drooping leafs?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by kantgitwrite19, Feb 19, 2011.

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    all of my plants are in an aeroponic/hydroponic type system.... what are some causes of droopy leaves?

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    hmmm so 45 views but nobody knows
  3. I dont grow yur style but must be sayin yur plants dont look that droopy be lookin fairly happy to me pilgrem.:thumbsup:

    Wait though case pilgrems who grow like yu see somethin I not be seein. Good Luck my friend hope yual do well.

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    thanks a lot bwd, The reason that I say they are droopy is because they were straight out yesterday I believe... but you have grown a few more times than i have :thumbsup: So I guess as long as they are still getting new growth and still growing I wont worry too much. I just want to make sure and if I see something that might be "off" that I get in front of it right away and not let things get any worse
  5. Be here fur ya my pilgrem friend when I can. We all be startin some where and needin some reasurance from time to time as i said not my way of growin but all in all yur plants have good colour and they be standin proud. So should yual be proud all yual goin to learn as yual go we all make mistakes and thats how we learn. Let me know ifin i can help down the road and good luck hope yual do well.

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    will do for sure bwd, you are a well respected person on this site when you talk people listen so thank you for the time that you have taken to help where you can
  7. Be thankin yual! Just like helpin without any drama, we be here to learn help and grow for a reason, our health fot the most part. You need help and I am still hear just ask be glad to assist.

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    for those of you that are curious, i did some other research on other sites and in tomatoes the curling of the leaves is often due to not enough o2 in the water.... so if you are running a aeroponic system and have the same curling leaves... you might need some more air. :) I know tomatoes are not cannabis... but its still a plant and might be effected the same
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    I don't know anything really about Hydro or Aero,... but droopy leaves in soil tend to be do to over watering. I was chatting with a fellow grower at the hydro store today, and said he had to adjust the watering schedule in his Hydro setup because it was too much.

    What about adding air stones to your res?
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    I dont have any more air stones and I now that they are dirt cheap... im just dirt broke right now... so i am trying to improvise and make something.. I think that I might have got something that will work. I have an airstone each in my 5 gal buckets that are held close to the bottom of the net pots with twist ties... but I got a piece of styrofoam and drilled some holes in it and set it in the bottom of a planter. under the foam I have my ph'd water and very diluted nutes.... I also have two air lines under the foam so that the air bubbles the water through the holes... I will let you guys know how it works.. but I checked out the roots on one of the ones that was drooping and it looked kinda off color... so i am thinking root rot... the plant that I am talking about has always been the smallest or the runt so i am guessing that this will slow it down even more... what can I do to get rid of the rrot? just have more air?
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    Less moisture would be my guess.

    Again, I'm NOT a hydro grower,... but root rot and discolored roots in dirt are typically a sign of to much moisture.

    Above you mentioned reading something about tomatoes in hydro wanting more O2 to the roots...... how about letting the roots dry out a bit before spraying them again? The dry cycle would allow the roots to breathe in O2 (and believe it or not Roots DO breathe! ;) ) Just an idea. :)
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    hmm yea, I had thought about maybe setting my air pump on the same timer as my light... so 18/6 so that those 6 hours it has time to just chill and not habe water burstin up towards it

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