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DOT drug test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by keyman65, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. keyman65

    keyman65 Registered

    Are the DOT test cups you purchase online (the cups with the diff dip sticks attached around the cup) the same thing as the actual DOT urine test?
  2. jokinandtokin

    jokinandtokin Registered


    I'm kind of a newbie, so take this with a grain of salt, but I have read in many forums (and the stickies on this one!), that these labs first use a stick just like the ones you purchase to see if there is a pos/neg. If they find pos, then they send it off for the fancy gas spectroscopy test.

    So, these tests should be equivalent. When testing yourself, a good idea is use your early in the day pee so you can be more confident about your THC levels (passing an early in the day, non-diluted piss, only serves to give you more confidence about using a later-in-the-day, diluted, piss).
  3. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    What is it about the cup kit and the actual DOT test that is of concern to you?

    Actually, the correct term is Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS).
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  4. keyman65

    keyman65 Registered

    Oh like i mean is it the same thing? When I purchased the cup online, it was called the DOT urine test. The cup I got essentially was just a bunch of dipsticks around (within) the cup itself. Is this exactly how the actual DOT urine test is?
  5. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    None of the 30 or so DOT tests I've done ever had the strips attached to the cup. The strip tests will still be basically the same thing as long as the cutoff levels are the same as DOT requirements. If you are going to be taking a DOT test read up on the proper protocols and make sure the tech follows them.
  6. keyman65

    keyman65 Registered

    Oh okay. Ya I've read that DOT test's THC for 50ng/ml (which seems to be the most common cut-off anyways). Ive looked up the product sheet for the kits I bought and they indeed are at the same cutoff. Ive passed them consistently, I guess thats a good sign lol :p. Knock on wood lol.
  7. keyman65

    keyman65 Registered

    Ya i see that they take 45ml of urine, and then split them into 2 bottles etc. I guess I was just wondering that when they send it to the lab or w/e if thats equivalent to taking dip tests at home (and this alone has been answered alot throughout the forums). My major concern was if the test cup I ordered was exactly the DOT test which I guess isn't (but it is close).
  8. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Why is this such a major concern? You already acknowledge that your cup test and the DOT initial screen utilize a 50 ng limit. A 50 ng test is a 50 ng test regardless of type.

    Edit: The cup test that youre referring to is far from the Immunoassay used on the initial DOT screen. All DOT-regulated tests are 5 panel, not 7 panel.

    With that being pointed out, about the only thing the two tests share is the 50 ng limit.
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  9. keyman65

    keyman65 Registered

    Oh well I thought maybe the DOT test was more intensive/accurate than the dip tests bought online. That was my major concern :/
  10. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Nope DOT tests are federally regulated and must follow there protocols. Thats why its important to know what the protocols are so that you can watch for mistakes during the techs colection process. Have seen numerous violations of the protocol during my tests but I always pass so I didn't worry about them. But there is the potential for your test to be contaminated from someone elses sample if protocol isn't followed.

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