Dosing annoiting oil to rso specs?

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    Maybe a simple question;

    If we follow the Phoenix Tears protocol, Mr. Simpson states that 1 lb should produce 2 ounces of high-grade oil."

    My Oil is based on Exodus 30 and has 6.6lbs of bud which should make 13.2 ounces of high grade oil

    5 qts of Extra Virgin Olive oil,
    500 Shekels or 6kg Cassia,
    Myrrh 500 shekels (about 6 kg)
    Sweet Cinnamon 250Shekels (about 3kg)

    I am dosing with this at a rate of 10 drops a day.

    My only input from an authority on RSO has come from the youtube vids I've collected and I've picked up on a dosing of consuming this 58 grams of rso over a 60-90 day period. How would I convert the tinctures I have to that? Certainly it's not a 1:1 and I don't really wanna be in a coma, I just want to saturate my system well enough that the compounds can work on the remaining glioma cells.

    Is there a 'conversion' or a method I could use to compare this oil to rso?
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    I do not know, but I do know who does. :)

    Just google "gray wolf" and "Skunk Pharm"
    Gray wolf is my mentor for oil extraction, and he is familiar with the Exodus tincture.

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    I am not really a fan of the holy anointing oil, I must say, it can be as good if not better than other processes, but there is a downside. It is almost impossible to get the mixture right, unless you have been making it yourself, and taking it for a long time. It has to be a consistent supply from the same source. The mixture has to be tailored to the potency of your cannabis oil for it to truly be effective and that is not easy.

    Me personally, I would choose RSO, and take the holy anointing oil without cannabis oil in it, separately. Only after knowing the potency of the RSO based upon dosing, and confidence in being able to replicate the potency, then mix them together if you choose. This would only be tailored for you. There are a few other essential oils that I would add to the holy anointing oil recipe. The best oils to add are the ones that you sampled, and read about, that you believe are best for you.

    For example: me personally, depending on the illness, I may want to add frankincense, or sandalwood oil. What I would use to help me decide what essential oils I would want to add, is a book. Start off with Modern Essentials, Sixth Edition. There are many essential oils that should not be mixed together. Others can be quadrupled in potency when mixed with others. This book will help in identification of those mixtures.

    Keep in mind, one of the highest essential oil plants there is, is cannabis. If you use heat to decarb the cannabis, almost all of the essential oils in the plant will be evaporated away. GreyWolf knows of this. There are ways to extract only the essential oils so you can add it back in after the heating process is finished. GreyWolf is more familiar with the process than I. I have a different method of keeping the essential oils and I call it ND Sap. I do not recommend my process unless you have experience with extractions.

    Technically speaking, essential oils are terpenes and flavanoids extracted from plants, nothing else.
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    I don't know the recipe(well, actually reading Exodus 30, I know the recipe, not the extraction method/temperatures, ect. I'm looking for the 6th Edition of Modern Essentials. And I think I need to go to Weed U for at least a few online courses to be able to understand and communicate in this field more effectively. Thank you for the reply!
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    I did not search on Weed courses to take online but I did find a biochem course so I'll pause my weird obsession with comparing RSO to HAO(HCO) for the time being and just dose what I have on schedule and while I haven't settled on how, but I will continue to seek 2 ounces of high-grade oil to do a 60-90 course , based on the input I am given by my advisers; Dr to HAO Designer. It was Dennis Hill's vid that gave me the idea, he benefited from butter until he was able to obtain rso, so here we go, I'm a student with a syllabus to follow.
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