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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by billbob784, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. billbob784

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    seedling been drooping for about 3 days
    this is my first indoor grow, it was growing very fast for about 10 days then all of a sudden no growth
    im using fox farm happy frog under a 22w led 2700k
    im pretty sure it cant be overwatering because it had dried a good amount before i watered it a couple days ago, leaves seem kinda dry
    the plant itself seems alive still but in a coma or something lol
    i can send pictures just a pain in the ass trying to upload them here
  2. emilya

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    Billbob784, it is a pain in the ass trying to diagnose from a typewritten description too... so instead of a diagnosis, you are going to get more questions.

    I'm pretty sure that you don't really know if it is overwatering, because of the evidence in front of you... drooping plants. So, please tell me how you determine that it is time to water, and how often you do so? I find in these online forums that oftentimes the thing that is wrong, is exactly what the OP thinks it can not be. If you click on the link in my signature you will find a troubleshooting form. Fill that out, cut and paste and give me a better idea what we are dealing with. Work on your pain threshold and see if you can get a picture downsized to the point that you can upload them here. I suggest a program called PixResizer.
    Your new friend,
  3. polishpollack

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    I think happy frog soil is for larger plants. light warrior is for seedlings.

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