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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BKABQ, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Hey everyone!

    Love the forums here!
    I was a poster under the grow sections (under a diiferent name) a while back when I had the facilities to do that and always got wonderful and though provoking advice.

    Kinda new to the drug testing forum and I have a few questions.

    I've been doing some research on the internet for the DOT physical exam and drug testing (DT) process and I'm having some confusion about just how many samples are taken.
    I've read that during the physical exam part they'll need a sample for testing of blood sugars and a few other non-drug related checks and then they'll possibly need another sample for the DT part????
    I've also read posts on here that state only one sample was given but separated into two parts, possibly one part for the drug test and one for the other tests?
    So I'm not really sure.

    What's the real deal?

    Second question is more of getting a feel for how I need to handle my own body for the upcoming DT part.
    I'm posting way ahead of the test, in fact the test hasn't even been scheduled yet.

    Let me explain....
    About a year ago I applied for this same job, with the city, driving a city vehicle, and I made it all the way through up to the scheduled appointment for the physical exam and DT. I even had balls enough to call the medical facility and ask exactly how the whole process was performed.
    The person I talked with explained that I would be sent upstairs and perform the DT and then come back down for the physical exam.

    I had a illness in my family, in another state, that I had to attend to.
    The illness turned into a death and I had to stay even longer.
    Therefore I had to cancel my whole application process with the city.

    I came back to town about a month ago and re-applied with the city, on 6/5/13, and have re-started the whole process again.
    The city called me on friday 6/20/13 (16 days later) to come in for an interview on the 27th, with a possible physical/DT to follow.
    I'm pretty sure I'll make it past the orientation/interview part as this was not a problem the last time.
    Last time it was about a 2-3 week period in between the interview and the physical exam/DT.
    That gives me about 3 to 4 weeks total.

    Now the bad part.
    I quit smoking on 6/5/13 in preparation for the city job, but I had to find another job to keep some money flowing in while I was waiting on the cities call and their whole process which can take considerable time as shown above by when I applied and when they finally called.

    I did get a in-between job on 6/19/13 and to celebrate I took one, and just one, single bong hit later that same night.
    I haven't smoked anything, but cigarettes, since.


    To describe myself I am 49, 5'9", weight around 155-160, cigarette smoker, with a VERY high metabolism, so much so for most of my life I can eat whatever I want, as much as I want, and not gain any weight.
    My current job is outdoors and does require lots of physical labor and can be very strenuous at times.

    My question is....
    What can I do, besides abstaining, to help my body clean up for the city exam and DT?
    I will go with Quick Fix if it's too late as I have used that before with no problems, but I'd kinda like to do this au-natural if possible.
    Since it is DOT I don't like the thought of carrying the QF bottle and having to re-hide it for the physical exam.
    From what I have heard, and read, they usually do the DT first and then the exam.
    Are there any 5-10 day detox systems that i could use, ...besides the silly foot detox, that actually work?
    I'm not looking for dillutions, as I don't trust them, just something to help my body inners get clean, or cleaner.

    Any help with this matter would certainly be appreciated!!
  2. Burnt Toast

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    This deal here is about as real as it gets:

    Whenever you use those "cleaners" or "detox systems", you are diluting. All of those products work via the principle of dilution. That means they "work" because of the water that youre required by the instructions to drink with them. They do not rid the body of THC, as the sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. They are nothing but a big scam to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" by preying upon the uninformed and credulous and taking their cash. You can spend up to $250 on a magic elixir, and accomplish nothing different than what can be accomplished using just water and vitamin B2.

    There is no product that can rid the body of THC. The only proven way to permanently rid the body of THC is time and fat-burning exercise.
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  3. BKABQ

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    Thanks BT!! I really value your replies.
    I'm sorry you had to type the same thing about dillutions you've had to type over and over again on other posts.

    I knew that about the so-called day of, or day before, drinks and so forth but I was wondering about the OTC longer term cleansers say like, Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox Dietary Supplement (drinks) 6 Day Program or Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body 10-Day Cleansing System (drink and pills) from Walgreens.

    I wasn't looking to use it/them right near the test date just way before it to "maybe" help the process along.
    I always thought dillution was something one did for possible instant results.
    But if you state that they're just as a scam as the others and that there's no product that can rid THC, then there's no sense in wasting my money.

