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    The change in her coat is impressive.
    She was not well. Now, she looks healthy and groomed.
    I'd drop her back to a maintenance dose and see how that goes.

    Mahalo for making my day. :)
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    Reading this forum makes my day, and might have just saved my dog's life. At the very least it extended her life for a good long bit. Thank you so much for keeping this thread going I hope more people can find it get help for their pups.
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    Hello All,

    Have a complicated question that I cannot find answer to from Vet yet, so will ask you knowledgable folks.
    I have an old Golden Retriever with kidney issues, but also with lots of aches and pains that come from age. The RSO oil really helps his pains, and he is getting around much better now after just 4 days on that amazing stuff. I want to keep him on the RSO, but need to know it will be ok with his meds.

    Lou is almost 13 and weighed 73 pounds last month at the vets. He is on Azodyl (3 caps per day), Epakitin, and a special kidney/renal diet related to his kidney failure in March. He is also on Thorozine 0.6 once a day for thyroid. With these meds and diet, his blood work in June was all normal except for elevated Creatinine levels (norm = 0.5 - 1.5 mg/dL; he has 1.7) and IDEXX SOMA ( norm = 0 - 14; Lou is 22).

    Trying to find a Vet to answer, but any help someone could be would be very useful.

    Thank you!
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    You might want to shop for a new vet. Thorazine is a tranquilizer.
    The RSO should help with an overactive Thyroid.
    If so, I'd cut back, or eliminate the Thorazine.

    The Azodyl and Epakitin are relatively safe supplements.

    Those blood levels are indicative of Kidney failure.
    If they continue to rise you are looking at dialysis.
    As far as I can tell, RSO can not repair damaged kidneys.

    A 73 pound Golden has a life expectancy of 14 years. That is the average.
    If he still has strength in his back legs, you may get another couple of years.
    If not, love him until he no longer enjoys living, then love him enough to let go.
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    Hello Weezard, and thank you for the quick reply. I must admit to an embarrassing typo: the Golden takes thyrozine for his kidneys, not thorazine. He takes nothing to knock him out. :)
    Not expecting the oil to repair kidneys, just take away some old age aches and pains so he can go out and walk the places he still likes. We know we don't have too much time with him, but want him to be happy and mobile while he is still with us.
    I don't expect the RSO to do anything negative to him or take away the effectiveness of his prescribed meds, and if it helps with thyroid activity, all the better.

    Thank you!
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    Mo' betta. :)

    Thyroid? Hyper-, yes, hypo-, no.

    There is a potential for harm with the RSO.
    It's dosage related.
    My Aussie Shepherd stopped eating on ~100mg. of RSO.
    Acted like she could not remember what to do with food.
    Just stood there and looked confused.

    Had to cut the dosage back to < 1 mg. per kg.. Her tumors shrank fast, were all but gone in 3 weeks. That showed me I had been taking way to high a dosage as my PSA was still climbing, albeit slowly.
    Dropped it to 20% of what I had been taking and got the first actual remission in 12 years!
    The too high dosage was much less effective than the proper amount and made it difficult to function, but it did slow the doubling rate to a crawl for 12 years so I'm not complaining.

    I know that you are not treating for cancer so that only serves as an upper limit.
    I'd advise roughly 5 mg. for palliative use in a 33 kg., young, dog.
    For an old friend like Lou, I'd double that as an anti-cancer hedge.

    You are obviously on top of this and giving him your full attention. Most folks panic when that big a piece of their heart falls ill.
    You pointed your affection in the right direction.
    That's a lucky dog. :)

    Be well Lou, and your poppa too.
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    As always, thank you for the helpful advice Weezard. This site is suer helpful.
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    20180822_121123-1.jpg [QUOTE="Weezard, post: 2348667, member: 113885"
    Hello Weezard,

    I hope you are good! I thought I should let you know that my dog is healthy and no sign of cancer after one year. I didn't continue with the oil, because even the tiniest bit was too much for her. I did continue with mushroom powder, added homemade food, probiotics, long walks.
    Thank you for being there when I felt my world was collapsing! The little pricks can steal our hearts in a beat. How is your dog?
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  10. Soconina

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    Sending my love to your dogs! I wish you strength and health!
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