Droopy Leaves

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by arod, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. arod

    arod Registered

    I have noticed that lately my plants leave seem to droop once the light turns out. Right now it is on an 18/6 light schedule, is this common?:Rasta:
  2. kuulbns

    kuulbns Registered+

    They're sleeping. At night they actually seem to grow more, as if, all day they were working, converting light and nutrients into fantastic green. Many plants close their blooms at night (ex. morning glories).
  3. UnitedParcelSecrets

    UnitedParcelSecrets Registered+

    Very normal, yes.
  4. dryst

    dryst Registered+

    if they stay dropping it could be caused by over watering
  5. UnitedParcelSecrets

    UnitedParcelSecrets Registered+

    He did just say it was when the lights were turned out.
  6. Einstein418

    Einstein418 Registered

    I think your nitrogen level is to low that also can cause leaves to fall
  7. LIP

    LIP Banned

    If its only when the lights are out i wouldnt worry about it.

    Drooping leaves can be a sign of over watering, under watering, and heat, although more often than not the leaves will point up in the case of heat stress.

    My plants at the mo are on an 18/6 and i have now proved to myself that plants grow quicker on 18/6 than 24/0.

    My plants also droop in the dark period, not alot, but a little, but as soon as the lights come on in the morning they're back to they're normal happy weedy selves.
  8. biggy79

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    Can some one tell me how to post a thread?
    Thanks in advance.
  9. ojitos1985

    ojitos1985 Registered+

    well my plants also get droppy when i water them =/, in a couple of minutes they are back, normal?
  10. fiddyonefiddy

    fiddyonefiddy Registered+

    i wait till mine droop before watering also
    they look dead, then walla water and back to normal
  11. Mr. Clandestine

    Mr. Clandestine Registered+

    You should find out approximately how long it takes before the plants begin to droop, and water then. Letting the plant wilt to determine when to water isn't a good method to use. This stresses the plant and can lead to stunted/delayed growth. These plants are hardy, so missing a watering isn't usually a death-sentence for the plant, but it's definitely not something you should do on a regular basis.
  12. ojitos1985

    ojitos1985 Registered+

    in order to do not death sentence them we should water while they are droppy?
  13. Mr. Clandestine

    Mr. Clandestine Registered+

    Droopy leaves can mean several things, as other posters here have stated, but if you know the plant is drooping due to underwatering, you should should water at the first signs of it drying out. If you're not entirely sure why the leaves are drooping, don't water extra just because of this symptom. Usually, you know if the plant is drying out.

    If it's allowed to dry out completely, it can lead to the death sentence (though rarely), in most instances it will take a day or so to fully regain turgidness in the leaves and stems. There's a link in my signature from Rusty Trichome that says it all: "It can be a fine balance between 'ok...I need to water later today' and 'shit...I should have watered yesterday.'" :jointsmile:

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