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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by budnums, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. budnums

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    a few of my plants' leaves are drooping. I know it's not from over-watering, b/c, if anything, I under-water. I think I have ruled out a nutrient deficiency. I am guessing it's either heat stress or it is too humid. I wish I could send you a picture but no digital camera till my b-day on the 25th of Oct:). There's no discoloration of the leaves, but they are drooping. A few of the plants' leaves are twisting and ruffling. Please help!!
  2. BobBong

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    Maybe you're not watering enough?

    Water for the size of the plant, not the size of the pot.

    What is your watering schedule?

    If she's drooping and you know you don't overwater.. then .. Water!

    take your temperatures into consideration also
  3. budnums

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    I basically water them when the soil is dry from top to bottom. I try to prevent overwatering, but took it to the other extreme I believe. I don't really have a schedule. Should I?
  4. stinkyattic

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    No, not a schedule other than every morning stick your finger in the dirt. If it's dry, water.
  5. budnums

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    that's what I thought. Sticky you said I should add some nutes by the 4th set of fan leaves right? Should I still stick with a very diluted amount? Also, have you or anyone ever heard of mixing baking soda and vinegar in the same vicinity of the grow for extra CO2? My friend the scientist suggested it. What do you think?
  6. stinkyattic

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    4 sets of leaves, transplant to the next container if they're going to be, start with a starting solution that has B12 or regular nutes at 1/4 strength plus on drop/gal of superthrive (basically that mix is a DIY starting solution)
    Yes, that would make CO2. If you're going to do that, put the baking soda in a wide dish and set up the vinegar to drip onto it gradually, like from a soda bottle with a pinhole in it. I don't know how much you'd get, or if it would be beneficial to your grow since you won't see any effect unless your light intensity and temps are pretty high.
  7. harris7

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    Stinky What would you consider to be a "high" light intensity. I currently have 7100 lumens/sq ft
  8. stinkyattic

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    I dunno. Never did grow by the numbers really. Just make sure everything else is optimized, otherwise you're kind of wasting time with CO2.
  9. budnums

    budnums Registered+

    Soils and nutrients really frustrate me no matter what I read. Thanks for your feedback. Can you find superthrive at most places or at only garden stores?
  10. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Walmart carries it too now. They also just started carrying 'alaska fish fertilizer', a favorite of mine for adding to the soil. But that doesn't make walmart any less of an evil corporation that deserves a big assed class action lawsuit against them for their shitty HR practices... grrrr.
  11. budnums

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    I got some alaska fish fertilizer, but no superthrive. It wasn't at the walmart near the house. How much should I start the plants out on the alaska?
  12. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Not until they are frimly into the veg phase, then you can follow the dilution info an the bottle.
  13. LIP

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    I wouldnt have thought it was heat, because normall the leaves point up, but i supose it could be.

    But i guess its underwatering.

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