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    not sure why the leaves are dropping all of a sudden. I am doing nothing new and using the same amount of nutes and water, but all of a sudden the leaves are all dropping. I think it just grew to fast since it started as a clone 1 month ago. This is the quickest plant i have ever had. ANyway if someone can give me some advice. I use foxfarm ocean blend. foxfarm grow big with big bloom, and i PH to 6.8 (give or take). this is my first post so be gentle.

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    here are some pics of my other babies and this is my second year doing this, so i am as beginner as it gets. I also have another one that wants to flower and not produce leaves. I bought some stuff that is supposed to reverse this, so we will see what happens. Not sure why it wants to flower since it is in the middle of summer. thanx for looking.
    all of the babies are exactly 1 month old. they looked like this a month ago so they are growing really fast (look at pic).

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    Well bro, ya got some beauties there for sure:thumbsup:, I guess i would ask if you started them in the pots their in first? Then as the FF is great soil and never seen any complaints, but did ya add any perlite to the soil? Sometimes when watering the plant will not use up all the water when they are in big ass pots like ya got causing mucky nasty small pools in side and the roots cant breath. Im not saying this is your issue, but it can happen. Also did you ever have them in any other pots? Or did ya start them out in the ones there in?

    Let me know man, then we can go from there:Rasta:
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    I put them in the wine barrels to start because last year i tried to transplant and they all died after. I did coco to the soil to give it some breathing room but that is it. It used to be perky and now it is just struggling (its not that bad but its my baby). I checked the soil (PPM level) and checked the PH of soil (not just water) and the PPM was 40 and the PH is neutral 7.0. At first the leaves were huge and now there is more leaves but not nearly the size they were. Not sure why but will my other one ( the flowering one) still give a good harvest? its flowering for some reason and i know they will start on June 21 anyway but will i still get good buds? It sprayed it with some reverse solution 3 days ago so i hope that helps. IF you were to take an outside plant and want to flower it what would be the best way. I know 12/12 but when would i take them inside. Example: bring them outside at 8:00 am and then take them back in at 8:00 pm? what is the best time for them to be outside and when is the best time to bring them in? Here is some pics of the purple kush i want to flower. thanx for your help man.

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    To flower your plant you could bring it in at 8;00am and 8;00pm, but you gotta be consistent, im sure you know this or it could hermy. And also make sure its in the dark for 12 solid hours, cuz light leaks can hermy her too. But east if you stay on the schedule.

    Never start a plant in a pot that big, if you do some reading here you will find out way.

    When re potting you need to let the pot dry out before anything. Then put the stem between your fingers and turn the plant upside down. It should slide right out, but if it doesnt, just give her a couple taps on the sides. Have your other bigger pot ready with soil at the bottom. Then just put her in and fill in the sides. Perfect and no stress at all. Iv grow bonsai for 15 years, trust me i know my roots:D

    You could re pot the other one if you believe its the issue i mentioned before. If ya do just let me know il help.

    If you look at my thread you might be surprised as the big ones were grown then harvested then re vegged. Now they are huge. I left a few buds on them from my indoor grow and put them outside. Your plant thats flowering should be fine, there are a bunch of people having the same issue this year for some reason. New growth if anything will come from it and the best thing i can tell you is keep er in the sun as much as possible.

    Next time get perlite from the nursery, its cheap and is great for drainage. I used over 30% mix with my soil before i put them into the ground.

    The best thing i can tell ya to get big plants is to start out in small pots and build the roots. What you see above ground is half that is below in roots. After you re pot this way a couple times you will understand just how easy it is. They like there roots dry sometime so getting them this way does not hurt the plant and mine don't realize it till they start spreading their roots.

    Any thing i can help with just ask:Rasta:

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