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    Because of the ability i had to gain a wealth of drug testing knowledge, do and donts, what to expect, and last and probably most valued by me, the peace of mind that gave me confidence to walk into my DOTdrug screening and physical to land a very important job for me and my family. I made it a point to give my testimonial on however my test and physical went today no matter what. Thanks folks, we live, love, and grind through this amazing thing called life, which is really only done with some help along the way. Appreciate all you good people. Here is run down on how my trip went today.

    I hac one really good option for achieving success and i knew it was going to be by way of substituting a clean sample of urine i was lucky enough to have access to, but was ready to purchase QF 6.1 if necessary.
    I found out while calling to make sure clinic was open on Saturdays, that the only physician working on weekends would be taking his lunch between 12-1pm. This didnt really turn out to be an advantage but i did plan to get there(i had freedom to walk in) at 12:30, thinking was this would hopefully guarentte my Drug test came before physical. Thought being i could then stash container away off my body for physical.
    Well i checked into desk at 12:30, had paperwork to do but then sat for an hour before finally getting call back. I preapred my clean sample at home by microwaving 10 sec. then used rubberband to attach hand warmer to bottle, wasnt so worried about to hot a sample, due to fact i had to drive an hour south to clinic and knew i couldnt heat up urine once committed but could cool down couple degrees if needed. Mind you the best advice i think i got from this forum was PRACTICE...PRACTICE...PRACTICE. thanks BURNTTOAST. Part of my practice was running through hourly test on what temps i could expect from sample if using hand warmer or not, microwave or not, and using sample from stash spot. i ended up making small pocket inside my jean leg with large iron on patch. Put pouch just below my knee on front side of leg, worked great, and with warmer it stayed right temp range for total of two hours with 10sec nuke before leaving.
    When i get calld back, i hand over my jacket and things from my jean pockets, then am given collection cup that doesnt have lid or anything on it, nurse draws line on cup and says fill to there, no was, no flushy while doing it. I knew my container held max of 60 ml of fluid, and it was full. So boy was i surprised when i pull it out to fill up cup and it doesnt reach this drawn on line at all, i even pulled container back out hoping i left some dribble in cup but not th case. No panic, just opened door and hand cup over while letting her know she just got all i had to give and hoped it was ok. She looks, feels for heat, and begins dumping into split sample cups and said i was fine. She has apanel test strip that was checking for creatnin, glucose and uric acid, and put labels over top of both and its done. i grabbed my things and get walked down hall for vision a,d color test, then into exam room where she take blood pressure, heart rate and few more measurement. I make easy conversation about tattos and all is well. She leaves me in room and says doctor will be with more shortly, and added that it wouldnt be REAL shortly, not sure if this was disguised hint or just hay dont expect to be done for awhile? I grab container from hidden pant pocket and put in jacket pocket. I didnt know how important a decision this was until doctor arrives to perform physical half hour later! All very routine checks but when he had me lie on my back so he could put each leg in crunchy position, one at time to see if i had pain, his hands where right on my hidden pocket and for sure would have felt container if not for moving.
    All went well in end and im very thankful and hope in some way this info can help another worried soul and possibly give them some peace of mind for the inevitable test. peace.

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