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    Felt obligated to share my recent experience submitting
    Dr Greens Aget X 7.0 to LAbcorp for a preemployment Urine drug Screen.

    Sample was submitted at 930am at Labcorp on Wed May 12th.
    Heard back from HR dept on Mon May 17th at 230pm I passed and assigned start date. So that is four days. I am guessing that the negative results were given to new employer before the four business days thats just when I heard the good news.

    I did learn a lesson or two, and felt it worth my time to share with others from my epxerience, perhaps it will help someone else down the road.

    I purchased the night before test 3 oz premixed Dr Greens Agent X 7.0 at local smoke shop. I bought some extra warmers in order to test heating routine. On my hour drive home, I used one of these extra heating elemets, they were originally designed as toe warmers to insert into socks. I never used the actaul warmer that came with the Synthetic, so I dont know how it works.

    The ones i used took about 30 minutes to get it to 98-100 degrees.
    After I got it to that temp, I removed the warmer, and inserted under my ball sack in tighty whiteys. The temp stayed at 96-98 in my pants without the heating element.

    I arrived home and decided to just keep it in my underwear for a couple of hours to get used to walking around with it. Practice Practice practice!
    Literally fell asleep on couch with it there, woke up 7 hours later it was still reading 98 degrees, only a couple hours to test time, I decided to just keep it there so I did not have to worry about re heating.

    OK here is a mistake I made I regret...but the test came back negative no concerns so I am fortunate that it did not cost me.

    I noticed as i walked, I could hear a swishing sound from the bottle because the bottle actualy holds about 3.5 oz and it had in it only 3 oz.
    I was concerend the technician might could hear it, I certainly could and I did not want to risk it.

    This was my first experince submitting a synthetic and I was scrabmbling for a idea how to elimintate the swishing sound. I researched and amazed that no one had ever had this concern so I was forced to come up with my own solution.

    I had already been following a internal dilution process as a plan B backup in case I could not submit synthetic as planned.

    Was not thinking clearly, so I added to the already premixed about 1.5 teaspoons of regular tap water. This filled the bottle enough and no more swishing sound. What I should have done instead is given the bottle a little squirt of my midstream diluted urine instead.

    1 ounce equals 6 teaspoons and therefore 3 oz equals 18 teaspoons.
    I measured the bottle with the temp strip that the premixed Agent X 7.0 came in can hold 20 teaspoons. So when I walked into the lab, I had added 1.5/19.5 teaspoons or about 7% water to the already premixed urine.

    The bottom line is it still worked by adding a little water to the mix, but you are affecting the overall integreity of the synthetic and I would advise just dont do it.

    All it did was make me worry to death about it and i spent countless google searches investigating what happens if you dilute urine sample with direct tap water. What I found is that you can dilute your sample with tap water and still pass. Some people claimed that you can submit 25-50% tap water to their urine and still pass. I kept seeing examples of this and felt comfortable that me adding 1 teaspoon to 18 teaspoons would be fine.

    What I never found in my goole searches was one example where one added water to already premixed synthetic urine and what happened afterwards.
    Guess i am the only idiot in the world to ever try it. I am so lucky it worked out. You have to figure that the synthetic is a very delicate mix, and its stupid to tamper with it. Plus tap water can be very different from city to city, you have no idea whats in it, although it was ok for me, maybe you do it in another state and city and your tap water is something different, and a ingredient throws off the gravity or Ph and then your screwed. The bottom line is DONT ADD WATER TO PREMIXED URINE.
    I got lucky and I will never again do it. You just dont know what will happen.

    In hindsight, I was woried about nothing, the technician that did my test could have cared less, I walked in with a newspaper, my car keys, and a fountain soda with ice. In other words, I had things in my hand that I could move around very naturally that made noise that would have masked any swishing sound in the little bottle contained under my tinkytots.

    I also had on some shoes that kind of squeaked when i walked. But I got there and there was carpet so this voided my shoe squaek. To some of you reading this, it may sound like I am giving every little meaningless detail, but I am very observant, and I could hear the swishing in the cup prior to me adding some tap water to it, so if I could hear it when I walked, then maybe someone else could. I just want to share my full experience so that maybe it helps someone else.

    Lots of people use Dr Greens agent x, and someone out there has to have noticed this before other than me.

    I have been thru test before, in my past experiences, after you submit your urine in cup, the technician seals it with a sticker and you initial the sample cup sticker. She did not do this! she made me sign and initial the sticker that went on my sample cup five minutes before i ever gave her my sample. I signed everything, she walked me in the back and even allowed me to take my soda fountain cup, newspaper, and keys into the bathroom. She then made me put it all into a container including my mobile phone and wallet, and she then locked it up.

