Dr. Greenthumb Freedom 35 harvest and smoke report WITH PICS and VIDEO!

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    Hey guys,

    Well I harvested one freedom 35 plant a few days back. I had 3 of the 11 beans that auto'd on me under a 24 hour photoperiod, so I threw em under a 1000 watt hps and hoped for the best.

    The Doc claims the strain finishes in 35 days but can be taken to 45 days for full flavour and potency. I took mine to 40 days and chopped it as the resin glands were mature. I should say that the plant could have been chopped at 35 days if growing commercially. I think some potency and bud density would suffer. I also harvested some at 45 days and seen no difference between 40 to 45 days, however you really see a difference between 35 days and 40 days. I flushed the last two weeks which is great to save a little $ on nutes. You really only give it 2-3 feeds and that's it. BE CAREFUL WITH NUTES ON THIS ONE!! I gave it half strength to start it and it really showed signs of over fert.



    NOTE : These results are based on an auto pheno. I will also post another smoke/harvest report on one that flowered based on photoperiod of 12/12 rather than 24.

    Smoked in a clean screen brand new pipe, and also smoked another gram in a joint after a 3 day cure.

    Potency - 8/10
    Taste - 10/10 Sweet, chocolate taste
    Smell - 8/10 Musky with some pepper spicy smell
    Bud density - 7/10
    Yield - 6.5/20 - Yielded 17 grams dried weight on 12 inch plant
    High - 9/10 Head high, feels like a sativa smoke
    duration - 9/10 3 hours
    Harshness - 8/10 This smoke is very clean/smooth and easy going down the throat
    Side effects - 8/10 Munchies and very social. I noticed myself thinking more with this one
    Medicinal quality - 7/10 Would be great for depression or social disorders. Wouldn't recommend smoking late at night

    Overall - 8/10

    This is a wonderful smoke that I think every grower should experience. It's not often that a plant can finish so fast and offer dense nugs that are frosted with resin. Everything the Doc claims about this variety seems to be true. Although I will state that having three plants auto was a big letdown, especially for cloning, so be careful and watch your pheno's. I recommend this one guys.

    Sorry about the low quality video. It's dark and I just got done smoking a one gram joint. Words just don't come out right hahaha. Hope you all enjoyed.

    Dr. Greenthumb, Freedom 35 smoke and harvest report - YouTube
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    Not sure why the pic didn't show up in the post?

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