Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds.

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    Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds.(1) (4/30/2016)

    I say so because in this campaign there is a lot of comedy show done by S.S.G..

    Those rallies, either for trump or against him, have the purpose to raise his popularity.

    What is S.S.G.?

    " The FBI Special Support Group , or SSG (They're nicknamed G's), supposedly does much of the routine work for the Bureau, leaving the FBI agents themselves free to pursue more important matters. ...

    They usually work part-time, and earn about $5,000.00 - $10,000.00 per year or more. The FBI doesn't advertise the existence of the SSG, but it's no big secret either. The reality of the Special Support Group is much different than the "released" information. SSG teams regularly harass and even menace people on the FBI's Black List. ...

    The FBI calls this harassment "dangling," and they do it on a regular basis to people who frequently have committed no offense other than to have drawn the ire of the Bureau. Many SSG's are of the lowest caliber of human life, especially those chosen for excessive harassment of innocent citizens. Far too often SSG teams consist of bullies, perverts, racists and ex-convicts and other dregs whose sole purpose is to drive people crazy and ruin their lives. If one of their victims snaps and tears one of them up, the bloodied G will press charges, perjure himself if confronted with his FBI affiliation, and the victim is locked up. Mission accomplished. That's one reason why the FBI is not very open about the SSG. This is just one of the many questionable and outright illegal activities that the FBI uses our tax dollars for. The very people sworn to uphold our Civil Rights are perhaps the most flagrant violators. If you attend a protest rally, or otherwise call attention to yourself, don't be surprised if you start seeing the same bizarre group of people showing up everywhere you go, bothering you and behaving like psychotic clowns."

    Of course, Donald Trump himself is a S.S.G. - a high ranking one.

    He is chosen because something big will happen. No big group (Democratic Party or Republican Party ) wants to take the responsibility. A clown would easily do that job.
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    904. Birds of a feather flock together (5/19/2016)

    In "901. Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds." I said Trump is a S.S.G., that this election campaign is full of S.S.G. rally comic show.

    Two weeks ago, Trump revealed something.


    1. It proves President Kennedy was assassinated by organized plot. Many S.S.G. activated to guarantee the success of the assassination - either to cover up or to be "reliable witness.

    2. In last message, I talked about the case that father and son all work as informant for the government. Like father like son. So are Ted Cruze and his father. Anyone to win this comic show will be a S.S.G. after all.

    Ted Cruze drops out the campaign just because he represents Republican Party. The GOP doesn't want their fame to be hurt by the ugly work done by the next President.
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    I follow The Young Turks. I think even they have a hard time keeping up with all the bad stuff about Donald Trump. They had an interesting op ed about "Loser Trump" or "Loser Donald", I forgot the exact title of the series, but one episode delves into an editorial by New York Times that does a pretty good job of ripping apart Mr. Trump.

    A lot of people question Donald Trumps mental health. He could suffer from a variety of mental issues, although it's merely speculation, in that only a trained psychiatrist could make any actual diagnosis.
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    911. He would do whatever he wanted.(7/4/2016)

    On 7/3, I saw a message in internet, "Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should not be ignored"

    I went to that source, was going to copy the news to share with other readers. I failed to do so. The page of "" was frozen, my browser lost its copy function.
    . It was the work of the surveillance team, I knew. I then tried to google other sources but in other web sites, I encountered the same problem. After nearly an hour struggle, I gave up. I copied the brief message in google search and posted it in internet.

    This event indicates the Feds determine to have Trump- their representative to take the President seat. Help Donald Trump becomes a big mission in Feds group. Even when the surveillance group found I tried to share the negative information about Trump, they automatically harassed to block my action.

    It proves my allegation that "Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds" in #901. It also proves the Feds used to censor the free speech of media which I described “A top official of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, as a signatory and guarantor binding as well on successors in office, assures that that Agency will use their best efforts and most merited personnel to prevent any publicity in the mass media news outlets, of any problem, of any problems to be publicly discussed,..." in #884.

    Here is a more complete message for it.

    Trump said he would do whatever he wanted because he is a member of that lawless organization.They have the privilege.
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    912. In U.S. terror power overrules the money (7/11/2016)

    U.S. is a money dominated country. The principle is broken in this campaign. It was found by a Trump supporter.