    I would like to hear your opinion on my time till the test with daily (fat burning) exercise included?
    I know you can't say a solid yes, or even no, but do you think I have a good chance on being clean in 4 weeks based on my body structure?
    I do plan on testing myself quite a few times after my 1st complete non-smoking 2 week period just to find out what my detection cut off point is.

    I've heard all sorts of theories/stories about people with good metabolisms, and low weights, being able to clean up quicker than the normal 30 - 60 day period.

    The first time I ever took a drug test I think It took me like 3 weeks to clean out, but then again I was in my mid 30's then.

    Does it matter if it's one hit, like I took, after 2 weeks of stopping or a being chronic smoker?
    Or is smoking, smoking, no matter how much is intaked?

    Thanks again!
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Exactly the way youve called it: theres no sense in wasting money on products when, again, there is no product that can rid the body of THC. And regardless of how "long term" the sales pitches would like to boast of their products, in the bitter end you are still diluting when using those products.

    Theres no telling of your chances and when you'll test negative. Each persons body is different and there are too many other variables to take into consideration. Only periodic testing with a THC test kit (using the first urination of the day for each test) can give you that answer.
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  5. stillsmoken2

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    your probably ok anyway. You can try to drink a gal of water a day . A half gal is pretty easy .the more you are hydrated the better you organs will function and help clear you out .
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  6. BKABQ

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    Thanks still.
    I already do that, and have done that, for about the last 10 years ever since I had a run in with kidney stones for NOT hydrating and just drinking sodas while working outside in extreme heat.
    Emergency room personnel told me I needed at least a gallon a day, if not more, of water to stay properly hydrated and to help flush out.
    So I drink water all day and have only one normal can of soda, if even that, at home in the evening.
  7. stillsmoken2

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    I think your good anyway . Its been a few weeks . The best way is to home test yourself . A chronic smoker , like myself , naturally eliminate t.h.c. faster then occasional users . When I was being drug tested weekly , I took one big hit a week , on saturday and held it as long as I could , and got stoned as hell , but was always negative . The products on the shelves true dilute your urine . They also add a diuretic , vitamin b2 , and creatine . Creatine levels are how they check for dilution . So you can make your own , and check your self with a home test that's test for dilution before you go in . If nothing else don't give them your first piss of the day . If its been three weeks since you smoked , and one bong hit your clean now , just spent 19 dollars and test yourself . Good luck , but you won't need it . The reason one hit won't show up is you need to smoke multiple times to overlapped levels into a half life situation .
  8. Burnt Toast

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    Sure those snake oils boast about "containing creatine" - its all part of the sales pitch to woo in the uninformed and credulous.

    What they dont tell you (perhaps in an effort to avoid "blowing a sale") is that it takes 2-3 days for the body to convert creatine into creatinine. Creatinine is the end waste product that is present in the urine and tested by the labs. Therefore, the creatine ingredient in those products will do a person no good when the product is consumed on the day of the U/A (in which youre reqiured by the instructions to do so). Any creatine-loading must be done at least 3 days before the U/A.

    Diuretics are of no help in ridding the body of THC. They may cause frequent urination, but frequent urination does not equate to expedited THCA unloading. The rate in which THCA is filtered from the bloodstream by the kidneys (aka GFR) remains unaffected.

    As already pointed out, detox products are a big scam to seperate the credulous from their cash. Cannabis users are victimized enough by the so-called "war on drugs" without these buzzarding scam artists swooping down into the mix.
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  9. BKABQ

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    Okay just to follow up ...I am now clean.
    Took a couple different home tests, used morning pee, and it showed 2 lines both times.
    So it took me about 1 month to clean out ...with one single hit in the middle.

    Not saying this will work for everyone my size/weight they say, results may vary.

    Spoke with the city and it will probably be another 2 weeks until my test.
    So all should be good.
    After I observe the routine I'll probably use QF for any future UA's.

    Can't wait to take that 1st hit after being clean for so long.
    The one I took about 2-3 weeks ago, after being clean for 2 weeks, seemed like the high lasted around 3 days.
    So I'll probably save some money by not needing as much to get the job done.

    Thanks for the help and info ...especially BT!! ​
  10. BKABQ

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    BTW ...BT,
    I don't know if you saw it or not but they had a segment on the Today show ( about a week ago, after my initial post) about detox drinks and so forth and they pretty much stated the same thing you did ....they don't work. ​

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