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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by ddsrawks, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. ddsrawks

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    My clone is about 4 weeks old and the top leaves are drooping a little. What is causing this? Could it possibly be lack of air circulation? Or overwatering?

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  2. ddsrawks

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    help i think its getting worse whats causing my upper leaves to droop?
  3. Balkey

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    From my experience, it could be over OR under watering. My leaves drooped when I under watered them but your soil from the pics look really wet. If you think you water plenty, give some time for the soil to dry out and see if the problem fixes itself. But if you think you DO let the soil dry out you might need to water more. :thumbsup:

    EDIT, actually in closer inspection, your leaves look a little discolored. I can't see the discoloration well enough though to give a diagnosis. What is your PH, all that good stuff. If your not concerned with the discoloration and its always been there (i.e. burned tips, etc.) look at under or over watering for the cause.
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  4. stinkyattic

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    Overwatered, plus possibly over fertilized with Nitrogen. The easiest fix is to re-pot into a larger pot with better drainage and better/lighter soil, and in the future water less- the soil must get pretty dry between waterings.
  5. ddsrawks

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    stinky smells good.

    Stinky your words are like gold! They speak straight to me! I think that i overwatered/overnuted em then let too much stale air, and youre exactly right i need to make sure its not getting so dry between waterings. I'm Re-potting today. ill let cha know if the problem persists. :D
  6. ddsrawks

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    updated pics from today.....

    and also a picture of the others.... cause they arent experiencing this problem. I think i gave too many nutes to the drooper cause shes the oldest.

    The seedling on the bottom left. whats causing the leaf to wilt a lil?

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  7. stinkyattic

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    You might be over-watering your seedlings too.

    Let me give you a fun grow tip! If you know that you have been watering too heavily for the size of the plant, the drainage, the soil type, etc. one of the things that you can do is try to force the plant to use water faster. You can do this by adding some more light (in your case a couple more CFLs), and increasing how fast air is being exhausted from the room. You want those plants to start sucking up the water in their pots, and extra light really helps that, not to mention making them grow better.
  8. grey1223

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    While a thirsty plant will have leaves drooping, your medium looks pretty damp. So I would guess overwatering. If so, your plants will survive but make sure not to water heavy pots.
  9. ddsrawks

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    new 4 foot floros!

    i just added a new light, thanks for the suggestioon. I have some fox farm light warrior to lighten up my soil, should i use like a 60/40 mix with my ocean forest or vice versa when i re pot later. I think that adding more light will be great for the plants cause they are growing up and now the oldest is demanding a lil more love and attention. kids can be so cute :hippy:

    PS- im making capsules today ill post some pics later tonite.

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  10. ddsrawks

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    My plant has horribly sagging leaves, almost everysingle one is messed up now . and the plant seems weak.

    what do i do? i repotted, and gave it more light. that seemed to kill it faster.


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  11. stinkyattic

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    Did you ever get a pH reading like Balkey suggested?
    The droop of upper leaves is a sign of 3 problems, and you could have one or all of them:
    -Too much Nitrogen in the soil
    -Roots do not have enough space
    -Insufficient circualtion of fresh air

    Your small, stunted leaves and very soft new growth are not good signs. What is your ventilation like? Try to get a soil pH runoff number. And what are you using to water the plant- include water source and anything you have added to the plant's water in the last 3 weeks.
  12. ddsrawks

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    i suck

    at growing! pretty much i dont wanna talk about it.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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