    What message has Trump brought to us? Nothing constructive but a lot of abuse.

    This "Money is king" rule will be broken in this president election. Because the Feds want to have their own candidate- Donald Trump to get that seat. So whatever happens - short of campaign money, it doesn't matter. You see what happens -Clinton has to buy ads with money, Trump gets it free. Because the media is controlled by the Feds.

    This country is ruled by the Feds. They rule the country by controlled intelligence and media. They select politicians through rigged election and justify the election result through the fake poll done by media.
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    I think Hillary will win the election. Not only is she consistently polling higher than Trump in nearly every poll, regardless of how close, she has a massive ground game going on.
    She's got a crew of around 30 people just to prepare her for the debates. In battleground states, she has many more offices dedicated to trying to get votes for her. She's even renting buses and vans to help drive people to voting stations in critical, presumably urban areas, in which she needs more votes.

    Just to put more pressure on Trump, she's even installed offices in AZ and GA, just because she's trailing inside the margin of error. Although she'd not spending too much to try and win AZ and GA, it's going to cause Trump to use money there just to fend off her attacks.
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    You are too naive. This country is a covert totalitarian. The Feds(FBI and DEA) control the government and media. They select politicians by rigged election and justify the result by fake poll.

    Media and groups controlled by the Feds support Trump (8/26/2016)

    Here is another news to prove Clinton has to buy TV ad while Trump doesn't need to. He enjoys a free service from media. You also can notice that in each web site there is a plenty of topic to push for the popularity of Trump. Because that's the cyber space team the Feds deploy there. Supporting Trump now becomes a mission for them.

    AUG 2 2016, 3:31 PM ET
    Clinton, Allies Have Reserved $98 Million in Ads

    Hillary Clinton and her allies are poised for a TV ad blitz of nearly $100 millin dollars, compared to less than $1 million currently reserved on the airwaves by backers of Donald Trump.
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    19. Clinton found Hillary was targeted by the Feds(8/22/2016)

    In #901 I concluded that Donald Trump is the candidate of the Feds(FBI and DEA) Finally Clinton realizes that her rival is supported by the Feds. (FBI)

    Bill Clinton Accuses FBI Of Serving Up A ‘Load Of Bull’


    Bill Clinton is accusing the FBI director of serving up “the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard” — marking the first significant public comments from the husband of the Democratic nominee on the scandal that’s plagued his wife’s campaign for over a year.
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    "I, did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."

    Your tinfoil hat is too tight there, Chachi.
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    Democracy SUCKS!
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    o_O I wish...

    Throw her in the water, see if she floats. She's a witch!
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    375 Top Scientists Warn Us Not To Vote For Trump

    Stephen Hawking is among those who say the GOP nominee could prove disastrous for the planet.


    Hundreds of the world’s leading scientists, including famed physicist Stephen Hawking, warn in an open letter Tuesday that a Donald Trump win in November would prove disastrous to global efforts against climate change.

    The Republican presidential nominee, who once claimed global warming is a hoax “created by and for the Chinese,” vowed in May that he would “cancel” the historic Paris climate agreement.

    Opting out of that pact, write the 375 members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel Prize winners, would have “severe and long-lasting” consequences, both for the planet and for the United States’ credibility.
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    Never trust the government, no matter how many prizes they won.
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    924. The Feds(FBI and DEA) controlled media manipulate this election campaign (9/29/2016)

    In #912 and #920, I talked of how the Feds(FBI and DEA) control the media to help their candidate Trump. The academic study found this too.

    The same phenomenon appears in public media too. The internet sites are full of negative posts and pictures of Hillary Clinton. It is accordant to my conclusion that the Feds(FBI and DEA) activated a propaganda movement in internet with their resource - S.S.G.. We should know, the Feds have developed informants everywhere in society. They turn US into a covert totalitarian country.
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    so what? so freaking what???? I bet it was the cheapest. Don't be a shill.
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    Did they consider that news? Hahaha!
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    Turn off your TV, go water your plants and live your life. To hell with this election and the government in general.
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    China is illegally dumping steel in the United States, so it's presumable that there was some chance that Trump bought steel that did not have the tariffs paid on it.

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