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Discussion in 'Legal' started by hand, Mar 1, 2005.

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    I go to college in a kind of remote area that makes pot kind of expensive. I'm going to my hometown for spring break where marijuana is more readily available and I was planning on bringing some back. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on hiding marijuana when on a trip. I don't plan on smoking during the rode trip, but it's a 10 hour drive and since I'm fairly new to pot I'm kind of worried of getting caught with it.

    Do air-tight containers keeps the dogs away or is it just impossible? Also, I'll be car pooling with a friend who would kind of worry about this kind of thing, so I'm considering not even telling him it's in my baggage. If we were to get searched and the cops were to find it, could I take the fall for it or would he too get in trouble even though he didn't know about it?

    It won't be a large amount or anything, I just get nervous about this kind of thing easily.

    Thanks for the advice.

    FUNKYRHINO Registered+

    man if your worried about dogs the stick it at the bottom of a coffee container full of coffee grains . Also dogs hate pepper . But if it was me i would toke it up all the way there .. But thats just me. if you have a paranoid friend i wouldnt tell him . just stick it somewhere , (out of sight out of mind) and if u get pulled over dont sweat it man do the speed limit (you dont have to go exactly the speed limit ya know but keep it real) wear your seatbelt , if they pull you over 97% of the time its because you dont know how to drive lol jk . just act cool and everything will be just fine . if i was you i wouldnt worry about it roll a couple joints so u can smoke em tell your friend thats all you got smoke the whole joint man dont leave a roach that the mistake everyone does wheny our done get ride of it enjoy the trip especially 10 hours dam . where you located ??

    smoke till u choke , then smoke some more
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    ya i wouldnt sweat it much i do it all the time cause its super expensive where i live, Ive heard that the cops cant search anything that is locked such as a chest or a glove compartment i believe, anybody heard of this loop-hole besides me? Ive put in a locking toolbox in the back for this reason if they want to search it just say u left the keys at home ;)
  4. Gothen

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    I think that's the biggest problem with smokers: paranoia. Every single one of my friends who smoke are always so fucking scared they're going to get caught with pot or whatever when they're driving or even if they have it on them and they're walking around (which they are almost always 100% too afraid to do).
    You don't have to be scared. As long as you don't reek of pot, and have your weed out of sight (as someone already said), you'll be fine.

    I tell my friends to think of it this way, just drive like any normal citizen would. Stop at stop lights, only go about 5-10 miles above the speed limit (cops here are lenient as crap, though. I was in the truancy officer's car today and the speed limit was 35, he saw them going 47, 48, 53, etc etc, IN A SCHOOL ZONE!!!) you'll do okay. I just pretend I don't even have any on me and that I'm just your normal, every day teenager that is a good, "moral" person who doesn't do drugs. ^_^
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    I was thinking about using an empty oil or power steering fluid bottle to hide pot in. Maybe get a little trash bag in my car and put it in there for a bit of extra security. Any of you think this is a good idea?
  6. Logan Five

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    I always hide mine under the shifter. In my Nissan, the molding around the shifter can be popped off with the right amount of force, and there's a decent amount of room down there to hide stuff. I can also get some behind the dash radio through a little hole beneath and to the left of the glove compartment.

    You'd be amazed at all the hiding places the average car has.
  7. Memphissss

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    its so funny cause you guys want to conceal it, man the administation at my school are so retarded cause i have smoked several times in the school parking lot, and never been caught. but if your walkin around with it just be cool.... or light up a nice fat one so that you dont even care. :)
  8. richieguy69

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    if you don't want it in the car for fear of getting searched, put it right next to your gas cap.
  9. Island Rootz

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    put it in an axe container
  10. Puffin

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    Yer i heard about hiding it in a coffe jar .. The smell is 2 strong 4 the dogs to smell weed over it :D
  11. amsterdam

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    that is a myth.DO NOT TRY THIS! :eek:
  12. thechronic

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    u can put it under your truck like were you would keep a spare. or put it under your hood some were, were it can not bump out or get wet or start to burn. you can tape it to your battery with duck tape. i have use these places to also transport and i have never gotten searched. i hope these will help,
  13. boycey58

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    you'll have a hard time escaping the dogs. basically: if you do it, don't get pulled over.
  14. Hydrizzle

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    Unless you drive some Ghetto cruiser like a '88 Buick, or you drive like a madman, there won't be any reason for the cops to search you. Just have it handy in a bag, and if you get pulled over, hide it... the cop will probably just give you a ticket and move on. Shit, I have been arrested and i had weed in my car, but they didn't search my car at all! lol. All they had to do was look in the side compartment.
  15. naturalmystic

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    The main question is:

    Is it a good idea to do this or to do that..

    Try it and find out. If you make it back to college scotch free, then it was a good idea. If you get pulled over, and you get caught (doubtful) then it was a bad idea.

    Learn from experience. That's the motto i try to live by.
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  17. yoda

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    my friend does that in his mazda protege
  18. 4Lyfe

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    dont worry... thats nothign me and my friends got pulled over, while my friend had an oz. in his sleeve, just keep it in like 3 bags and a container, ull be straight.
  19. althought that would seem logical...recently a friend of mine (who didn't have anything or even give the cop a reason to search) pulled him over for speeding....he went through everything in his jeep and i mean everything he looked in empty soda cans, empty chip bags, in between the seats.....he looked everywhere imaginalbe...except one place....the glove box....only place he didn't look
  20. yoda

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    thats not a smart idea. if their is any reason for the cxop to be able to search, they'll get him for intent to distribute.

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