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    I don't even know where to start. I'm middle aged house wife, non smoker, non drinker, never done drugs, grandma and have been in good health until 6 months ago. A recent medical diagnosis was followed up with a very invasive surgery recommendation that I will not do. I believe in a holistic approach (and have for 25 years) BUT I'm scared and desperate! I would like to try a remedy for my nausea & uncontrollable vomiting. I'm thinking 420 brownies but don't know where to begin. I don't know where to find what I need, much less cook them. I'm using CBD (Charlotte Webb) but it's not strong enuf. (Its legal here but not pot). Initially, I told myself I'd NEVER do 420. Well, it's time. Like I said, I'm an old ass grandma, but life has really thrown me a curve ball. Thanks for reading this, I feel better just saying it. If you've got CONSTRUCTIVE advice, I'm ready. I don't need a lecture, I have my own God, and I won't "follow you to your dealers house". Yes, I copy/pasted this. Sorry if it's not allowed.
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    Glad you found us... lets get rid of this Kevorkian idea straight away. :)
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    I'm glad I found you all too. The moniker, that's what happens in the wee hours of the morning when you decide to unburden yourself to strangers. I'm not there yet. Hope to never be. ☘
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    Greetings~ I understand ~ I think ~ you'r post and feeling ~ are you in a state where it is legal ``` If so you can grow some for ~ the making of baked of brewed items ```

    I reread your post ~ not legal where you are ~ that's too bad ~ but ~ you can grow you'r own ~ it's quite easy ```

    Speaking to your ~ pledge never to do chit chit ``` I was raised on a ranch ~ and grew my own ~ in a state where it is now legal ~ in school ~ they showed us movies ~ told us stories that were not true then ~ and ~ are not true now ```

    There are people ~ who were taught and today believe ~ some things will make you a bad person ~ I think you ~ maybe ~ now you know ~ nothing is further from the truth ```

    You can travel ~ to buy ~ cannabis ~ depending where you are ~ that might be tough to do ``` Growing your own ~ in some states ~ require it to be done ~ with no one ~ NO ONE ~ knows or can stumble upon your grow ```

    This depends on where you live and who you live with ``` Don't know if you'r a lady or gent ~ bush can be grown ~ indoors or out ~ again ~ depending ```

    Some of us can help ~ talk you through this ~ if you'd like that ``` Good luck and God Bless ```

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    I'd say if your wanting to try some weed but don't want to go to a some guy on a street corner, then I'd recommend a space bucket. The initial cost is about $200 from the articles I've seen, but it's literally the most stealth grow you can do. The amount you get is fairly small, but at least it's a start.

    I don't think you'll be able to grow a steady supply with a single space bucket, but if you can get occasional relief from nausea and vomiting, it's a start. Maybe just use it for when you really need some relief. I suspect if it's the end of the rainbow for you, you'll soon turn an entire closet into a grow house. :dancing:

    I've have other problem to contend with in my life, but the old saying that desperate people try desperate things will always hold true with humans.
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    Growing to supply yourself ~ should be ~ a~ piece of cake ``` A person doesn't need buds just ~ leaves of a fine plant ~ will ~ more than suffice ```

    People need help and pain relief ~ let's ~ see if we can be some help ```
  7. Pupp

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    The Bud is far better, and you'll only get THC in leaves close to the flower, a/k/a"trim", which are dusted with terpenes. You can smoke the trim though. Not the same quality as the bud, but certainly usable. Most people save the trim and sift off the terps for hash, but some *dispensaries will sell the trim at bottom prices.

    *Depends on the state. Some states have everything prepackaged before it gets to the dispensaries, so you don't have the option of buying trim and the stuff that falls to the bottom of the mason jars used to hold the flower in dispensaries. California and Washington both sell pre-packaged marijuana products. Not sure about other states offhand.
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    This person can ~ grow ~ more than enough to ~ supply their need ```

    Just reread the 1st post ~ this Lady ~ like you, I and many others ~ can grow her need ```

  9. Pupp

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    We both posted about growing marijuana. I have to, like, interpret your posts to a degree. It's like, you have complete sentences in your head, then just type the top 3 to 5 words of the sentence.
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    Personally I would start with hemp oil. 20-30 drops in coffee/tea/drink of choice three times a day to start. It cured my mother-in-laws bladder cancer.

    Growing under lights is expensive and time consuming but a great way to have your own supply but takes about 4+ months.

    Many mail order companies offer hemp oil today which I believe to be legal in all 50 states.
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    Here's a new development. a smoke shop in KY was selling CBD oil and edibles.

    Since moving out of KY to TN, I'd stopped keeping track of weed developments in KY. For medicinal purposes, being able to get CBD oil at retail in KY is a pretty tectonic shift for the state. :bananadance:
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