so we decided to begin administering CBD drops daily since the MRI. I have been using the Treatwell 20:1 cbd and also the canna-pet drops multiple times through out the day. His spirits are definetly up, but we are still getting episodes of seizures, so im not entirely sure if the cbd is helping with the tumor.

    Is the CBD oil that i am giving him sufficient, or does he need higher THC content? At this point we are giving him 1/4 dropper of the canna-pet 2 times a day and a 170mg canna-pet pill 2 times a day.

    Ive read posts through out the tread; sometimes I see RSO recommended, and other times i see cannabutter. Is one more beneficial towards different breeds? I make my own Rosin using heat plates and a 20 ton press. Would the rosin i make be a good choice to give my pup? Is there a specific strain you would recommend for the treatment?

    Thanks in advance! Any help would be appreciated!

    Best - Allen
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    Yes. Probably.

    I do not know.
    I use a nonpolar solvent and have stopped using low temperature extraction.
    It may well be that some obscure cannabinoid, or collection of enzymes is what does the heavy lifting here.
    I include plenty of THC, and do not even filter out waxes because I do not know. And it's a bet I can not afford to lose, yah?
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    Thanks for the quick reply Weezard. Will i need to decarb the rosin prior to giving it to him? From what ive read rosin is not decarboxylated and will need to be in order to feel the full effects. This is where im a little confused, will the rosin work with out decarbing?
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    Depends on the temperature/time of those heat plates, yah? :)
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    Thank you for the response! I guess tumors in the chest cavity are common in cats with feline leukemia He’s been on the oil for a week now and seems to be slowly improving. His breathing is getting better (slower and less shallow), he seems less lethargic now and his appetite has improved. I am still giving him the prednosolone but I think the oil is what is making the difference. It’s amazing and i am so thankful for finding this thread. Hopefully he will continue to make progress and get better. I’ll keep updating, thanks again!
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    I feel a little silly replying to my own comment but I wanted to update on how Louie has been doing and hopefully help others by sharing my experience with how RSO is helping my cat. It’s been three weeks, two days since he was diagnosed with cancer and three weeks since he started the oil. He’s still hanging in there and doesn’t seem to be getting worst. His breathing still seems to be faster than normal but has improved since we first brought him to the vet. His appetite and energy are low but hard to tell if it’s the oil or cancer. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain. We stopped the prednisolone because it became too challenging to get him to eat it and I’m not sure how helpful it is long term. I called the vet to make an appointment and they seemed surprised/amazed he’s still alive. I’m hoping we see some improvements in the lab results and will update once i get the answers but trying not to get my hopes up too much.

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    Oh dear!
    I hope you mean that you tapered off the Prednisolone.
    Just stopping it cold turkey is a very bad idea.

    The rest is good news, thanks.

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    Hello All, New question for another dog: My 12.5 year old golden retriever Lou is have some pretty big kidney problems. He is very nauseous and has stopped eating much of anything. I'm thinking some oil could help him.
    Thank you!
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    Hi Weez, I still can't do private messages but wanted to say hello and watching whats going on in your part of the world all of Hawaii is in my thoughts and prayers. Love this pic....
    Hi Weez, still can't do private message??? You have a beautiful girl, love the pic, I hope she is doing alright. I was thinking of you and all people in the Hawaii, don't know if you are on the big island or not as you have mentioned the Volcano protecting against hurricanes. Anyway, I do hope you are well! MJ :)
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    Wish I knew.
    If kidney cancer is the cause, it's a good bet.
    Otherwise, all I can say is it will do no harm, I'd go for it.
    Very small doses may reignite his appetite.

    Best of luck to both of you.
    Wee 'zard
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    Hey all just wanted to jump in and say hi. This thread has been heartwarming and sad all at the same time.

    So our dog Blizz had this red sore appear on the corner of her eye. She's eight now or nine depending on if they had her age right when we adopted her. I immediately dove into reading about RSO and dogs. I'm a medical patient myself and have always kicked myself for not being one when my first dog passed away from cancer. That's some guilt I'll have to live with, but thanks to this thread I won't have to worry going forward.

    I'll post some pictures in a bit, my wife has them on her phone and shes at work.

    So the first night I just rubbed some RSO on the sore, everything was fine. The next night I accidentally got some in her eye. Blizz was fine but her poor eye kept watering. So I switched her to an oral dose. The first day things went ok, the second day I went up to three times a day a day and it was just too much for her. She had a small round of overheating. I put a fan on her and in about an hour she was fine again. Next day I went back to two doses, and have kept her there ever since.

    Blizz is about thirty-ish pounds and I give her about half a bb twice a day. It seems to be just right for her.

    Onto the good news, the sore or cancerous spot on her eye is gone. I don't mean like had some scar tissue gone, two weeks later whatever it was is completely gone. I'm guessing it wasn't cancer if it was beaten so quickly but our pup sure does feel better. After seeing her reaction and the pep in the step RSO has given her I'm just going to keep her on a small dose forever. I'm telling you I haven't seen this many waggles and friskiness in at least a year. Probably took the edge off of some arthritis.

    Special shout out to Weexard and everyone else who has contributed to this thread. I read the whole damn thing from start to finish while I was finding my way through this and it was worth it.

    Congrats on your own results to Weezard! Keep on keeping on!
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    If it was a melanoma, 2 weeks is about right.
  20. Bbates024

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    The first image is from around May 19th about a day after we saw the growth for the first time and I found this page.



    These pictures are from today. It's like we have a new dog, not only because her eye looks fine, but that pep in her step.



    Our dispensary lists the potency of our RSo at about 69%. Apparently, they make it out of their shatter. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to make my own, but as you can see it seems to be working. You can see a tiny white scar just in the corner of her eye where it used to be. Other then that whatever it was is gone.

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