Dreams that feel too real

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by kimchibanana, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. kimchibanana

    kimchibanana Registered+

    ok so last night i had a dream that was TOO close to what had happened the night b4.

    Real life: At a party the cops roll up and give ppl tickets who are out side chilling, everyone is outsite wondering if the cops will kill the party.

    Dream: At a party cops roll up and bust the party i ditch my weed and my bowl and we run.

    So i wake up and i have no idea what happened last night so i check where i stsh my weed and bowl and its still there but my memory of the party is still kind of mixed up.

    I blame listening to the "lucid dream" thing for all this.

    none the less it was a fun party with me and someother guy boxing 8 rounds and us beating each other senseless.
  2. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    you should try chilling out
  3. Hydrizzle

    Hydrizzle Banned

    i had a very vivid sex dream last night that was rudely interrupted by a phone call.
  4. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    lol thats like the alkaline trio song "bleeder"

    "came to me like a dream
    the kind that always leaves
    just as the ebst part starts
    it ends so abruptly
    and leaves you stunned and naked
    in your bedroom all alone
    kinda funny have somethin so soothing
    can be interrupted by the ring of a telephone"
  5. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    I had a dream the other night where I noticed inconsistencies between my constructed reality and actual reality, thus allowing the dream to become lucid. It was amazing to me how my brain could generate a crisp, clear image of hundreds of people walking around in an exact replica of the elementary school I went to. It was wonderful, until I tried to have some lucid dream sex, and was for some reason convinced I couldn't do it if I knew I wasn't actually naked, so I tried to make myself take off my shirt off in real life while staying asleep (not remembering about sleep paralysis), and then I woke up. But I didn't actually wake up, I just woke up into a bed in another dream with my shirt half off. This disappointed me, and then a little bit later I woke up in real life, with my shirt on, realizing how stupid I was for not just going along with the dream.
  6. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    Haha lucid dream sex is definitely elusive, I had one dream where the chick wasn't being controlled (or was she) by my mind, I had to actually hit on her in my dream to get in her dream-pants, so it was painfully boring and of course I woke up first. Lousy.

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