    She left the bathroom and walked all the way down the hall. I went into the stall and so I had two closed doors between myself and her. I began to pee as I fooled with the synthetic, the temp on synthetic read 98, I poured into the sample cup and the temp read 96, so there was a difference between the temp on synthetic cup and sample cup.
    It was 96 so I knew i was fine. I poured two oz into the sample cup, and the remaining 1 oz into toilet to help color my diluted real urine sitting in the toilet.

    I have read they allow you about 4 minutes to give your sample, I was very nervous and could not wait to get out of there. So I suspect I was done with everything in under two minutes. It was quick enough for her to remark, "Your done already???" So this told me I gave her my sample a little quicker than what she was used to seeing.

    I gave her my sample, she walked me back to bathroom, walked into toilet and flushed it without ever really looking at it, opened up the safe, I retrieved my things, we walked back, she took stickers, applied them to sample, threw it into a small fridge, and told me to have a nice day.
    I was in and out of the place in less than 15 minutes.


    Bottome line is DR GREEN AGENT X 7.0 Works just fine at Labcorp as of May 2010.

    1. DO not add anything to your premixed synthetic urine. I added tap water and got away with it, but things could have very well ended badly for me.

    2. I also would have maybe waited about one more minute before exiting the bathroom, the tech commented I was out quick, but not concered about it.

    3. I would have practiced with the temp a litte more, perhaps leaving the heating elemet on it to get it to about 100 degrees.
    for memy 98 degree synthetic equaled 96 in real sample cup. It only has to be between 90-100. But I would like to see it closer to 98 in my next synthetic submission.

    To all of you flushing yourself out and scared to use synthetic, if you are unobserved during your test, and you have capability to prepare in advance, there is no better way to do it than synthetic, I will never worry about a unobserved urine test the rest of my life.

    I think if your a woman, it easier for you, you have a naturally warm cavity to hold the sample and keep it at body temp. I mean nothing crude at all by this comment, I just think it would be easier for a woman.
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    Yes you are very lucky, there are PH and Creatine levels in the synthetic that you could have thrown off by adding the water, but in reality all it did was dilute the sample. I have used synthetic urine for years. First used Quick fic then Psure, now Agent X. But I use the dry sample that you add to water. It will be the first time using this type. I usually used the premixed but in all it works the same. As I have to take a DOT drug test and I used it once before and it passed so now I am hoping for the second time,
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    Tips for synthetic

    I have been using Quick Fix for five years and have used Agent X once. Both have always been successful. I saw this post and figured I could help others searching for help by adding a few pointers.

    If you are having the "swooshing bottle" problem as the post above, do not add water. Open the bottle and gently squeeze a little air out and tighten the cap. No air = No swooshing.

    If you are using Quick Fix (2oz.), be aware that 2oz. is the exact amount needed by the lab. And the lab is also aware that Quick Fix is 2oz. The collector might be trained to ask for more than the line on the cup. This is a way to catch you. Or they can wait for you to come out, and say "Oh, two ounces exactly?" and dump it and ask for more. If you are in the position to afford TWO bottles of quick fix, I recommend it. Agent X is 3oz., which gives you a little more to use than quick fix.

    The only time a collector has really thought twice was when I had the bottle TOO HOT. It was winter and I went too heavy on the car heater, and when I turned in the sample the strip was maxed out and he gave it a good long look before I awkwardly asked him if they were getting ready to close. Be sure your bottle is hot, but dont go overboard.

    If you are going to use this product, relax. Buy from a trustworthy shop, make sure it is a recent batch ( and not expired), and as long as your temp is in range you will be fine.

    And if anyone didn't know, this test only works on split specimen tests (2 tubes) and NOT on the cheaper test strips.

    Smoke on.
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    2 oz is enough sample for any U/A. The collector may ask for more, only to discard the excess. Under DHHS regulations, the collector has to accept the sample if 2 oz is all the donor can submit.
    DOT tests require only 45 ml of sample. The sample is then split 30/15.
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    I poured mine into the cup (QF 2oz) and it went over the line and I still had some to squeeze into the toilet.

    How do you know if it is a split specimen test? Do they put it in two tubes right in front of you?

    What's up ohiosmoka I'm in Dtown right now, bengals steelers at 8:30 pm. Sucks cuz work is at 6:45 am
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    You would know if a split-specimen collection is done. The collector would first have you enter your initials on two labels which are affixed to bottle A and B as part of the Chain of Custody and Control procedures. The collector is also required to conduct the actual split in the donors presence.
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    why do guys think this?? i just took test the other day and it was a 2 oz bottle....um no way i was sticking that inside me...it would hurt!! not only that but the waiting for 45 mins to get tested and walking, etc...theres no way it could be done. besides i put the bottle in my underwear right under my crotch and wore tight jeans, u couldnt see it at all and it was pretty comfortable (tolerable) and it was the right temp. no reusults yet.
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    There is no need to keep reviving old threads... It's actually kind of annoying. You've started a thread already and have taken the test, so there is nothing really but to wait. If you did everything right with a good and unexpired product, you'll be fine.

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