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Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by daydreamer5118, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Hello.. I am a new patient/grower... I am only growing two plants right now and they are about a month and a week old (clones).

    This is my FIRST time EVER growing and I have NO idea what i am doing but I am trying my best (since my oter idea about a caregiver didnt work)...

    Anyways... I bought some ferts... for my plants .. not sure if it's good or not... Can anyone give an opinion on Dr.Earth???

    Please and Thank you...
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    You made a great choice. IMO Dr. earth is the highest quality all-in-one soil/fert out there. Here is a feeding schedule give to me by a grow shop that Milo, the owner, wrote up to go along with his newer potting soil in the black bag. Check it out. It works great. Good luck and happy growing :thumbsup:

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    I don't know where you are.......

    I am in Vancouver area and we can get Fox Farms Ocean Forest here. I use it exclusively, never reuse it. I also, because it is such good mix never give growth nutes.....I repot....sprout to 4", that to 1/2 gal, next to 1 gallon, then 3 gallon until done. Potting mix is my fertilizer.

    I have found that giving nutes is very risky and I believe if you are not very, very careful you will have problems.... Repotting cures that.

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