Dreaded "RAMS HORN"

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by veggman, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Hello to everyone forming part of this community ,I've been a a hydroponic grower for the past 3 yrs.have used Bushmaster acouple of times with very good results .,but tried it out with a diffrrent strain and have a severe case of Rams horn and the bottom leaves are turning yellow ( working their way up as we speak) .Looks like a mag.def.but i really dont know .....what can i do in order to get rid of the "RAMS HORN"and take control of the yellowing leaves ???
    I thank you all in advance for any positive imput .:thumbsup:
    Here is a description of the product i used.....
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    if those are ur nutriets lol, mannnn. i hope not. Thats just an additive. U got nute burn and nute defficiencies. the ram horn happens when the plant has all it doesnt need. please input more, for growing hydro for 3 years you should be way past all this.
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    Hey jack,thanks for the input. Ur rite Bushmaster is an enhancer and I used it as such, but have never experienced such drastic bendng of the leaves .
    I spoke to the people at Bushmaster today and they explained what I did wrong with this particular strain. I'll post some pic's in the near future..Anyway my problem was that I got "ppm happy" and kept on with elevated ppm levels.
    Firstly, use a kelp spray from the beginning of veg, not just the week before going into flowering. For aeroponic systems it is strongly advised that you use only water with no nutrients for three days. Also use a lower application rate 1½ml - 2½ml per gallon (depending on variety). Aeroponic systems deliver nutrients/additives directly to the root system continuously, thus absorption is high through the root system. Also make sure that the water temperature isn't to low (below 70°F).

    Personally, I wouldn't apply Bushmaster through the root system in aeroponic systems. It is suggested rather use it as a foliar spray at 1ml per gallon. If Bushmaster is to harsh on your sensitive plants then foliar application is the way to go, the leaves are tougher than the roots :thumbsup:
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    This might help, i have attached a deficiency chart below. :thumbsup:

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    hmmm intreasting. i got ram horns on a plant a couple months ago and i just lowered my ppm and the problem cleared right up.
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    Bongo thanx 4 the chart,good looking.....Jack...yeah man thats exactly what i did today....Flushedwith clearexuntillppm rise stopped ....and mixed a new batch of nutes' at 1/2 strength. 520 ppm added hygrozyme ,monster bloom and set the ph to 5.5/6.0 I'll keep you guys posted on the advances my babies make.:)
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    P.s. I'm only 1 week intoflowering ...Illpost pic,s tomorrow

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