Discussion in 'Kentucky (KY)' started by bobgrady, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. bobgrady

    bobgrady Registered

    All that I've heard about arounf here in Louisville, but so far just a bunch of RIP_OFF swag with a little shake,, COme on people let's get it together..
  2. plastik

    plastik Registered+

    used to live there, the regular I got went for around 60-80 a half oz, and 120-150 an oz. They have some dank down there, but usually not too much, or highly over priced. Kentucky is the worst place in the united states to obtain pot for personal smoking purposes. They grow alot of it, but it is mostly shipped out of state, and the ditch weed and schwagg/left overs, is sold in state. you are close to indiana, you'll be better off with a connect over there.
  3. mafyew

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    Kentucky's not that bad, ive seen some dank in my day. Although its mostly good 40, still gets me high as fuck tho.

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